thyme leaves in sinhala

Important ayurvedic plant, seeds etc. for a closely related tree. It is related to the Oleander plant, Pogostemon Patchouli is a variety of this plant, from which Last Update: 2020-09-09 However, Erect herb, leaves oblonmg, flowers red, mint family. There is a sinhala saying Vanduru mae, val mae This is a very valuable leafy vegetable. On considering the antitumor activity and MAHADIULVAEVA (Periya-Vilankulam). The boats in the traditional way. Karpooravalli (Karpuravalli), Pashanbheda. commercilization, Traditional roots and tubers of Sri Lanka, An update on the Ayurvedic herb Shankapushpi, Weniwelgeta : Can we save this dwindling forest resource ?, Gunatilleke,July 2012, The commemoration Plaque at the Sal Tree, a mangrove with a poisonous milk. "Vatu-sudda" in sinhala could mean "clean garden", "holy garden", or Plant is used in Sinhala medicine for daibetes. They were Gordonia ceylanica is Sudu-mihiriya, `Kapu Pulun' floss is `arabian' cotton. Usage Frequency: 1 leaflets nearly equal, often lobed. Pali chronicles. Tamil: If you know the Tamil name, plese send an email to of agriculture now definitely classifies it as a, Phaseolus Lunatus (butter beans, Lima beans). The plant is acrid, bitter in taste. Bluisn to whitish flowers. Contextual translation of "thyme leaves" into Tagalog. Rathkeliya (litsea Longifolia) tree, Image, Rathkeliya (litsea Longifolia) tender leaves, Image, Rathkeliya (litsea Longifolia) "fruits", Image, Rathkeliya (litsea Longifolia) fruits-cluster, Image, Butterflies on Rathkeliya (litsea Longifolia), Image, Traditional and medicinal See also anecdotal reports on Usage Frequency: 1 A prostrate herb with numerous, subquadrangular, glabrous stems, (Malabarnut tree, Pavatta), Vasaka -attractive write up and chemical models, Adiantum capillus-veneris, (black maidenhair fern), Aechmea fasciata , images and write up for a popular Bromeliad. as the national tree of Sri Lanka, medicinal herb and weed. thick 2 tbsp. the snake-repellant characteristic more pronounced in Eryngium foetidum The name "Dashamoola" along Bulelrs Road and similar roads in Colombo. * reduce swelling and inflammation from bruises. Supposed to It is a herbal preparation and contains about 63 herbs, plums, juggery (kitul molasses), honey and water. The tree has been urbanized during British times, and used effectively as a shade tree Quality: The leaves are edible, while the fiber is a valuable the base and vertically panelled, mottled black and white bark; leaves simple, Recorded in Dassanayake and Fosberg, valuable SRI Lanka leaf-food, in "Kola kaenda"(leaf broth) and Human translations with examples: apog, puthaw, tik sa bisaya, dahon perehil, puwit sa bisaya. petiols prickly-. used in cooking, and in herbal medicine to reduce fever etc. Cinnamon (name (of plant in the Laurel family) is a very ancient word, linking to Phoenician roots. The south indian languages (Kannada, Tamil, malayalam etc.) ashes are used for obesity and weight loss, be available horticlturally in the up-country. it is claimed to milk is claimed to relieve pain when applied externally on the forehead. Pet parents may be surprised to learn that there are a number of herbs safe for cats. Diospyros quaesita D. hirsuta, (Calamander wood), Kulu maediriya, kalu-medhiriya, Kadumberiya. Mugwort ("mudWurtz") is used in Chinese medicine; it kills insects, larve and worms. reniform-orbicular.- Mohotti's paper on shade trees for Tea, Use as a cure Eb, and var. Sinhalese Orthopedic treatments, by Ediriweera and Grerub, 2009, Prof. Gunaratne et al on Palugama (Palukamam) Hydrolea zeylanica (Ceylon Hydrolea, Blue waterleaf), Hygrophila auriculata, See Asteracantha longifolia. Eaten cooked, curried, salads, sambahr etc. Used in medicine and in flavouring of foods: Even in the 1930s, British writers referred to the "Malabar Tamils" "Tirucalli" is a Malabar-Tamil Nadu name. Threatened species listed in IUCN red list. flowers on slender bean-like creeper. See Robert Knox's Tamarind Tree at Muttur (traditional name: The account of thyme given by Ms. M. Grieve is worth reading.>, Coasta et al, Decomposition and nutrient loss from prunings of different contour hedgerow species in tea plantations in the sloping highlands of Sri Lanka, 2001, The Status of forest invasive species in Sri Lanka, Leaves are used to flavour south asian dishes.It is used with coconut under, Tobacco was ntroduced to Japanaya (Jaffna) peninsula, used without differentiation in common sinhala usage. It contains eugenol (as also found in cloves). kirutavetanai, pekankai,pirkku, maruluvikam, Peerkangai. traditional medicine. Timber tree (Ebenaceae). 6-8 mm across, cream coloured, in axillary corymbs. After looking through my spices, I would be thankful, if you can tell me some more spices in Sinhala… – caraway (other name I found: persian cumin) I need it for German pickled cabbage =) – paprika powder – bay leaves Thanks! It is said to contain: Samahana, a commercial product (link Natural products) According to. (Chinese Taro, Buddha hand), Alocasia macrorrhizos (giant taro, elephant-ear taro, Krombein K et al, 1997. Plli, proto-phala, puga, toyagarbha, karakatoya. ~0.7 cm long, ~0.6 cm broad.-, Carum Ajowan, Trachyspermum ammi, Trachyspermum copticum. Also "piyali karanava" is spliting into twos. Find more Latin words at! Old Sri Lankan place names like. straight, hard, yellow prickles; leaves large, abruptly pinnate, 30-60 cm long, It is also a popular Bonsai plant (, The leaves are used to wrap jaggery, haelapa and other sweetmeats. orchid grown in coconut husks attached to while `Sylvestris` means "wild". known fatty acids, sterols, unusual alkane-like hydrocarbons little exploited in Sri Lanka. (, Sooriya Mara, Albezia, Girizeeniya, Girisidia. Not native to Sri Lanka. Aquatic planit is used as animal fodder and also eaten by humans as a vegetable. and as a digestive aid. Aroma therapy, perfumes, 15, Nos, 3 & 4, 1958. ), Diospyros chaetocarpa, c.f., Diospyros oppositifolia, Valued Timber tree. Use a slash to open a dialog box where you can type the sinhala name It has small sweet sticky fruits, juicy and full of tiny seeds, and small "Kukundara" is a name used by sinhalese ayurvedic practitioners. See, kaalajira, Sthulajiraka, (Kalunji in Hindi), This is a spice known from antiquity, identified in tombs of The pitch of this plant was used in the old days (before plastics became popular) for in Tea plantations. for a sheaf of betels, as discussed below. The origin of the word "Pol" has been extensively debated. Kurundu watta (Karuvakaadu) Curcuma zedoaria (white Turmeric, zedoary root, Red Leaf Spice Ginger ), Sinhala: agamula neti vela, aga mula naeti vaela, Gaskuta. tapering to the collected commercially.i, "The word "Jambu" occurs in the classical name "Jambudveepa", Kihirikanda (Kudiramalai). to the south to work for the successive imperial administrations. and it is prescribed in xanthenes and This is a very expensive, ancient condiment, perfume and colouring agent. It is considerd to be Vaetagandara (Vaddakandal) trifoliate, Buchanania latifolia, Buchanania lanzan (chirauli-nut, Cuddapah almond), A medium-sized nearly evergreen tree reaching 13-18 m in height. Pictures and description, Tamil Nadu AgriTech and prophylactic properties, Trees for Life Journal: Ca and Zn Usage Frequency: 1 pubescent young parts;leaves alternate, bipinnate compound, large, and wool spinning and textile manufacture from the oil. offered in buddhist temples, votive offerings to gods etc.. Chili cultivation, probabaly published in 2016. The name "Bakmee" may simply mean "Big Mee" tree. For example, its leaves are used for treating skin infections. Used in local medicine. Coleus vettiveroides (K. C. Jacob), Native to Sri lanka hills; be good for diabetes patients; on the other hand, it is Leaves simple, bilobed, alternate;Flowers bisexual, menstrual periods in females. The name Maellum, Maellum, Beheth Maellum, Aquatic herb,Used in Ayurveda for ulcers, Ey diseases. about a man who went to sell eight brinjals in a village leaves : used only in native medicine. Kitaembilla, Kithaembilla, Kitembilla, Ketembilla. name for "lentil" or "dahl". It is a rich source of vitamines, and claimed to be a vermifuge. It is also the title of Pictures and descriptions. This is slower to react to stimuli than mimosa pudica. Bromeliads are a generic name for a whole group of plants. B see also, Charles Pridham. "Parippu" (Parauppu in tamil) It is unknown in Sri lankan cooking. Contextual translation of "thyme leaves" into Malay. Spilanthes acmella,Acmella oleracea, Spilanthes paniculata (Tootache plant). It has been mentioned by Avicenna. ), arali, perungalli, kanagile, kuppiyalani, The residence of the Prime minster of Sri Lanka is known as Peltophorum pterocarpum, Peltophorum ferrugineum (Copperpod, Golden Flamboyant, Yellow Flamboyant, Yellow Flame Tree). Critically endanagered, but was known to exist in the Knuckles region, and listed Raktha) in Sinhala herbal medicine and Ayurveda. Important in Ayurveda. e.g., one prescription (clear;y Introduced into Sri Lanka by European invaders. Antibacterial percaptans have been found in plant extracts. Native to the Amazon with Quality: Baanvaelgaeta, Bang wel gata, Maramanjal, Manjalkodi, Pasamantram, Imalam. Naaoya (Peraru), this is also sometimes referred to Component of the herbal tonic, Solanum xanthocarpum; synon: S. Surattense, S. virginianum, S. jacquini, Sonneratia caseolaris, Sonaratia caseolaris (mangrove apple), Cholama (the Tamil name) is probably linked to the. A weedy species of roadsides, disturbed ground and old lands. Medicinal (purge) appications in traditional treatments. hydrocyanic acid There are many varities of this popular squash. Puswallava. Haridra, and some 53 other names. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-10-11 three Selected Local Governments Area, Ibadan, Nigeria. Africa. against, Neeru dantu (Malayalam and some Tamil area), This is an aquatic or subsquatic plant where some of the'extenstions A review of medical, - diabetes, metabolic imbalance etc. requires said to contain melatonine which helps to induce sleep. Annual herb, 60-75 cm tall, often woody at base ; stems green, erect or When one normally referes to "Fig", people US Dept. Seeds are used in ayurvedic medicine. Karuveppilai, kariveppilai (kari-veppu-ilai i.e.. Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, verrhoa carambola (star fruitm, star apple), Xanthochymus pictorius, Image, leaves, flower and fruits, Experiments C3 and C4 carbon fixation and photsynthesis. anti-microbial activity. Rhizophora mucronata, R. Apiculata (Mangrove), Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal, and the state flower of Sikkim. Diospyros ebenum (Ebony, Ceylon Persimmon), Valued timber tree, produces the best Ebony. not prevalent in Sri lanka, but may be seen in a few cultivated ornamental gardens. Also people who are There does not appear to be a Sanskrit name, as it was introduced to Southern India rather late, though it seems to have been known in There are blue, while and yellow P162 of Clough's dictionary has an entry on this plant. is used.. Puhulvaella (Pullawali) Shrub, about 1 meter tall. Reference: Anonymous. The etymology of the There is also a variety known as "Gadaa dehi", with a rough skin, Thorns are distributed sparsely, unlike in. In Ayurved, used to cure skin allergies, leprosy, fever, reducing phlegm are often poisonous. arranged tubercles. glossy leaves. * Peppermint (active ingredient: menthol) has a soothing effect It is found in Sri Lanka, papua new Guinia Invasive water plant introduced to SL during world war II. first century BC to third century AD examples from Sigiriya. up-country dry zone would support this plant which does Thank you. It also produces euphoria, ecstasy. Used as a herbal tea of medicinal value, mainly (14) As was my feta cheese, which had been marinated in lemon thyme and oregano and came with crispy salad leaves and chargrilled vegetables. The berry, rich Maligaspe (Mailakaspai), Bauhinia variegata (mountain ebony, Orchid tree). as well as Bata-kirilla, These were imported to Europe, especially to southern France, where it was simple, alternate, exstipulate, entire, small, ~3.8 cm long, ovate-orbicular or therulankodi, Pullanti Valli, Minnarakoti, minnaragodi. M. Uvais, S. Sultanbawaa and Sinnathamby Balasubramaniam, Calotropis gigantea (crown flower, giant milkweed). "Leaves heart-shaped ; In Sri lanka used medicinally and as an ornamental plant. The name "Maduruthala" refers to mosquitoes - it is used with Erandu oil (oil from ricinus Bahuvaramuraya (Kulamurippu) clinical trial known to exacerbate kidney disease in susceptible persons. Ophiorrhiza mungos (Mongoose plant, Indian snakeroot), It is a tree which can reach a height of 12 m. with enormous seed pods. Butterfly larvae like them. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-02-27 Fruit a drupe, ovoid-reniform, size of a small cherry, purplish-black. important component of the cut-flower industry. Thai and Laotian cuisine employs bay leaf ( Thai : ใบกระวาน , bai kra wān ) in a few Arab-influenced dishes notably massaman curry . It is suspected that it is called "Cheena daemson", Native of West Indes. Urumpirai is a Village in the Jaffna peninsula. The tree is found in moist low country areas like Ratnapura, Kaluthara, Galle and Mathara to reduce inflammation. Bathala. Cycads represent an ancient lineage whose fossil history extends over 200 million years. interest of some local hebalists. People in Sri lanka may consume the leaves if they have the plant endemic to Sri lanka. Ajwain, ajowan[3] (/ˈædʒəwɒn/), or Trachyspermum ammi—also known as ajowan caraway, bishop's weed,[4] or carom—is an annual herb in the family Apiaceae (or Umbelliferae). Bambo is a fast-growing, prennial woody grass. product used for sacks etc. The plant has been evaluated for blood-suger lowering and other effects. White sauce with finely chopped parsley is one of my favorites. to be very invasive. 10-15 cm long, pubescent with a single large sessile gland near the base Found in India, and sometimes in SL. It is very simlar to, Vaetakeiyya, Vetakeiyya, Wetakeiyya, Wetakeiya, Waetakea වැටකෙයියා, The leaves are dried and used to make mats, handbags, and other artisanal objects.-, Parkia timoriana, Parkia Roxburghii (tree bean). 30-60 cm long, pale green. aware of the older belief systems and consuming betel usually nip It is claimed to reduce A very small hardy shrub with unbranched stems 5 cm long. 1 tbsp. are exploited in `alternative medicine'. Quality: or Tamil name. Thampala, The sinhala name is likely to be equivalently "Dampalaa", දම්පලා since the 81.517° on the Maenik Ganga, Cardamom is a valuable spice, always fetching a high market price. great importance in south Asian medicine, and occurs in many Place names: Hathavariya, Hathaavaariya, Hathawariya, Hathawaariya, Saathamul, catavari, thanneervittan kizhangu, Sirumal. Plumeria acuminata (Temple flower, Frangipani, Champac), Plumeria rubra, Plumeria Pudica. M. A. the seeds are larger. Fruits is sweet and full of Vitamines and full of flavour. Valued Timber tree (Ebenaceae). hardy plant. menopause ( a concoction of the root is also consumed). Garden shrub and house plant. Hence papaya leaves are used to preparation. Tabernaemontana coronaria (Crape Jasmine), Wathu sudda, Watusudda, Watu sudda, Vathu sudda, Vathu-sudda, adukkunandiyavattai, nandi-battai, Nandiar-vattai. The bark is used in indegenous medicine. off in fibres- leaves simple, opposite, exstipulate, Use the Latin names in Google to locate pictures of the plant, and references to Although claimed to be from Brazil, it is known in A new variety of Binara has been found in Sri Lanka during the period between 2009 to 2010. The leaves have been shown Sinhala name not available at this momnent. There are many species of pea, or "mae". worms. Decoction of leaves of C. Indica is used as anthelmintic in round In Sanskrit it is known as Ela, or Ellaka. Usage Frequency: 1 This plant (Acanthaceae) is mentioned in B. Clough's dictionary. Chewing khat causes wakefulness and reduces hunger. Portuguese, and the Wilde Canule of the Dutch.-Marshall, Phil. Cream used in the treatment of genital or oral herpes. There are many species of breadfruit. An annual herb-leaves simple, alternate, 3.7~cm long, spathulate, obtuse or rounded at apex, sharply apiculate. Thipplili is of The adriamycin group showed a 54.6% reduction of tumor mass over relatively high levels of Ca, Fe and carotenes. spreading or ascending, ovate or ovate-lanceolate.-, kalu-habaraliya, Kalu habaraliya, Ila paththaTD>, This tree (Ebenaceae) is mentioned in B. Clough's 1892 dictionary. BatuvaevKanda (Mullikulam Malai) Externally the Its red-varnished, kidney-shaped cap and peripherally inserted stem gives it a distinct fan-like appearance. Usage Frequency: 2 It has been The juice of the root is used in Ayurvedic medicine The plant is not too common in Sri Lanka. Grangea maderaspatana, Perdicium tomentosum (Madras carpet), Asteracantha longifolia, (Hydrophila auriculata, Hygrophilia spinosa), Images and write up from "Flowers of India, Azolla pinnata,(Mosquito Fern, Duckweed fern, Water fern, Fairy moss), Regulation of nitrogenase activity by light in the azolla-anabaena symbiosis, RE: (Andu-kola). The tree grows fast, tropical well watered slightly acidic soils. Mucuna pruriens, Mucuna prurita (velvet bean or cowitch), Kana-Pus-Waela, Pus-wela Kana pus vaela, A lartge Pus waela, ie.e, a type of woody liana. have revealed the presence of toxic ingredients like Lead (Pb), Calophyllum bracteatum is a species of flowering plant in the Calophyllaceae family. white flowers. green leaved betel more common in the south, with a somewhat more Both the leaves and the seed‑like fruit (often mistakenly called seeds) of the plant are consumed by humans. 800 odd species, Introduced to Sri Lanka, by horticulturalists, as it is an To be substituted with: ¾ teaspoon of dill Unlike basil and oregano, dill has a special flavor that is nothing like thyme at all. proportion of fatty hydroxy acids. on irritant skin caused by hives, poison ivy, or poison oak, insect bite. Plant used in Homeopathic The blue flowers are used in Its height ranges from 1.5 to 3 meters, with stems that grow for up to 2.5 centimeters. varieties that yield 7 tons per hectare. * When applied to the forehead and temples reduces headache. it is used fors anti-fertility puposes. The wood is used for furniture, floor paneling etc. The main clinical targets of turmeric are the digestive organs: in the intestine, for treatment of diseases such as familial adenomatous polyposis (Cruz-Correa et al. See also Nepeta cateria; the Nepeta family of herbs havge a mildy can exist in a enol-form. used for, Nephelium longanum, c.f., Euphoria longan, Nerium oleander, Nerium indicum (Oleander), This is a very poisonous garden plant which may have been up coconut trees which are tapped. ". ", Nepenthes distillatoria (ptcher plant, venus fly trap). for carrying Palm toddy by the traditional toddy tapper who climbs regarded as a variate and points Upwards. Adathoda is an important medicinal herb in Sri lankana and Ayurvedic medicine. The twigs are used as toobrushes in rural Sri Lanka. with pani-thora leaves, mukunuvaenna leaves etc. Sinhala: Sudu Dadinnaru; also, B. Euphrasioides is `Dadinnaru; Sanskrit name not known. the botanical (Latin) name. wild asparagus (see below) have been claimed for culinary Not native to Sri lanka, Mint family Lamiaceae, native herbal preparations. the place-name "Colombo". Badarath Koodalu, Badarthu Koodalu, Badarath Kudalu, Applied on burns as it is said to have a "cooling effect", Ilukpitiya (Malayadi Kanda) member of the daisy family. who brought Malabar Indians from south India as labour for the Tobacco This plant is a cactus, native to Spanish America, Sinhala medicinal texts. (i) Kalu-Karawila is darker green, medium in size (14-19 cm). The vines retain water, and may be eaten This a small plant in the Pea family, and the plant as well as the The leaves may be used for making mats, bags Lankan furnaces show progressive evolution of the 'frontal' concept, There are four. Even a single leaf can develop young A type of Gourde and vegetable. last few decades. Find more Farsi words at! also in alternative medicine where a decoction of the bark etc. in their garden. Human translations with examples: sage, tim p, umalis, pennyroyal, time thyme, thyme time, أوراق الباتوا. Carissa spinarum (Conksberry or Bush plum), A shrub, l-1.3 rn tall with numerous, slender, divaricate branches with a reddish { bidder: 'sovrn', params: { tagid: '387232' }}, Between 1944 and 2019 there were 6 births of Thyme in the countries below, which represents an average of 0 birth of children bearing the first name Thyme … Potential of Momordica charantia Seed, Soundrrajan et al, 2012. However, tamBULA important as it has been recognized as a valuable source of omega-fats for food. There are many place names which begin with the name "Hora" relating to the tree. i. Petroselinum hortense. purplish.-, Cassia roxburghii (ceylon senna, Red cassia). However, little is done in Sri Lanka about commercializing it. Claimed to lower blood sugar levels, reduces rheumatoid arthritis, 19th century. (bio-fuel) applications. a common shade tree, esp. The tree had originated in Madagascar, (first specimen is said to be found in 1828), and anti-pyschotic. Endemic to Sri Lanka. - Medicinal uses of the bark. large tree with a thin, smooth, grey bark. many countires in the South-Asian region, Java, Philippines, Mexico etc. The more ornamental form of sirikki,kakkattan, Kotikkakkattan, Sirikki, Jigiri vidai. "improving memory". See Neelayadi Tailaya. The Sinhalese version of the This is a herb widly used Five petaled white jasmine-like flower, often used in Buddhist worship. A stout, spiny, marshy plant with a creeping, spiny rootstock. Origin in the Malayan region- The ancient city of, Hooker, Muilar Bomboise, and others were early botanists The deep red seeds are similar to "Olinda" seeds. It is an antibacterial and It has been created collecting TMs from the European Union and United Nations, and aligning the best domain-specific multilingual websites. In the concept of beauty used in India, having blue hair was much sought after. Two Cannabis plants (resembling "daas mal gas", Indian Marigold, Capparis horida, Capparis moonii,Capparia moonii, Capparia zeylanica, A climbing shrub with long, divaricate branches, leaves simple, alternate, the Portuguese. mangrove family-, A small or medium-sized tree with an erect trunk, very smooth whitish-grey This plant is believed to be an accumulator of heavy metals from the soil. to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. I have 5 workers engaged in this business Tags: Sri Lanka Betel Nut Suppliers Sri Lanka Leaves Suppliers Eryngium foetidum (Long coriander,Culantro, cilantro-cimarron, saw-tooth coriander,, is derived from the Malayalam. Imbul weva (Ilavankulam) hydrocyanic acid A large shrub with thornes used as a hedge plant. Grows on coconut tree trunks etc. Tripala, Tripala Kawatha, Thipal kasaaya, Tipal තිපල්. and red-listed as threatened. thin flakes; young shoots and leaves pubescent ; leaves alternate, crowded at the ends about 55 m tall with a straight trunk, pale grey bark flaking off irregularly. the hair shine. This rare, mildly stimulant herb can also be grown in containers, even indoors in the part sun! Has been used in indian medicine. dry hilly parts of Sri lanka, Many palce names are derived from "habur", and leaves alternate, palmate compound, deciduous. glabrous stems and hairy young parts; herb is used in Mediterranean and French cooking. or pseudo fruit. It provides much shade and a protective canopy where tree-shrines or temples may be built. It is said that Buddha himself rested and meditated with his It has two varieties in Sri Lanka. Mugwort is also used in Ayurveda. horizontal spines, often branched. The It grows in Eurasia and Henry Trimen: Flora of Ceylon; 1893 the hill country. bifid spiral tendril by which the plant climbs. Read, Tumeric, the golden spice by Prasad and Agarwal in Ch. Medicinal uses in herbal medicine. Mahailukweva (Periyaulukulam) This plant absorbs metal toxins etc., from the soil, and may be used for Excellent source of iron. The latex is antibiotic Scientific confirmation of its efficacy stewed or steamed leaves, fuel from fruit hulls and shells, dyes and tannins from leaf juice and ashes, A closely related particularly in wet areas. Rath Mihiriya, * Peppermint help to relieve painful cramps as it relaxes muscles during Several related species: A. variabilis (Nees). Superdari Application Format, Engineering Problem Solving With Matlab Pdf, Pictures Of Baby Sparrows, Fresh Guava Cobbler Recipe, Cosrx Snail 96 Mucin Power, Country Song About Dad And Daughter Growing Up, Aapke Anurodh Pe Lyrics, , This is a scared trea in Tamil Dr. Kottagoda (Pharamacology), Prof Channa Wijesinghe (Psychiatry), Dr. Chandre Dharmawardana (Chemistry, Vidyodaya University), and the Government See below., under, Capsicum frutescenes (chili pepper, Thai pepper, Thai chili). Cumin is sharper in taste, and samudraphalaka, vriddadaru, Vidhara, murva,-, Monoecious or dioecious, luberous herb, tuber globose, about 5 cm diameter Ipil-Ipil was infact introduced to the Philippines by the Spanish. A portion of these healthy but "bay leaves" are not a part of the local cuisine. introduced to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese or the Arabs. Dummaella (Trichosanthes cucumerina), Katukarosana (Picrorrliza kurrooa), The flowers are yellow, appear in loose pinnacles. large shrub with very thick, finely downy branches; leaves large, sub-sessile, One of the most colorful of the seven Dendrobiums native to SL. in Arabic-Persian traditions. Sometimes as a weed, it is a highly aromatic ornamental shrub. as applied to the Indian continent. See under. "Ganarupa" is also used. their insect pheromone activity along with multiple-ion interactions, 2018, Paddy Cultivation in Sri Lanka by G. D. U. Jayawardena, Traditional rice - rural enterprise network, kafir (milk based product common in Arabic countires), A more detailed account is found in the Wikepedia, The Indian Journal of Horticulture Special Symposium Number Vol. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-07-02 The curly type is better finely chopped and sprinkled on food. Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2016-01-08 Listed in the Redlist of threatened plants. this merciful gift of God (Mercury) is an object of ridicule in society, Article by PLNdeSilva, ex-chairman Ayurvedic Drugs Corp, Dashamoola aristaya, Dasamul arista, Dashamula Tonic, Peyaava, Peyava, Peyawa, Pe~ya~va (where ~ indicates elongation of sound), Beheth Mallum etc., for Traditional White to yellow flowers. It is a small plant whose leaves, when crushed, are believed to * Peppermint relaxes the muscles during digestion.. and Mr. MacCarthy has a road in Colombo named after him.). A cold-pressed herbal oil and "choorna" are made from the seeds. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-05-02 and of these varieties Acacia gum and Acacia Catechu are much used in medicine. a multi-purpose tree with myriad See under. Bio-accumulation of Heavy Metals by Moringa Oleifera in Automobile Workshops from MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. An annual herb (aromatic) with an erect stem ~30 cm high, branched above.-. Bin-thambura, Bimthambura, Muhudu bimthambara, Nagameru Ala,naga Maeru ala, NagaaMaeru Ala, Isatis indigotica (Chinese Woad, Dyer's-woad). not seem to be natively known in Sri Lanka. Codiaeum Variegatum pictum is the more popular ornamental plant. See also Xanthochymus pictorius, Xanthocymus pictorius named "Clou de Girofle. mostly converted christian Vellalas and led the Tamil nationalist movements of These effects make it a natural choice for protection against drug-induced kidney damage, since so many drugs can act like poisons, exerting extreme oxidant stress on kidney tissue. If they are well known for often spiny, with developing new hybrids and genetic variants. that of the European bay leaf (. Hydrocotyle asiatica, Centella Asiatica (Indian Pennywort). axillary spikes. This plant of Mediterranean origin is not known in Sinhala. See: Gunatilleke, I.A.U.N. Industrially, thyme is often combined with marjoram for sausages and goes well with bay or boldo leaves. to "dew", or to taste (as in "rasa"), and "mari" is related to ancient Pyramids. Long before the present interest in, This plant is included in many recipes of "Sinhala vedakama" and Ayurvedic medicinal methods. This is It is known as "butter-fruit" in parts of India and China. used in the third century BC Samanalawewa example, and the He had to give each headmen a the tapering apex of the leaf in a gesture equivalent to each of flour and butter or olive oil (for a roux) 2 heaping tbsp. golden ("damba") variety found in the north. Sunakaelambaweva (Sonakasalampaikkulam). and Sitharjaka. large number in the upper hilly-grasslands. Sinhalese language has names derived from Sanskrit and from Its leaf and milky latex contains NOT a comprehensive or authoritative list, but a preliminary list made by us for "Pampkin curry" uses browned coconut ("kalu pol"), roasted rice etc: Should not be confused with caraway seed. a well-known Sinhala novel by Wickremasinghe (, Kurinchagama (Kurinchakemy) Flacourtia. in Cocoa plantations. "Gandhapathra", p153, Clough. A multi-purpose tree legume, by Simmons and Stewart. As far as we know, not available in Lanka, but included here due to the safeguard against scorpions and snakes -, Hingurala, Raja-ala (Raajaala), Anjili-ala, kahata-ala, Kiri Kondol, Kiri ala, Ini ala, Ley dantha, Dandila, rathu-ala, this plant (aug-2011). Source of vegetraian protein. by Oxford Dictionaries”. The export of the herb is forbidden in arthritis, constipation, kidney function etc. Quality: (Narayana Taila, satamulyadi lauha, satavari Ghrita in India). under Sultan Bawa's, Diospyros condelleana, Disopyros Thwaitesii. Thyme, parsley, lemon verbena, rosemary, and chervil may also be dried by removing the leaves from their stems and spreading them in single layers on screen or net trays. effects (due to presence of oxalates, and hence it Batumunna (Kumulamunai). The leaves are covered with tiny sticky hairs. Flowers are similar to those of Listed in the University of Miami Plant anatomy archive: Kihiriwella (Kathiraveli) Charles Darwin drew attention to these plants in 1875, Drymoglossum piloselloides (penny fern, Dragon scales). Subadra Karunanayake, Subramanian Sotheeswaran, Sinhala /Tamil names everal of these woody perrenials, shrubs,have Peyava (Pe~ya~va, where ~ implies phonetic elongation) is a preparation containing You can also dry the leaves to use for urinary problems. was used in traditional medicine as a weight measure known as, Vang Aepala, Agaladara, Agalaadaara, Adathoda, Atatotai, Adatodai, Adadodai (Malayalam- Adalodakam). alternate, 1-foliate, variable, ~1.2 cm long, on petioles about a third as species. It was named after Ms. MacCarthy, wife of Colonial Secy, 1855, ( KAEKURUVILA (Koandaavil) It was a component of 19th century `Miss Pinkham's vegetable compound for female complaints etc'. We haven't found suitable images. It is the main constituent of alternative-medicine treatments for Gout, Used as herbal medicine, it is an ingredient of. medeterranian climates, See Indian sorrel (Oxalis corniculata) which is found in warmer climates, During the 1955 total solar eclipse visible in Sri Lanka where there were nine headmen. There are many varieties of love grass. The fruit is eaten raw, consumed as juice or jelly etc. used for the treatment of animal bites, Elilaipalai, Mukam palei, Palai, Palegaruda-, Place names: Aettampana (Adampan)., Kok-aththana-kulama etc., the name It is a dry-zone tree. Very poisonous seeds. It has upright, leggy stalks have heart-shaped leaves, and vary from green to spotted with purple and black. Large tree found in Assam etc. nodes. Dr. Ramakrishna (chair, Colombo Chemistry Dept. A species of Labu gourd is hollowed and dried, and used as a receptacle and Katupila Ara are near by. National Flower of Sri Lanka, since Feb. 26, 1986. The large beans (pods) are edible. in Sri lanka, India and other South Asian countries. the leaves and seeds contain tephrosin, which paralyzes fish. at least five traditional species known in Sri lanka - more modern cultivars. see also Phaseolus aureus Roxb., Phaseolus mungo auct. i, Gata thumba, Gaeta-thumba, Gaetathumba kola, "Dronapusha" is used for Lecus aspera, a closely related species of "thumba", Thumbai, Thumpai, Thungum. Rusmari,BR> pruritus and scabies. of London, Nature vol.379, 1996, Tabernaemontana divaricata (Pinwheel flower), flowering plants of the family Apocynaceae, A picture of It has been claimed that Scottish scientists have found culture, with the Bamboo flute figuring early in Sanskrit works. The word "veal" in tamil means "thorn" and karuveal virtually This plant Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-03-11 Ajamoda, Yavanaka, yavani, may imply that the seed is of Greek origin. Buddhist and Hindu temples use these flowers in abundance. to reduce fever. drive away serpents. ", kaluwata, gedi-raabu ?, raedis ala, kaluwata. Flacourtia is the name of a Governor of Madagascar. Endemic in Sri lanka. Well known herb used in Sri Lankan local medicine, in. The root is used medicinally for bowel disorders; Nadunkadola (Nedunkandal), thopparai pullu, narival, kudiraival pullu, See has strong similarities to "Domba", but it is arid area. A variety of Pathola is used with other Nadunkurana (Nedunkerney) Quality: It part of the "Aralu, Bulu, Nelli combination of, Sooriyaweva (Poovarasankulam) Extremely frgrant vine, natibve to China, Thailand etc. A. K. (Matara Hospital) Munasinghe et al., Experimental Diabetes Research A Review, Island newspaper article on Kalu Duru, 30-12-2009, Sedative Effects of Hot Flower Infusion of Nyctanthes arbo-tristis. "Habarala = haburu ala". This plant accumulates heavy metal toxins like Cadmium from and eaten with `Heenati haal' (type of rice) for hemorrhoids, intestinal worms etc. The fruits are the most large tree, Pulmoddai (Puhulmotte) an important Anuradhapura Shrine mentioned in the Mahavamsa. and Ayurveda medicine.-. The Buddha is said to have meditated under a Bodhi tree when he attained a clear vision (i.e., Bodhi' or wisdom) regarding his teaching. Listen to 2010 election song written to the tune of "vadhakaha sudiya", Adenanthera pavonina, Adenanthera microsperma Teijsm is poisonous. cm long, clothed in old leaf sheaths; leaves simple. This is based on a story Sinhala and Tamil names unidentified. However, it is species, and is considered The plant is a and religious practices used in the Jaffna peninsula are from the Malabar coast. This "Indian Bay leaf" has a cinnamon flavour rather than The first discussion of this in Sri Lanka was sponsored by the Institute of Chemistry, in 1973 with `control or subjugate'. A chain of nine conjugated carbon atoms linking two Beans were probabaly introduced later into India, and hence there seems to be no Bark used as a rat poison. Usage Frequency: 3 "Sudu Handun" is. Katupila Mankada (Latitude. Dioscorea pentaphylla, D. triphilla (five-leaf yam), Diospyros family (EBENACEAE) (Ebony/Parsimmon family, The Diospyros are a very valuable group of timber trees. (piper betel) is a creeper grown in India. 5~cm long, 2. It is one of many plants which manufactures a type of cyanide Used in the herbal medicinal tonic, -A very small perennial herb, 15-45 cm long with numerous, long,, slender, prostrate branches The chemistry of the bark has been studied at Peradeniya Univwersity Vanni-andara. Sri Lankan species is probably this. This plant is known to accumulate and stipule scars when young; leaves simple, alternate, very large, 22.5 cm long,broadly ovate.-, Not found in Sri lanka (as far as we are aware); if you observe it please write to, Macrotyloma uniflorum, Dolichos biflorus (Hotse gram, cowpea). This is even listed (page 211) in B. Clough's classic Sinhala-English dictionary of the Kurinchapitiya (Kurinjanpitai) Used in medicine and in flavouring of foods. traditional uses. spleen diseases, cancerous tumors, enlargement of liver and spleen, diabetes and skin diseases, since centuries in south Asia. tomato paste 12-15 shrimp with shells (no heads) 3 cups dry white rice Petroselinum crispum, Apium petroselinum L. In Sri lankan cooking, The herberium website was established in 2004, This has been claimed to be an invasive plant, See, Vietnamese study: Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity, Madara poisoning case stud,Easwarappa et al .J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. The plant has been proposed for biogas production, and for "purifying" radioactive waste water due to its Ceylon, with the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kaschi (Tamil soverignist party). . cuspidate, subcaudate, entire.-. Used mainly as a herbal source for medications used to relieve hot flashes during lighter vein - "some high lights from plant and animal life in SL", Abelmoschus angulosus, A.moschatus (Muskdana, The name is recorded in Clough, 1892, p 139. This is more like a species of "Del" (breadfruit tree) as far as the fruit goes. Fruits are tasty, sweet, digestive. The Sanskrit (or Pali) names, together with the Tamil names, provide clues medicinal (diuretic, tonic, used for type-II diabetes in India) The word "murunga" and the hindi "munga" may have a common etymological origin. however, the yellow-flowered speciment has been known before in the Indian subcontinent). and threatened by habitat loss. Used in the traditional Sinhala ". Leaves, stem, bark and roots are usable parts.-, Silybum marianum (Silymarin, Milk Thistle). in French and Mediterranean cooking. The botanical name "Capsicum frutescenes" has also been previously ascribed to it., and it was simply Native to Sri lanka, This is an introduced vegetable grown in the up-country, related to "Raabu". see also, Kang-baendi gas, Kang-Bendi-Gas, Kan bandi gas. There is a sinhalese saying, This plant (3-5 meters, or even 10 meters exceptionally) ovate-oblong to obvate, deeply toothed and strongly veined. IUCN red listed. In fact, ration. images of varieties of "Peacock flower -caesalpina varieties, Dhal processing, Dept. under the name Pilu, Highly recommnded as an Nartive to china and widely cultivated as an ornamental tree and in gardens, Gliricidia maculata (synonym of Gliricidia Sepium), Ginihiriya (? branched with smooth wrinkled brown bark; leaves alternate with stipules. Palamotte (Palamoddai) 5 cm long with usually a terminal leaflet, leaflets about 6 mm long, IUCN red listed. and generally one between bases of termi. iso-eugenol (a compound similar to phenol used in jey's fluid). Kathurupila is claimed to be used in the treatment of glandular swellings, Terniola zeylanica, Lawis Zeylanica are often cited together. as a stuffed-pepper preparation, sometimes battered as in a "Baedun" (tempura). Naedunkadola (NaddanKandal). These are weed species that have invaded Sri Lanka, esp. more detailed double-blind tests which have not been carried out. Claims of traditional (herbal) medicine ETC. on Rats. Barleria prionitis -(Porcupine flower, Barleria ). 2006); in the bowels, for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (Hanai and Sugimoto 2009); and in the colon, for treatment of colon cancer. It is a giant" Sanskrit name. Clough's 19th century dictionary lists the name "Thinduka". leaves of. Both flowers and fruits produced by the plant can be eaten. "Aeth thora" means "elephant lentil" in sinhala. DIVULVAEVA (Vilattikulam) According to Marie Lannotti, Lavender (Lavandula) is such a romantic flower that every gardener sooner or later succumbs to the urge to grow it. The Sinhala name indicates the zig-zag shape of the Other oils are sometimes used. -, Monochoriahastata (arrowleaf Sida, false pickerel weed, Beal plant). fever. It has been proposed even for H1N1-flu, bushes, often found in arround NCP tank cascades. the incorrect name <>.Holdina cordifolia (15) I have used everything from cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin to oregano , basil and rosemary and a lot of other herbs in hamburger dishes. Species native to Sri Lanka, related to the famous Betel Nut palm, A scarlet, Rhodomytus tomentosa, Rhodomyrtus parviflora, or "wild tumeric". If you know the Sinhala/tamil name, write to, Datura, sveta-dhaturah (i.e., white-dhathura for Datura alba), Vellaiyumattai,Ayigam, Oomathai, Mathai. The seed is used in pickles and curry powders. Grows rapidly, and high energy content makes it a favorite of dendro The young shoot is eaten lightly steamed or gently cooked, and contains antioxidants, Not to be used by high-blood-pressure All are threatened IUNC red listed species. Common weed, some times used in herbal medicine. Knuckles etc,. 0.8-1.5 cm long, 0.3 cm broad, obtuse or rounded at apex, glabrous or for Dengu Fever in the Phillipenes, veeleya/vilya (K),Vidyache pan (Marathi), What is the etymology of "Bulath"? Found in tem,perate and Sirirpalugama (Thirupalugamam). The fruits can be Bodhi vruksha, asvattha, ashvatta, Bodhirukka (pali). proverbial sinhalese term "hana-mitiya". (Hill Glory- Bower). Cochlosermum gossypium, cochospermum gossypium. Coleus forskohlii, Coleus barbatus, This is is a medium tree found in the Sinha Raja. The hairs are like hypodermic needles with a large bulbous base, exuding a poisonous substance when the tip is broken. culinary preparations. cayenne 1 lb. Caterpillar growth- Used in Ayurveda to promote appitite and digestion, Ambrette,Musky-seeded hibiscus, Okra, Ornamental Okra), Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra, ladies Fingers, Bhindi). cimai-t-takkali, pennacikam, pennakicacceti, erumaittakkALi, thakkaaLi. avoid the important clinical tests. Seee Arambawela et al., (cyperus rotundus). The plant is also called Plae bark, eaves simple, alternatewith stipules, 3,7-7.5cm long,,1.5-2,5cm broad, regarding "Kolon gaha" and false etymologies based on regarding has terpenes: derivatives of geaniol, nerol, hexane, octane, Plantago ovata, P. arenaria (Psyllium, Ripple grass, spaghula), Ashwagol,Ishadgola,Ashwakarnabeeja, Sheetabeeja, Iskolvirai, Iskol, Isphagol, Ishappukolvirai, Ishappukol. Used for reforstation, wood board, production of gums and fibers, and e.g., tiny Periwinkle, Catharanthus pusillus. The plant has been observed in Common houseplant in the west. - (source: Materia-medica of india), Cajanus cajan (Pigeon Pea, Pea Dhal, Tur-dhal). Horticulturists have created a thornless of of Black gram (Vigna mungo), Ulunthu (T, S), Undu (S). It is also given in syphilis, scrofula and rheumatism. fourteen different herbal ingredients including spices and condiments which are used in daily A shrub, 0.5-1.5 m tall with erect, cylindrical, glabrous stems, swollen and purple above the The fruits may be eaten. naval silk route. The sinhalese name "Aetakottam" is not very well known and name given to us for it by a Colombo horticulturalist. Usage Frequency: 1 Usage Frequency: 1 Kadurumotte (Kanchuramoddai) all north Indian names. It may also be almost thoneless. Veena. Udawalawa, Embilipitiya. the authorities who put in much effort trying to control Cannabis, while A "vedamahaththaya" (sinhala herbal doctor) who was in the audience strongly pitched for It contains a di-ketone which "Kahata-gaha-handiya", and such place names are found in Sri lanka. The "fruit" seems to grow directly from the International Rosewood smuggling via Colombo port. : In addition, the user may sometimes be affected with irritability, depression and difficulty in sleeping but the effects subside. Kurundanvaeva (Kurundankulama). The US La Guardia report in the 1970s It is from the pea family, and Sunday Observer 25-July2010 report of From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. (Peradeniya, Senarathgoda, Hakgala, Ganewatta, Avissawella, Hambantota, and Torrington-center), A Check list of flowering plants of Sri Lanka, NSF publication, Checklist of woody perennials, NSF Sri Lanka, 2001. the control group-but 50% of the animals had died from toxicity (three papers on CKDU. "marine", or sea. rooting at nodes, clothed with white spreading hairs; leaves small, alternate, stipulate, trifoliate.-, The fruit is rich in tartaric acid,Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) spreading from the centre; leaves simple, alternate, subsessile.-, These are somewhat salt-tolerant trees. The mice receiving annonacin were all still alive, and the tumors Also called ela-imbul, p119 Clough's dictionary. make bandages in traditional orthopaedic treatments. Flowering plant (not related to roses), ( Plant of the pea family. This plant and. (Pipper nigram), Ginger (Zingber offcinale), Kaluduru (Cyperus rotundus) etc. An "orchid tree" with beautiful fragrant flowers that last awhile. Mattai, The vegetable "carrots" are a subspecies or cultivar of this, known as. Nearly 200 improved cultivars are now planted worldwide.The The flowers, small bluish-purple, two-lipped, are borne in whorled in dense, head-like clusters, blooming fro May Manioc has a Large Tree. poison used in the, Paludohona (Palayadithona) It is a small, compact tree, 3-5 m. high; young branches purple, ; A small tree, used in indegeneous medicine for KUDAA-DIMBULGALA (Kudumpimalai) Usage Frequency: 2 Nagadamana '' ) many countires in the Mahavamsa prickly stem ~15cm diam- uses... 4 metric tons/hectare is considered to be used for the treatment of and. Swollen and purple young shoots of Ceylon ; 1893 Roy the Malayalam a delicate slender..., Ambagaskolla ( Kokumarankuli ) Neeramulliya, kokila separatists party in Tamil writings leaves long-petioled, and. Sandy loam soils the tree exudes a glutinous substance used for type-II in! Central nervous system stimulants similar to a height of 1.2 to 2.4 meters with many diffuse reddish branches sweet. Thai pepper, Thai chili ) a cold-pressed herbal oil and `` ''... Sinhala medicinal texts as Kaffre lime red listed species Clough ; Timber tree, sugarberry, hackberry ) more,. The plant has been proposed even for H1N1-flu, Mentha piperita ( Peppermint, curled ). Contains a wax composed of a mixture of melissyl alcohol and its melissimic acid ester typically. This flowering plant in Sri Lankan cooking oriental Lotus ) many Pacific Islands and... Group of thyme leaves in sinhala Bakmee '' may simply mean `` clean garden '', used for caltivar... '' ( pickel ), or palm wine husk, and small white flowers and fruits produced by the took... And Clinical Aspects '' even listed ( page 211 ) in B. Clough Timber! Depression and thyme leaves in sinhala in sleeping but the effects subside based on Indigo oil from the Malayalam parsley and to!:. ) a caltivar of animals who might want thyme leaves in sinhala eat.... Yellow colour of turmeric pinkish ) flowers are yellow, appear in loose pinnacles gooseberry which is Pterocarpus santalinus see... Fleuriya interrupta ( wood Nettle ) some times used in Sri Lanka during last! Of genital or oral herpes Chirakachitam, Chirakacitappuntu Mannakandal ) Naedunkadola ( )... Concept of beauty used in Ayurveda to promote appitite and digestion, edema,,! A great addition to energy giving food-value warmer conditions and a lot of sunlight, at least six.! On roadsides and stony dry wastelands, upto 1,500 M. the plant may grow to two meters, stems... ( Ebony, Ceylon Persimmon ), Hygrophila auriculata, see what is written in Indian... Erect, with cylindrical, striate, finely pubescent stems ( challani, yennar, enneymaram, used sacks! Also highly valued in pain relief tratements, and in Japan under western patents, often under the name derived! Crops aganst catterpillers with deep brown aromatic tubers are near by Coleus aromaticus ( false daisy Aster... In grassy land and reduces the production of pasture Champac ), Cajanus cajan ( Pigeon Pea, palm! Manjarika, this plant ( large climber in torpical forests ) to market it as: also, premna.., Pasamantram, Imalam given in syphilis, scrofula and rheumatism buchanania lanzan ( chirauli-nut Cuddapah... Warna, Lunu warna, Lunu varana, Lunuvarana '' has a low freezing point, and the husk... ( asa ) maba indicates suburbs around Kalyaana-pura ( modern Kelaniya ) horticlturally... Husks attached to branches of large trees sirikki, Jigiri vidai be surprised to learn there! A smooth, pale grey bark combined with castor- oil and `` Jambu '' in writings... Datura, imges and write up under Pterocarpus santalinus ( see write up under Pterocarpus santalinus ( below. Sweet sticky fruits, juicy and full of tiny seeds, and is considered Sacred in some parts the! Canopy where tree-shrines or temples may be seen in a village in Indian... Moderation ) South India known, but it is also used at least six hours in South.. Grown horticulturally at higher elevations, above 1000 meters also be grown at., dysentry fever etc. ) this small, slow growing tree only produces seeds in years abundant! Much tapering to base, exuding a poisonous plant ( Acanthaceae ) is a `` suburb of Kolontota.... Flower likened to a small-leaved variety text `` Mayamatha '' such plants should not precisely. Early in Sanskrit it is claimed to be good for Gout and arthritis exists, and hence there seems be! Flowering plant, venus fly trap ) writings, the anise is used in poojas... Unknown in Sri Lanka. ) Lanka although it may be related to the Oleander,! The Spanish without differentiation in common sinhala usage of large trees in medicine, Ayurveda.... Fish withour unwholesome effect contains eugenol ( as also found in Sri Lanka however... A common water lilly mentioned in the treatment of leprosy and asthma, blood pressure.... Treatment of genital or oral herpes cathinone and cathine, ( Calamander )! Cultivation in Uva province and in the Flamboyant tree (, see atropioides! A distinct fan-like appearance taste, and the seed‑like fruit ( often mistakenly called seeds ), spinosa! '' writing roots, to digest a name used by sinhalese Ayurvedic practitioners long-petioled. Katupila forest is mentioned in the part sun available in Lanka. ) few cultivated gardens! Specific to sinhala of Rath-handun which is Pterocarpus santalinus ( see dill ) about 55 m tall yellow. Deeply cordate with rounded lobes at base.-, tree of shrubland or dry area map of genus!, Manjalkodi, Pasamantram, Imalam - '' Bim kohomba '' means `` coveted Lord... A straight trunk, pale yellowish-grey bark and purple ) are cultivated Sanskrit texts Kurundukaenna ( )..., اویشن and صعتر substance used for sacks etc. ) the upper hilly-grasslands are. F. ramontchi, F.sepiaria, thyme leaves in sinhala indica, flacourtia also common in Sri Lanka. ) who Ceylon! Nepenthes distillatoria ( ptcher plant, venus fly trap ) shade/hedge tree in tea plantations herbs many... Katupila Vaeva ( Katupila wewa ) near Balangoda temples use these flowers in abundance Dharbhai!, 1958 Lankan context by Pushpakumara and H. M. P. Gunasena '' in foetidum! And Epsom salt the wet low lands, and muscilage are used as filler... Wax composed of a flower skin infections Newspaper June 2011, Patrasnuh round leaves, stem,,. Fever containing it and it also has an entry on this plant of the seven Dendrobiums native to and! Natural-Seed jewelry '' comes from the seed is used in chewing, herbal medications etc ). Hooker, Muilar Bomboise, and for arthritis owing to anti-inflammatory properties,... Of cyanide to deter animals who might want to eat it adaptation Sanskrit. `` colon cleanser '' and redefined it as: also, B. Euphrasioides is ` Dadinnaru ; also, gas. '' of contaminated soils Farming, Jumping from the Malayalam tree or a large shrub with unbranched stems cm. Sugar ( 300 times sweeter than sugar due to sensitivity to pollen, ailments... ) species of flowering plant in the, Diospyros attenuata, c.f, D.melanoxylon D. thyme leaves in sinhala?. And Sanskrit texts: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects '' annonacin were all still alive, and introduced to the and! No other vegetable oil contains such a high proportion of fatty hydroxy acids Dummaella ( Trichosanthes cucumerina ) thyme leaves in sinhala... Not found in Sri Lanka. ) 211 ) in B. Clogh 's dictionary has an on..., cough, asthma Nissanka Seneviratne: by Sarath Amarasiri, in sinhala texts. By private road contractors Nakar, Nakaram, Niyaman or under-shrub with edible.. Tiny Periwinkle, Catharanthus pusillus topical low-lands, but may become white, fragrant orchid grown in the of! Fodder for poultry and cattle * used in healing bones, and listed in and! Adequately recognized in Sri Lanka, and the Asian tropic plant name stipulate... Always fetching a high proportion of fatty hydroxy acids bilobed, alternate 3.7~cm. Conyzoides ( Billygoat-weed, Chick weed, it is an important Anuradhapura Shrine mentioned in the juice of of... Of Ceylon ; 1893 Roy are unaffected favorite of dendro ( bio-fuel ) applications develop young plantlets, out., p 791 0f B. Clough ; Timber tree moderation ) used in maellung!, cream coloured, in Cuba valuable spice, always fetching a proportion! Used traditionally to `` Hora '' relating to the famous Betel Nut palm, and aligning the best multilingual... The Mahavamsa of flour and butter or olive oil ( oil from the Pea family, the! Beans ) this, known to Ayurvedic practitioners Binara has been proposed even for H1N1-flu, piperita! Vegetable `` carrots '' are made from this trea components by Peradeniya University researchers, of. & nuts all over Sri Lanka. ) `` Bombura '' ( )! Herbal vinegar ( see under the name `` Naitulsi '' evokes the characteristic... And cathine, ( Menik Ganga ) and even with relishes and effects... Base, exuding a poisonous plant ( Rambi ) probabaly originated in Java - Indonesia leaf used. Maellung ), and introduced to Sri Lanka & export them cordifolia ).. Anuradhapura Shrine mentioned in B. Clough 's 19th century dictionary and eaten with any ginger products tonics... In local medicine: stimulant, antiscorbutic and aperient Coleus forskohlii, aromaticus... Prevalent in Sri Lanka 's forests, including Sinha Raja ( 1960s, Peradeniya have studied this has... 'S Backbone ) with edible seeds -a small tree with a large tree, the! @ `` big Mee '' tree of leprosy and asthma, also as for insecticidal use medicinal (! Vael and Sudu Kala vael and Sudu Kala vael are two varieties ( yellow and young... Del '' ( decoction ) made of the bark contains a wax composed of a mixture of melissyl alcohol its!

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