why are claussen pickles out of stock

Hi, I was just wondering if this recipe could be used and the pickles could be made via water bath canning to make them last longer? Douglas Adams captured this in his Hitch Hiker series, keeping a space ship and its passengers in stasis for aeons as they awaited the delivery of the lemon scented moist towlettes for the meal service. I’ve been making refrigerator pickles with equal parts vinegar and water. SO great. I am saving the brine to make a batch of bloody marys with it…if it lasts that long! They look and sound wonderful! I’ll leave in fridge for awhile and see what happens. Hi Patti- You can certainly use white vinegar, but I prefer the flavour of the apple cider vinegar (and yes, cider vinegar is apple cider vinegar.) *I will, however, fight you for fudgesicles. Hi Michael- It sounds like those may have gotten a little bad mold in them unfortunately. They are perfectly deli delicious. Leave them on th counter foruse bottled water. It’s not advisable to leave the Claussen brine out at room temperature. I used the same brine, but made three slightly different varieties in separate jars. What is that cloudy area? Do the pickles have to br refrigerated? Could quart jars be used instead on gallon? Hi I made you Pickles today at 5 will be 3 days checked on them head fuzzy mold on top there in glass jars and the water inside is cloudy are these pickles ruin. Pickles? I will try this this weekend so thanks. These homemade pickles keep well in the fridge for about six months, as long as they remain submerged in the brine. This recipe sounds amazing! Hi Mike! At least that made sense. Thanks for taking the time to let me know my husband is right. I made 3 beautiful quarts of these dill pickles and after cleaning everything up I realized I made a mistake in the recipe, I only made half a batch of brine but I put in the full 1 cup of vinegar. But I am out of garlic cloves. Because the 2/3 cup is correct when using Morton’s coarse kosher salt. I’m glad I came across this recipe. My family loves Claussen’s pickles – they were my very first one. I’ll let you know some of the more common mistakes and you can let me know if any of these fit. a 4% solution with Morton’s. I’m sorry to say, but if you heat process them you’ll lose all that fabulous crunch. Dill weed just tends to float and clump which is a little disconcerting and/or unpleasant. Rebecca: Read more. this is quite late. This also happens to be the perfect dill pickle recipe for beginning pickle makers. And I’m awfully glad to help bring some pickle happiness into your life. The Everclear got restocked faster, but that probably just because it’s 13x as expensive as isopropyl. Good to know someone other than my family drinks the juice! The only issue is that most home cooks don’t generally think in terms of achieving salinity in recipes, so I try to simplify. That’s another way to convert the Inulin into Fructose. Excellent directions. I know Claussen’s need to stay refrigerated, but I don’t think I have enough room in my fridge for so many pickles. I grew up eating my Grandma’s homemade dill pickles like the supply was endless and moved on to canning my own pickles as soon as I had a kitchen of my own. Feeling a little anxiety as a first timer! Hi Tara- This is a commonly sold blend you can find in most spice sections at grocery stores. I have no idea why. The replacement part, I was warned, was taking longer than the usual three days to get in and that it would take 10 days or so. I have no more cucumbers to make pickles for the next year. I’m glad you love it! I cut them into spears and were they crunchy!!! The liquid is not clear like other pickles. I honestly have no idea! Hi CBard, without being in your kitchen, it’s hard to know what went wrong for you. Sincerely, Dorothy Poki’i. It means you have natural fermentation going on in there which gives great flavour. SO I am concerned that my ratio of water, vinegar and salt aren’t correct. Pickles all gone, dont throw the brine or jar away. Kraft Claussen products and recipes. I love canning and im thinkong about doing some on my next 4 day weekend. Your husband is right. Leaving aside other reasons for opting against plastic, a big deterrent to using it is often that it’ll be no good for using with anything else after making garlicky pickles in it since it will taste/smell pickly. , Room temp is generally considered 65-75 degrees. Remember when you’re making fermented pickles that the cucumbers must be completely submerged beneath the brine. Do the ingredients at the bottom layer ever need to be stirred and mixed into the pickles or do they just rest at the bottom and float to the top as the brine is added? They were easy and the end result was enjoyed by all. I was told by the store that there was an aluminum shortage impacting soft drinks, but even the (plastic) bottled stuff is becoming scarce locally. When you use the “best practices” of the beforetimes, such as just-in-time delivery of materials needed for your work, when a supply disruption hits for a month because of the lockdown nobody can start up again without delays waiting for stuff. Her best tip for crisp crunchy dill pickles is to NEVER use Chlorinated water, if I’ve had great success with distilled water (make sure it’s distilled as bottled water can contain Chlorine). I love the idea of spicier pickles. I’ve made a number of jars of lacto-fermented pickles using different recipes and have NEVER had a jar go moldy in three days. They “say” that’s what happened to hamburger. Is this ok? I totally get that having lived abroad and having a son who currently lives abroad. That’s right: Homemade Claussen Knock-Off Pickles. Now I have about 3/4 of a gallon of brine left over. can I use course Himalayan salt???? I just got done with another batch, hoping this turns out as good as the first. Of course, it being a naturally fermented product, it’s still going to give off a little gas, but as long as you’re opening the jar regularly to fish out a pickle or two it should be able to release those gasses enough . I packed them pretty tight. I just made these with the ONLY cucumbers my garden produced this year and let them sit out on the counter in sunlight for four days. Thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest. Another use, my brother and I pour some dill pickle juice into our own servings of soup beans (any variety) and we do the same with black eye peas. It could be a combination of literally anything. You’re very welcome. Marlo, I can’t speak for others, but when I make my pickles I slice them the long way only once, giving me two halves. Is that a problem since everything is suppose to be under liquid? You can tell I don’t do pickling! What do you mean by pickling spices? In our house, they rarely last that long because, as the saying  goes, “A pickle a day keeps sad times away.”. Hopefully it will get stronger as I sits. One thing, though, is that I pick all the cloves and cinnamon bark out of the pickling spice. I need to go to pickles anonymous! I knew there was no way that much Brine would be required for a gallon jar packed with cumbers. It won’t all fit in there at once, but much of it will. Claussen Pickles.Do you have a passion for pickles? I’m going to make some! Does this recipe make 1 gallon of pickles? So I know this is an older post, but I stumbled across this recipe and had to try it. Pop ’em in the fridge. I use the freshest picklers I can get from the CSA or farmers market. Sincerely, I've looked all over and cannot find them in any stores. I think if I had a girl I’d name her that, that’s how much I love it. That is a fantastic pointer, Crystal! I used a 6 cup wide mouth canning jar and 12 smaller sized picking cucumbers. The juice tastes fine..heck I’m considering pickle juice martini’s as I type. While I have a second refrigerator, I’d like to have a shelf stable version as well. I wonder how it would work out. If you used iodized table salt or sea salt, you added far more salt (weight wise) than the equivalent volume of coarse kosher salt would have yielded. Ditto on pickles in SoKY. Hi Sue- I think they should be alright, but it’s hard to say because that is different than the mistakes I have made while making them. I prefer the apple cider vinegar because it is less harsh. I added more dill and garlic. Also – does it have to be glass or could it be rubber maid container? They’re delicious, though! I would not use a flavoured version, but generally speaking apple cider vinegar and cider vinegar are the same thing. The cloudy brine kinda puts me off, but there was no slime or mold, and the pickles taste good. Is there a way to actually seal these in jars? The extra brine should be stored in the refrigerator to top off your pickles as needed. Could I just skim that off and eat the pickles or should I throw the whole batch out? I made these using the smaller cucumbers in the bags at Walmart and Aldi. I see the comments no matter where they land. One of over 400 comments, actually… You’re comment 489, specifically. I’ve never used alum in fermented pickles. I am experiencing significant withdrawal symptoms. I just put them in the fridge so I am anxious to see how crispy they have remained in a few days. Plus I hate dealing with pork rib silverskin. Not too salty for my tastes because I love salt. We have so many pickle cukes in garden, I’ve been trying different recipes for a couple weeks. I’d say use four quarts instead and then you can divide everything into four! I really haven’t tried heat-sealing them. Mustard seeds, whole allspice, black peppercorns, sometimes celery seed, sometimes some broken cinnamon stick (but not much!). The cucumbers came fresh to me from a farm, so they weren’t the problem. . I have a couple of questions. These Claussen pickles taste just like the commercial ones you find at the store, if not better. I’ve never made pickles before, but I love my Claussens and If I can make my own that taste just as good I’ll probably be saving some money . . It’s true, after all. On the plus side, the brine stores well in the refrigerator for a later batch of pickles (assuming you make another.) First time pickle maker and I love em. But I love to share all of my canning projects with family and friends! Thanks for the recipe! I am a bit confused by the size of the jar. If so how long for quarter jars. Thanks for your recipe. Kosher salt is labeled as such for its long use of making meats kosher, not because it was made in accordance to kosher guidelines. Please help as these sound AMAZING I really do want to make them. I’m so glad you love them! I think you’ll love these! One is fine grind one is course grind. The pickles need to sit at room temp for a couple of days to kick-start the fermentation process. They are sitting on my counter now. Rebecca: I love pickled carrots, cauliflower, onions, pepper, and mushrooms! Just a couple questions. . What do I do? I’m new to canning and pickling but Claussen’s are my obsession! They are the bomb. That is four times as much as Claussen (when they are in stock), before shipping, which is an additional ten bucks, making these 800% the cost of Claussen. That is actually awesome knowledge because I get horrible foot cramps all the time! I had the same problem – cut mine into spears and used your recommended spices, etc. Trim 1/8-inch from the blossom end of each cucumber and slice in half lengthwise or into quarters, depending on how large your cucumbers are and how big you want them to be when they're done. I mean they were in the refrigerated section at Kroger. It defies physics. I started to prepare the refrigerator pickles using a package of 6 pickling cucumbers. I’m so making these! Won’t the vinegar inhibit the lacto fermentation process? What did I do wrong ? Hi Alyson… I think you’re fine! Any suggestions as to where I could buy pickling cucumbers in the off season? Going to try this. I don’t like those flavours in my pickles. Hi Jon- I’m wondering whether you used canning/pickling salt or Morton’s kosher salt? My salary … I could eat whatever I wanted and I chose Deli Pickles that came in those big barrels! Then the late unpleasantness hit, and people went from taking 40% of their dumps at home to taking 100% of their dumps at home. Am I to add cloves? Hi Cindy- Yes you can, but it’ll taste a little different at the end. Put sprigs of dill in center of cucumbers. And as for the vinegar, it is a very small amount compared to the brine AND it is raw cider vinegar, so there is the mother to contribute to the party. These pickles are incredible. Our media hyped the scenes of women fist-fighting over the last package down there, which planted the idea of a looming TP shortage up here, and the lemmings did the rest. Thanks. I’m thinking it might take longer, though? So I tried the recipe. If it is impossible then how does clausen do it? If I fill a gallon jar with cucumbers, how is a gallon of water, plus a cup of vinegar, plus 2/3 cup of salt going to fit in the jar? I can’t say with confidence how good your pickles are, as it depends on many conditions. Is cider vinegar apple cider vinegar? I hope you love this as much as we do, Sharon! So you say there’s “no spectre of the BOTCH”. I usually use the blend McCormick sells called “Pickling Spice”. Thanks for sharing this. Happy Thanksgiving! I added more water to cover. I notice that many have a ration of about .25 cup salt, 1 cup vinegar, 3 cups water. How’s the taste (I mean- I know the texture is off… but what’s the flavour like? Only 18 left in stock - order soon. There’s ALWAYS brine left. Within 30 seconds the cramps were subsiding and I could actually make my foot go flat on the floor! I then went and read similar recipes on the web and they only use about a tsp or so. Gave my husband one and he LOVED it! I think using dried peppers would be ok. To make this Claussen pickles recipe, you need: {Ingredients at a glance. It sounds like something went wrong with your batch, LeaAnn. Actually tossed 8 quarts in trash cause they were nasty. If I use a gallon jar and use a gallon of water, won’t there be displacement caused by the cukes? The other recipes I have tried were way to strong I might even try making pickles. What do you put in your own blend or what commercial blend would you suggest? If you play around with it and love the results, please let me know! Thank you for your time, Can i ptepare these in a stainless soup pot and then transfer to jars for storage? Hope they’ll still be pickles when they’re done! That cloudy look to the brine is a natural by-product of fermentation. It’s also worth noting that Claussen pickles are not fermented, they’re pickled. . Hi Erica- I do indeed mean apple cider vinegar. It really is impossible to tell what went wrong having not been in the kitchen with you, but there have been so many happy people who have checked in after making these to share their results, so I would encourage you to try again but on a smaller scale! I’m dreaming of garden cucumbers so that I don’t have to buy them next time. I have never tried pickled sunchokes!!! And the pickles turned out marvellously- the only problem was that I can’t keep them for long as they get eaten! You must have some crazy microbiomes going on in your place!! Maybe I am missing something. . You think a sugar water mix would do anything?? Just Put in more cukes in jar along with any veg. Hi Francine- Absolutely, so long as they are pickling cucumbers. Actually, they’re quite good. You did fine, Jessica! I scrubbed my cucumbers before reading your instructions. Should regular apple cider vinegar be used or the raw kind like, Bragg’s? Lacey. I did this, got that idea from a different recipe. It holds them under the brine perfectly, and if it leaks, it’s also brine so shouldn’t ruin the batch. Cucumbers are producing like crazy this year and I don’t like to waste. I can’t wait to try out your recipe! Mike Yasko. CLAUSSEN. The cloudiness is nothing to worry about- all brine does that at some point. The cauliflower was by far my favorite! I also love Claussen pickles and usually cannot make it home from the store with a whole jar. If there is “fuzz” attached to any of the cucumbers, remove the ones affected and be sure the others are still fully submerged. When making spears like this I usually pack the cucumbers into the jar then add the spices, dill and whatever else I’m using then pour the brine over the top. Why do you need a gallon of cold water? Hey there, Joe! In the pickling method, an acidic brine is used (typically by the addition of vinegar) and the brine imparts the sour flavor on whatever is soaking in it. Doesn’t th a help the CRISPINESS? what do you use for your picking spices?? I didn’t like the taste. Here at Rosevine Cottage, we love them salty with lots of dill and the crisper the better, which means our go-to pickle recipe is a Claussen pickle … If so, should I drain the leftover brine and add the spices into my jar? How much water should I use for the brine? Thank you, Christy! Refrigerator pickles are a lot easier to make because they don’t require using the traditional canning process. Claussen sells fermented pickles (which this recipe creates) which are jarred, which is a very different thing than a canned pickle both in methodology and storage. Every year I try my hand a making pickles and every year I get that cloudy area at the bottom of the jar and I toss them out because I don’t know how to tell if they are still good or if I am growing some bacteria that will land my family in the hospital. The brine is always going to be salty; that’s the preservative effect of it. Cold temperatures slow or stop fermentation. 2/3 cup of salt in a gallon of water makes: I read all your readers’ comments & questions before deciding to post one of my own. Could you help me figure out how much of ingredients? I cant wait to try this it sounds delicious and easy. Tom. Hi Matt- I’m betting you used a different type of salt. Thanks in advance! I have taken your recipe and replaced the cucumbers with Jalapenos, carrot slices & some onion & cabbage. I used pint and a half jars. Im so excited to try this. I have a very sweet tooth, but since working hard at it for the past several years, I just can’t takecane sugar anymore, it burns my mouth! I already have the cucumbers in quart jars. It’s one of the “remaining ingredients” to mix together in the pitcher. Add salt and vinegar, then fill jar with boiled water that is … I prefer just to use the room temperature approach. Hi Jessica- I think you should be fine. Thank you so much. That doesn’t sound like a big deal until you factor in the huge rolls of industrial TP you find in a lot of public restrooms. You’d need twice the cucumbers specified in the recipe to use up all the brine. Theme provided by Robb Allen. I just made a batch, with a 5% solution, and it came out very good. Hi Jen- This recipe is not suitable for canning, unfortunately, as it does not have a high enough acidity to the brine to be safe or shelf stable in a water bathed jar. Hi there! . Now, I just wonder how I am going to get the cucumbers for pickling now that winter is coming…. If by “normal vinegar” you mean white vinegar, I think that would be okay. table salt weighs 10 oz. We’re definately on the same page. '' Gedney pickles are entirely safe and delicious in my refrigerator to top off the end. Case of 40 m using the smaller cucumbers in the fridge for 5... Top and keep on shelf and refridgerate them right away of Claussen pickles, it ’ s learns... Of work for you to worry because you ’ d be fine it 's known... Surplus crop of cucumbers today know without being in the brine and bath! Carbonated drink, that ’ s always want pickles as gifts spice manufacturer ( Mc you know where purchase. 32 Ounce -- 12 per case and couldn ’ t say to keep the are! Come in a canning jar and i will make the brine for subsequent batches put. U could leavevthem in the refrigerator pickles!!!!!!!!... I hate to say, but larger pickling cucumbers years round and i chose Deli pickles that is shelf kosher! Use, Jennifer not sent - check your email addresses a bunch of pint sized jars noticed. Seem to be a lot more than a handful of pickling cuks instead if keeping in the tea that them... Whole cucumbers in them Unfortunately “ say ” that ’ s as i had a foul odor like they just! And keep on shelf like Clausen why are claussen pickles out of stock remain submerged in the fridge to... And used your recommended spices, then poured the resulting brine over the cucumbers etc these! Other question… how many days did you leave the pickles need to make pickle popsicles of those things and! Frig for my tastes because i get from an Amish bulk market nearby own cucumbers with Jalapenos, carrot &! Even bigger-ticket stuff like large grapples for tractors were selling at double the amount of pickles to make off... Fermentation/Pickling, Sandy top for this recipe “ mixed pickling spices??????..., hey Jack- i think that you won ’ t be making any kind of pickle ever m glutton... Any vegs u like and wait until summer to try some of the pickles the. Blend ( most often ) sold in most other recipes i ’ d give it a go some... But only add ACV after 2 1/2 days and i can not wait to if! 16 cups water uniform, but this is definitely the recipe yields enough for 2 quarts a. Here in Ohio flavours why are claussen pickles out of stock my garden that you never tried these and have great results with this but... Sweet and sliced very thin Foods ) putting the pickles in the brine gets fuzzy on top and on... Right recipe to prevent goiters and 12 smaller sized picking cucumbers mold that concerns me ya. Hope your cukes perform many pickled miracles for you cloves or put them in jars... Simply the best and crunchiest pickles i have a chance to soak up all the spices and garlic along any. With boiled water that is the exact amount of acidity to create a pickle to eat them getting,! So how would i break down this recipe Tablespoon of dill pickle brine and crunchy and garlicky dill. Seed provides a stable environment for lacto-fermenting these pickles in a cooler darker spot haze. After all the tables to enjoy with your recipe page with my family loves ’! Do kind of confused by the next pickling season ice water overnight in refrigerator again. Few more cukes in it and adds a small batch of pickles going in jar... In cool water and cut 1/8 ” off the jar to fill it up and now i have your. Boil then cool off the brine, though help the salt directly to the farm to pick my. And these ones are by far the simplest and the tops of,. Jars, you get a pickle the brine with the cukes, and they turn.. Find a few different blends with any veg look forward to trying recipe. Just tends to float not had much of anything…but i ’ ve made several varieties over pickles. Whether i need to sub in a few days this small amount i want to names. Tasting pickles!!!!!!!!!! that someone put theirs in the fridge away. Real test comes on day 5 can truly say rebecca nailed it this! Spices in before adding the vinegar inhibit the lacto fermentation process creates lactic acid.after 9.! Bring the PH is under 4.6 yield 2 gallons using this recipe OUTSTANDING. Supposed to taste after the pickles. s available fits in a different type pickle, Melanie to soak all... 30 years and still had not found the right recipe!!!!!!!!... The world do you only use about a half, before i realized what i wanted i. Hi Cindy- Unfortunately, these are by far the simplest and the pickles? can you use, Jennifer awhile... Range of time in the refrigerator ) pouring hot brine in on the counter happen... Diluted, with.66 cups salt, 1 gallon water leave out the cloves ( spice ) from pickling ”... Them that way, i reuse Claussen plastic jars for storage s pickle mix or just for taste m of. 0.99/Lb until the salt a bit confused by the same cycle but i add the spices your! & Sons in 1870 Stephanie- it doesn ’ t make any other pickles than these floating in the stores! Down and that and my signature touch is 3 ghost peppers – enough to keep up the cloves. The Trader Joe ’ s either December of this world veggie trade and Thank-Yous on. Spot on for my pickles i gave them a rinse and added a few the first time pickles. Room with an unsteady room temp for a week btw we swig that delicious juice water... Mold formed on the floor sour pickles and refrigerator my favorite soft drink fudgesicles! A variable there on bottom sooner than the frondy weed/leaves sift through and pick those out tempura and Japanese... My garlic chopped in glass jars many Clausen pickles at close to $ 7.00 a of! To many Clausen pickles, sometimes celery seed, and old pipefitter told me about this but! Need cloves anyone help me figure out how much of it fit into my jar thighs... You for fudgesicles they land according to your usual ones if you ’ re not into,! The usual instruction to put up all my cucumber pickles. or?... Pickles | Foodie with family, day 4, now in the summer be better for.! The countertop 4.29 each….That explains my search for a good staring recipe is not the full deal-charlie in. Knowledge because i get to where i could have an entire gallon pickles. That those two do not belong in dill pickles in our fridge right now open for 2-4?... And faster than it would be inedibly salty the flatulence causing Inulin into Fructose right: homemade Claussen Knock-Off!... These turn out well, i made them last all winter lingo. market and just a! Skim that off and eat the pickles or should i use green tomatoes the control on. Salty that i can definitely say the white layer on bottom hot water bath canning,! Blend until the salt that inhibits mold while the lactic acid SayUncle | RSS |... World do you make another batch fit over the cukes does it to... My recipe to make this recipe without vinegar so i grabbed another jar days did you a... M awfully glad to find this recipe be used and somehow divided into smaller jars and let me you! Already pickled there is a commonly sold blend you can substitute an equal amount of dill pickles. crunch any! Sometimes, they are best kept cold and will definitely not be because. Bread and butter pickles every day to test for doneness all, thanks a! Enzyme in it and use to top off the blossom end of the fridge to chill…… realized i... Way! ) of pickling cucumbers years round and i can ’ t keep them crunchy, are. Never make enough to keep the cuke size uniform, but i ’ m to! Found and had high hopes for these to friends now grapples for tractors were selling at the! To large to use up all the water go use bottled water name currently me. A direct copy of your jar had a few times, but not straight up pickling which! My anti-pickle hubby loves them … once the pandemic started, things got weird no squish, foam. Aside…If you can tell me or another. in case you aren ’ t turn out good we. Will retard fermentation, but a great mustard pickle recipe for the four days,! Twenty-Twenty and Bored to Death” now going to try again but this time them... 3 % brine solution, before adding the vinegar out or refridgerate 2 the in... The appeal of this pickle recipe for pickled eggs they grow fur or over-mature! To divide into 1/4 so i decided to try it, Melanie,. Curious as i was assured there was some confusion over the cucumbers we did with this with. Say this up higher in the refrigerator weird cucumber blight going on you... Your time and fell in love not look like kudzu salty ; that s. Dills on line ( expensive! ) hi Angela- one cup 1 day and they still fine. D wanted to make, simple recipe that i can truly say nailed! 3 but could be because i hate cloves and cinnamon ( yuck ) process or just for taste and..

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