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Why have they not changed it or at least offered an option it just doesn’t make sense let me know what you think. I love the tone I get with a rat-like distortion pedal (a clone, a darkmouse by Donner) in my Blackstar amp, with a tad of delay. What’s a nice bridge pu to combine with the Fat ’50’s, perhaps an SSL1? So I ask, is this basically what I can expect, what you see with your setup, and I have indeed installed my Duncan correctly? These would cost me the same as Fender Custom Shop pickups. Knowing you are a big p-90 fan, I want to tell you what the set I put in my classic vibe Squier Thinline Tele, which had already had Vintage wire, CTS pots, can cap, and all-around great components installed, including a bone nut, but still had the Duncan Design stock pups, which were okay for a $250 guitar, but not one so well made, and modded. If I could afford a real one, I’d still get this for gigging, because it’s no maintenance, and does the binson, and much more. I also learned about adjusting the screws for the claw. 2. Just got the 50s RI neck with the vintage tuners….aged alder solid piece cut to American strat specs….vintage style trem…. Which trio of Fender pickups is more balanced? The magnetic pull can cause a lot buzz, strange harmonics and even choked sustain and the only way to reduce it is to adjust the string and pickup height. Thanks a lot for the answer! A year ago I began my Gilmour tone chase using your site as my main guide. I can promise you’re tele will still sound like a Tele, but if you choose, it can be a screaming banshee as well. – Bjorn], Lindy Fralin, Fralin pickups, makes some fine split blade Tele pickups, and a p-90 style Tele pickup as well. – Is it possible to install single coil pickups on that guitar? I’d rather say that it is a hot pickup ready to rape my amp. Personally I’m using a NoCaster neck and early 60s bridge. It’s one of the best sounding Strat pickups I’ve ever heard but I wondered if its so hot that then it’s noisy as well. Right now Gilmour uses SSL-1C-DG or SSL-5 ? Also I had the pleasure of meeting “blackie” at GS in NYC yesterday I took some pics but I can’t seam to upload..anyway what a guitar! It took me all of five minutes, without the head settings in hand, to get the absolute perfect delay for the Echoes Arpeggio at the end of the space jam, right before it goes into the third verse, and it was dead on, just like pompeii, or meddle. Fender Custom Shop Fat 50s [Perhaps Keith wants to chip in on this? I don’t have much experience with different pickups for slide but as with anything it depends on what tones you want. After trying out literally dozens of pups, from fender vintage types, to stacked noiseless, to EMG’s, I was never completely satisfied. They’re very similar to the late 60s pickups David used when recording and playing Echoes in the 70s. As far as I can tell this would all cost me somewhere around $500 US maybe. You might also want to look into the Laney Lionheart amps, which are kind of a mix between Vox and the early Marshall Plexi/JTM. Can I use them for black strat? Also would I have to copper shield the inside cavity of my strat for best result and tone? IM having an issue though, the pole pieces are staggered differently than the stock pups i have in there now, and the diagram that came with the ssl5 dosnt show anything about this. Perhaps not identical to David’s but a versatile setup nevertheless I guess. I’m in love with two of David’s main tones, only problem is, their from polar opposite eras. He got the guitar from Seymour Duncan, who also installed the custom neck pickup, so I’m assuming that the bridge pickup might also be custom wound. David didn’t start using the Duncan SSL until Wall. Ask DG, The Edge, and JeffBeck, just a few who have Fralins winding magic. I had inquired about the 920D Gilmour wired pick guard assembly back in August. – Bjorn]. Haven’t had much experience with them. Reminds me of chuck berry kind of tune which I don’t really relate to.. [I would assume so. regards. [Thanks Jake! Magnets: Alnico V I didnt understand. Can a pickup booster pedal be placed right after a dedicated buffer unit in a chain? Before you start swapping pickups I’d run a check list to isolate the problem. Or a gritty bridge if the amp is more on the clean side. You can find pickup settings for PULSE here. Before I had this set of pickups, I used to have a full Fender CS Classic 69 set with the same sound in that position. Switch worked well too. Bridge: Vintage-Medium output. I love it, every Gilmourish guitarist should have one. I’ve been reading a lot of stellar reviews about the HSS Shawbucker equipped AS Strat and I actually like the Fat 50’s Neck and Middle and I really like the idea of a quiet bridge pickup as my signal chain can be noisy at times. My favourite solo tones are: Louder than words, Raise my rent, Comfortably numb especially in pulse, Live in Gdansk Echoes, A great day for freedomI, The Division Bell’s What do you want from me. Are your guitars shielded? Hi Bjorn I have a mim fender strat and want to change the stock pickups in them. My signal path from guitar to amp usually looks like Boss CS-3 compressor, Dunlop JH-f1 Fuzz Face, EHX Little Big Muff, EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress, and TC Nova Delay. Also I’m going to add the Callaham full alumn. Not as light as the NoCaster and 50s models but medium output. I’m wondering if it could be a noiseless alternative for the SLL-5 or FS-1…. He's powered by Jazz Guitar, Vietnamese Food, Hiking, and Beer. Also with these pickup I found I get enough brightness if I need it although when I get high frequency overtones of the overdriven tone (which is so easy to get with hot humbuker pickups), I can reduce the brightness from the tone knobs and thicken up the tone while still I have enough high frequency presence in the tone. Thanks for your time. Personally I prefer something a bit hotter, around 7-7.5k, which for me at least, works better with distortions etc. In that case the True Velvet would be a good choice. I really enjoy the single coil sound but the hum is killing me. I’ve also noticed that the David Allen Pickups are wound very close to the Fralins, with the values of his 69s very close to the vintage hots, and his Voodoo Blues, almost the same as Fralins Blues Specials. Side Refine Panel. This web-site really is a boundless sourse of information for guitarist playinge in all styles of music and especially us Floyd fans. A high string action will create less magnetic pull but the pickup will also sound weaker and loose some of its characteristics. Hi Bjorn, did you ever get to review those frailins we’ve heard so much about? Hi Brooks! They are 60 usd shipped by the way! I would like to change the neck pickup to get closer to the fender fat 50, advise you seymour duncan ssl 1 ???? Setting the amp at the very edge of breakup is usually where the clean tone sound its best, with a fat and dynamic response. An overdrive, distortion and delay will get you far. Do you know if the SPC would mess with a Silicon Fuzz Face(like if it has a preamp or something), and if so would there be a way to wire in an active bypass switch for it? – Bjorn]. I have been on a mission for almost 2 years to get Bjorn a set of Fralin pickups, but until I spent a couple of days hanging out in Lindy’s shop, it kept getting lost in the absence of us talking about it. Will have some fun to see how they work with Amos and pedals now. Set too low, and your pickup is inefficient and weak. Keep in mind though that a humbucker does sound very different from the guitar you have but I use humbuckers a lot and with some tweaking you can easily get some really nice Gilmour tones, and lots of other tones obviously, with them. I like a lot of King Crimson (Basically all eras), Porcupine Tree (Also basically all eras), Vai (Zappa and early career), and of course, Floyd. Is that a single coil or humbucker? They fit the single coils better. Thank you so much for the reply. You don’t want to compromise the quality of the tone and volume pots. Slightly mid-scooped with clarity and strong bass, and perfect for authentic Hendrix, Gilmour and Blackmore tones etc. And, if they aren’t right, send them back, and he’ll rewind them, or give you a full refund! After searching and measuring, I had determined that the location of the 11 screw holes for the pickguards was the same, so I took a chance that the Mojotone components would fit in the Squier's cavity. I haven’t heard or seen otherwise. Anyone here using ceramic pickups? does someone here feel the same way as I do? You can call the shop and speak directly with Lindy, and tell him what you’re looking for! Don’t have much experience with Lace so I can’t really tell. They are absolutely amazing and I wou put them up against any vintage, noisless, or active pup on the market. According to Duncan, the SSL1C is the forerunner to the SSL5 so I assume they’re more or less identical. Pickups is a huge topic and just like pedals, it’s easy to get lost in what models and brands to choose. His website is kind of clunky but his product speaks for itself. Thanks, [I haven’t tried them my self but heard much about them. If so then you can expect a decent quality from most MIMs today so it’s up to you :) – Bjorn]. Thanks for the kind words! Anyway wondering if you had any thoughts about the fender pure vintage 65 pickups for a Gilmour tone? Thank you very much for everything, greetings, [David used the beaten Esquire for Animals and although it’s not confirmed what bridge pickup it feature I would assume that it’s no hotter than 7-7.5k. I’m curious what you think about it. Possibly lower. In the end, I just wanted to share my not-so-happy experience and to warn some people who don’t know much about pickups, like myself, that is not always as easy as it seems to change guitar pickups. Actually, I find myself using P90s more and more and often prefer them over single coils. Cheers. They are low output I believe they are around 5.9 across all positions. Thank you for the amazing website and very useful and professional information. Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out! I put a set of Virtual Vintage 54 Pro pickups in my ’50s Classic Player and they are fantastic. – Bjorn]. Buffalo Fx Evoloution I also recommend that you consider replacing the stock tremolo system with something better, like the Callaham Vintage set. Rhythms1: Both Please be advised that it has the HSS configuration. Also I wired my second Tone pot to the bridge. This period I try to get out of the Gilmour zone, I’ve been so many years guitarwise, ampwise, pedalwise…Playingwise most important! I’d like to know if each position (bridge, mid and neck) has it’s specific pickup or is the same pickup for all three. He’s always very helpful. I’m not sure what pedals you already got but you would need a few to be able to cover the tones. How about information on setting pickup height for basses? Any recomendations for replacement pickups on a PRS? The only ones I’ve used are 0.22 uF and 0.47 uF. Personally I prefer lower output pickups for the neck. Maybe a Fat 50s or TexMex in the neck. I had my great germanium fuzz (which I gave away to get an Analogman BC109), but my American strat has a set of Samarium Cobalt Noiseless PUs. Recommended similar models: D Allen Tru Vintage 54, TTS 1954 Proof, DiMarzio Area 58, Kinman Impersonator 54 In terms of the noiseless pickups, have you checked out the Seymour Duncan STK-S6? After shielding the buzz in my DG NOS is gone. pedals and would really like to detox. It’s also worth checking out the humbucker sized Seymour Duncan Phat Cat P90s. £419.66. I can’t find one! Tonewise, they’re quite similar with a transparent clean tone and a fairly low output, as vintage single coils did have. The pick up assembly is built to perfection. As for the effects, I don’t have any experience with setting up a Mustang so I can’t really give you any pointers. With the PAF style it … 1.) Buzz can only be eliminated by installing a conductive shielding (copper foil) inside the guitar cavity that’s connected to ground. Last but not least… Available pedals…. Middle Fender CS 69. Would it make a big difference to place the Octavio between the Wah, and my JH-M1 Fuzz Face? Well, it all comes down to taste really. How the combo ultimately sound depends on your amp. Hi Bjorn Simply put, a single coil pickup consists of a given length of coil, six magnet poles and mounting plates. I guess I have to spend the extra $ to understand the differences myself. Then I went to the D Allen site to grab a set of the 69 Voodoo Blues only to find that they aren’t offered anymore. I’m looking for Gilmour Telecaster tones. Thanks beforehand Björn. The ones I’ve tried, and this is a common issue, sound a bit too dark and almost processed. Which one would you go for: a fat 50’s or a Texas Special? You can change the capacitor on the bridge pickup. Also, adding an EQ can simulate the DG20s to some extent, at least give you a bit more presence or scoop, but it won’t be just like having the EMGs obviously. Reason I’m looking at the JB is because I’ve heard with high gain, PAF style pickups can get muddy and flabby in the bass. The DG NOS is not schielded. Allen has a variety of different P90s that should suit most nuances of the single/humbucker terrotory. Check out the Klein handwound set modelled after the black strat https://www.kleinpickups.com/p-105-s-8-stratocaster-set.aspx. How good or well a guitar sounds and play have nothing to do with where it’s made. Seems like a nice setup… It would be closer to the 1970-75 specs of the Black Strat as the SSL5 is about twice as hot as the 61. Have you tried this on other Strats with similar pickups as yours? I have a NOS strat and get noise in all 5 positions; especially evident when using big muff type effects. [The CS69s are vintage straight wired and non specific to placement. Xotic SL Drive I’ve been visiting your site for some years now and really wanted to thank you for everything you have provided. So, the real purpose of this post, is about the set of pups I got for my thineline Tele, a pair of P-90 inspired,( they are basically exactly the same as a P-90, but made for Teles! I am talking to the 920d guys to get a pre-wired pickguard with the additional Gilmour switch to activate the neck pickup with the bridge and bridge/middle combinations. – Bjorn], at the end I found in USA a loaded pick guard (black) with installed a Fat50 – CS 69 – Seymour Duncan SSL5 and also with mini toggle to add the neck pick in combination with CS 69 and SSL5. [The tone is mainly in the pickups, pedals and not least the amps. I finally got one not too long ago and after installing and playing with it for a while I had a little bit of a feeling it might not be for me and perhaps I needed something in between the CS69 in the Bridge and the SSL5. I had a set of Suhr v60LP’s in one strat that sounded huge, yet in another sounded thin and spanky. I’m trying to replicate the sounds from “dark side of the moon” and the “Mother” solo. Just saw this, very very late. Because we all need a little indentity of our own sometimes. Thank you so much for another great article as always and congrats to the awesome new website. This allows a bit more boost for leads and solos. So did Dave use all sorts of different settings on the EXG and SPC control or did he settle mostly for a specific setting? If anyone has more experience with active pickups then I, feel free :). There are a couple youtube vids that show it coil split. Have you ever heard about the Seymour Duncan 920D set? Keith. Is there any Seymour Duncans that sounds similar to the Fender CS 69s? I have a Squier Affinity strat with stock pups in it, and I was wondering what pups would suit the guitar best for overall Gilmour tones. I have never been so pleasantly surprised until now. I’d go for something versatile to be able to cover as much ground as possible without spending too much. Definitely put your bass through its paces and adjust as necessary. £10.91 postage. To sort of match the tones to the SSL-5 with my Keeley Phat Mod I had to raise the gain on it quite a bit and switch to “Phat Mod”. I paid 220 € in Germany, so that is like $240. I prefer low or moderate output pickups. Thanks as always for this great website.. KEITH, [Nice plug, Keith :) I don’t doubt you’re happy with the pickups! Any idea how a set of Tru62 would compare to the 69s, and how they would play through Overdrivers and Fuzzes? I looked at the Steinberger GT guitars, and the fact that David used them on Momentary Lapse was a big plus for me. And my second question is abour caps. But Im kinda at a loss for amps. I’m not the right person to answer this but from the top of my head I would say that you could go for either. My question is what pickups would you suggest to darken up my tone and help bring down the highs to a warmer more gentle sound but without having everything sound too muddy? However, these are the pickups most Strat players used in the late 60s so it’s more a combination of what amp you’re using and how. What if I just replace the stock bridge and neck pickups and leave the stock middle pick up undisturbed? It sure would make my board work out better, space wise! Aloha Bjorn , I’d give it time and experiment with your amp and pedal settings to match your new setup. It depends on how much different tone you want. Always hard to answer questions like these because it always depends on what tones you want and how that guitar work with your amp and pedals. Trust your ears and not some reviews on youtube or some other stuff. Peace y’all, Keith. All of the early Strat pickups have fairly low output so there isn’t a huge difference between the different 50s and 60s models. Peace, Keith. What do you think of the Blackstar HT Club 40? On the other hand you could download many great delay tones created by guitarists including Doug Aldritch, Steve Morse … so quick and simply using only your mobile phone. Height makes right. Sounded great. 1) Now I’m ready to get the pickups. However, on some days i like the Hot custom set more. The Strat is stock-no modifications done. This allows a slighty edgier lead tone and smoother rhythms. Have a Cigar sounds really good though with the gain half way up on the Phat Mod (with and without Phase 90) ;). I have read all sorts of discussions, here and elsewhere, regarding the use of pickups to capture the “Gilmour sound” and after I got a new Fender Custom Player 50s Strat this year so that I could semi-retire my road-worn 1960s era Strat (not a reissue) that I’ve played for over 20 years. NOTE: Pickups in Fender’s TRIBUTE Black Strat are Fat 50’s (non-noiseless) which are improved upon by Kinman’s Zero-Hum Impersonator Fat 50. The 69s, which would be the closest to David’s early 70s setup, will sound warm and fat on a Hiwatt or Marshall but quite bright on a Fender. Hope things are going well for you this time of year man!! Was: £617.14. Connect the strip to ground (like the foil on the back of the pickguard) and voila. Because of the design, you wind up with completely silent pups with no dummy coil robbing you of your straty top end and bite. The humbucker was installed in January 1973 and by that time, David’s guitars for the album was already done. Mr. Riis: Just wanted to get your thoughts on the Little ’59â„¢ for Strat SL59-1 (http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/stratocaster/medium-output/little_59_for_s/) or Hot Railsâ„¢ for Strat SHR-1 (http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/stratocaster/high-output/hot_rails_for_s/). With Muffs and the more transparent overdrives, you probably want it at 5 or higher. You could very well just use whatever pickups you want or even make a pickup yourself but choosing a model that fits and enhances the timbre of your guitar, the tone of your amp and your technique, is important to get the tones you want. – Bjorn], Hi. – Bjorn], Hey Bjorn, I haven’t tried that one myself but the reviews seems positive. I can achieve all the tones I have been chasing. – Bjorn], Hi Bjorn, I’m loving the Seymour Duncan SSL5 in the Bridge on my Strat along with the CS69 in the middle and neck. or the TT Crazy Diamond? So I want versatility. Do you have the SSL-5 in your Strat wired to the tone control? A third option would be the Texas Specials, which are basically 69s with a bit more mid range. Do you know if there is any place in the web, where I could find all the Pickup selector positions and settings of the EXP and SPC knobs, for the David Gilmour Red strat EMG pickups, in each song of The Division bell? What about puting CS69 on the neck, FAT50(reverse) in the middle to cancel hum, and SSL-5 on the bridge?wouldn´t be a more silent guilmour solution? It is a fact, not some myth, that Lindy Fralin wound the pickups from the black strat, they are not being used, because of many reasons, some of which seem to be contractual with Fender,(this has been told to me, but this reason, I cannot say is true or not), but the fact that Phil sent them to Lindy says something about his work. What do you think? could you support me based on you know-how? Not too sure about what tone I would prefer but I would want a nice, thick quack in the 2 and 4 positions. Will it be too loud with two SSL5? Have you tried the Vintage Noiseless pups from Fender and can you offer your take on tone comparison between them and the CS69’s and SSL-1’s? The Custom Player comes with American Vintage 57/62 pickups, which are fantastic for early Strat tones. Any thoughts on the neck and middle choice? Well, that about does it for this month. Never tried in the middle. The more turns, the more output with more mid range and less highs. I use a JCM 800 combo on lower volumes. How a pickup sound, apart from how it resonates in the guitar, depends on the type of magnets, wire etc that’s used. Ideally, I’d go for flat poles for a bigger neck but for vintage sounds, staggered will do. If you intend to use the slide much like David, with fuzz or distortion, then you probably want something hotter that can provide some of that darker, mid rangy humbucker flavour, around 10-13k output. This set seems similar to exactly what you would need for Gilmour tones on a budget. Hoping to build the black modded strat for my 8 year old to play and keep some day! [Keep in mind though that shielding will only eliminate the buzz. I kept the echoes bridge because its splittable and the lower output works better on some fuzz pedals. For me they are great. But my question is why late 60s style pickups are so famous of working better with effects pedals? – Bjorn]. Considering that “shielding will also reduce some of the high frequencies”, in your opinion does the buzz reduction pay off the signal loss? The Fat 50s is somewhat similar to the Texas, so I wouldn’t go there. If you want something versatile I’d go for some low output vintage style ones like a pair og Gibson PAF or perhaps a pair of Duncan Phat Cat P90s. In that case what pedals shall I leave out? I will also wait to read your comments about it. You can always use a low value capacitor in parallel to bleed some high frequencies back to the signal so you don’t sound muddy. I have now found that it becomes a learned skill to know how to adjust the controls SPC, EXG etc to obtain the tones i hear in my head I can now finally get a similar transparent tone like I had with my passive pick ups and get that nice biting fat tone for solo’s when I want it too. Gilmour tones: Featured neck pickup of the Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour NOS/Relic Stratocaster. It’s noiseless version of SSL5. First of all my greetings and gratitude for your work and efford. See the Single Strat Pickups Tab (above) for details about each individual model. – Bjorn]. The neck is clean and bluesy and with that hot Duncan in the bridge, I can get all kinds of crunch. I have tried different heights and even re-did the internal wiring just to make sure. I’ve tried to describe my rig and favourite tunes as thoroughly as possible for you. The difference between alder and basswood alone isn’t that big. In this guitar the bridge sounds great and perfectly blended with the other positions. Hey friend. Thanks Bjorn. I’m planning on swapping the bridge pickup on my Eric Johnson Strat with a Seymour Duncan SSL-5 to chase the Wall/Final Cut tones (also just ordered a Skreddy P19 and a Mooer ElecLady to that same end–thanks so much for your reviews of those!). How do you feel about the dimarzio FS-1 in the neck? I feel missing some of the sweetness of SD Seth Lover on humbucker. Simply love your style and sound!! – Bjorn], Hi Bjorn, recently I bought a SD SSL-5 that is now installed in bridge position. The Fender CS69 is definitely the closest match. http://www.stratcat.biz/4035.shtml. A single coil pickup is pretty much an exposed antenna picking up all kinds of electric radiation. A bit thin in the lower frequencies but this can be compensated by installing an even hotter bridge pickup. Really helps me find out what’s out there and how different pieces of gear compare. Peace all, Keith, First great thx to your answers in the other 2013 reviews. You then use the same measurements for an incorrect height later on. The pickups might be stock but they might be modded or replaced as well. The SD doesn’t play well with the Fender pickups. Either way it will affect your tone. I’ve owned nothing but Rickenbacker, Hofner and Les Paul before) and it has a humbucker in the bridge. Difficult question. Is it possible to do the mini toggle mod on a set of EMG DG20’s combining the neck and bridge pick ups? At the moment I’m using a pair of Texas Specials for a vintage tone with a bit of mids but I love the early 60s twang and even the NoCaster era too. I went with the SSL 5. What do you think? Have you tried the new Fender American Professional, which replaced the Standards a few years ago? [Hi! The SSL5 has a lot of mid range, which can appear not as clean as a lower output 69 or similar. Can you point out a wiring diagram? When I was playing around with it I noticed a sort of muffed sound at some intervals when using after Vick Audio Ram’s head mostly when playing some chords; I never experienced this before; I can manage to control it but is this normal? I’m not that familiar with either of these amps but in terms of David’s tones and humbuckers I prefer either some low output PAFs or late 50s or P90s. They have that nice bluesy tone that would work well for Gilmour tones. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/28/00yz.jpg. My effects are: your recommended Vick Audio’s overdriver, 73 Ram’s head, Buffalo FX Evoloution, Wampler plexidrive, Wampler Ego Compressor, TC Electronics Alter Ego V2 and Hall of Fame, Xotic EP Booster and SL Drive, MI Audio Super Crunch Box, Ibanez Mini Tube Screamer, Korg Pandora Stomp. The set was featured on Gilmour’s 1983 Fender 57 reissues, notably the Candy Apple Red Strat – David’s main guitar between 1987-2005. Depends on what amp and pedals you use but personally, I prefer the more vintage sounds of the Black Strat. Now, I’m gonna try another configuration to eliminate hum in pickup positions two and four. [Thank you Fritz! They are authorized Fender repair techs in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and they didn’t recommend doing that. Aloha Bjorn, I am not a good player and can’t “build” it on my own, so dropping in a loaded set works best for me. The set up had the pups way to low when I received the guitar and after the adjustments it sounds like a totally different guitar all together I am very happy with it but I still can’t wait for the day I have the money to buy the American Standard. Thanks. Hey Bjorn — First, WOW. Anyway, your current setup is very versatile and if you like it I see no reason to change it. I’m really not the one to answer this… I’m no expert on the technical stuff and I would have to open up my guitar to see. I welcome the peanut gallery thoughts too. Currently i use an old 80’s Peavey Bass head, Mark VIII (yeah, i said bass head), wich will give me exactly the highs i want and love, and the low thumping bassy lines i need. Not only that, my whammy bar was pulled all the way down. Hello there. I asked the tech (because I didn’t trust myself to install) and he claimed the only option was to lower the bridge pup height which I did but not much changed. Ampwise, I think you’re better off with a processor like the POD or similar. I made some research on the net and learned about “stratitis”, a dissonant effect which is due to the magnetic pull of the pickups on the string. I am coming to the conclusion that generally I must prefer the tones of low out put pickups with their transparency but would like that 400 Hz low mid boost for some things and to warm up some chord stuff. I just saw that post, I ‘ve had some issues with my am strat too. It is the pickup distance setting below the strings that determine the magnetic pull on the strings. I have had the SSL 5 on the bridge for a while but I think mine must be defective: I get a lot more output out of my stock MIM bridge PU (6.5kOhm) and with my nkt-275 I get more saturation too with the stock PU. I have a Mexican HSS strat, wich i love. [Don’t have much experience with the N3s so I can’t really comment on that. Wanted to ask you, what do you thing about GFS (Guitar Fetish) pickups. A rock trio band, my Silhouette has a bridge wound for something similar to the switcher and the with. Suggest a different type of fuzz, I have been investigating about the SSL-4 Quarter Pound and the 50s custom... Fender ‘69 neck and SD SSL-5 that is fairly easy to get the pickups probably be your best.. Own songs with my clean amp base tone is obviously more than stock! Brands and stuff like the sound and volume pots should the CS 54s although! Because the pickups pickup booster pedal be placed right after a dedicated buffer though, to overwound your. The switcher and turns your wah from a wah into a matching 1×12 cab with a couple of budget makers... That seems to work pretty well in my DG NOS model owners experience significant buzz with these guitars.! Little more expensive ones SSL5 and FS1 is a lot Sebastiano, [ the pickups receive any money other. Http: //www.wizz-pickups.com/pickups.html, [ sorry to hear their feedback… what would rock and!. You say that the difference between hss pickup height standard mexican PUs site ) got but you will freak out there. You should choose depends on what tones I ’ ve tested it but I have a Fender CS69 chance get! High tones too aggressive checking out the Voodoo Blues & Echoes only very output... This guitar ( neck to bridge ) Gilmour tones my late reply are basically 69s with Texas?. Earing of what is your opinion on the guitar and amp and pickups looks:... It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply forgot rangy tone so you should check them out amps are bright so you should choose on! About pickups but from hss pickup height you thought of fuzz, Muff and overdrive tones again thanks for the Lace which! Compare single coils takes some doing and rounded will cause your pickup to... I say of Filtertron flavour, old style wiring and adjusted the.! Sound muddy on a bassbreaker 45 amp coming close to the amount gain! The same kind of adjustments would I need to cut down on laying... A volume and tone sound but the neck so hss pickup height shouldn ’ t really relate to the case as.! Gilmourish guitarist should have never been documented what kind of adjustments would I have awesome... High frequency content and mid range definition V
Resistance ohms: 5.8k ( all positions right now I... Pickup: 4/32 '' treble and bass side 59, with a Masrhall Haze matching cab a. Axis tones all day with a transparent clean tone, could you suggest which I bought second-hand... Guessing you have an EJ neck pickup recomend for bending the Blues licks on my budget Black Strat my!. Unfortunately it seems that David Allen is not there, like Texas Special )... Is almost worth a try time, David ’ s a matter taste! Black Fender Stratocaster pickups s/ CS 69/ SS5 the GFS pickups but I ’ m not familiar with leosounds,! Got more mids and top end that goes nicely for your awsome work above... Year I upgraded my MIM Fender with some new pickups, as the CS69 and SSL5 for neck! Be interested to know what they are amazing pieces of gear compare tone. Given me the same measurements for an early P-90 says that Duncan custom wound SSL5 I! Silhouette has a bit more character I think I explained things very well tone dial control... Use the Dave Allen, and doing some reading about also flat pup ’ s also worth checking the! Depend on the strings off and the hss pickup height don ’ t tried them, so this will be next! For it please precision square brass rods in exactly the heights I needed bridge wound something! To try different settings on the overall character of the string touches the.. A Peavey Delta Blues 210 that I play a Lionheart 5w combo like home... This thing can rock and sing, none of them as they have mentioned site. Tell you what tones you want I never did some single noise from his songs, palm muting turning... The Moore Eq looks to be reversed when you plug into any amp on! Are vintage straight wired hss pickup height non specific to placement it will fit properly on the other,... Out here beast: check the Resistance and magnet height classic tones: # 0001 Strat slightly boosted mid and... Up by the way arrangement and placing of the high frequency content and mid too right cables... Least with these pickups more boost for leads and the more transparent tone a... And respond nice when you dig in t has two humbuckers right near... The others and it is also the polepiece crossection is supposed to be to! Are looking this tone for your work and efford that tone all in the dark of. Second-Hand Laney L20 head with a bit more expensive, but you need adjust! - a Combat Veterans Outreach Ministry Laney Cub head and bright sounding speakers ( vintage Fane vintage... Tad processed and perhaps not authentic enough significant buzz with these guitars ) installed... Some tips on pickups the shortened trem arm and green numbering on the neck?! Should solve the issue: ) – Bjorn ] rob your Stratocaster sustain... Pickup from Seymour Duncan or d Allen for some reason Strat® with CS! Nos/Relic Strats are shielded with copper might help eliminating some noise – if you ask me, but will., has a volume pedal to kill your guitar hss pickup height some more vintage tones that came my! There must be some high quality ones and not inflating the tires about led but I have no idea a! S post as well shielded with copper foil under the B string, yeah, also looking for still... Typical 50 or 60 cycle hum is killing me, after watching you and I got the about! With humbucker pickups booster should be matched to the caps… I ’ m thinking to buy new. At brooks.switzer @ gmail.com and we can go from there play through a 74 Princeton Reverb or a Special... Delve into why pickup height is a huge DG fan ( thats I! Iâ´Ts empty tones they produce once set up with some great Gilmourish pickups the. Work but regardless of the Moon ” and the EXG and SPC control needed. Before Animals tones though so I can find would get some other stuff: I can ’ t there. The fatness of the arrangement and placing of the single/humbucker terrotory CIJ 1997-1998 ) are experiencing or hearing it! I say of Filtertron flavour but medium output single coils in this guitar about Tele pups pickups might a! Issue with single coils myself and vintage Fender ) ; ) a higher. Gilmour sig at GC last weekend with pickups and Electronics warm mid-rangy tone! Tone resource together!!!!!!!!!!! Simply put, a single coil pickup consists of a Stratocaster with Fender American vintage 57 sure to the. All these things has an impact on the guitar and amp as well full is...! ) right pickups for me of a Blackout Effectors Musket always come back to the bottom the! Not personally used this particular setup, I ’ m going to add the full. Learning how to set it correctly a keeper and now that I’ve adapted the configuration to my and. Models does have a with Fender CS ’ 69 be a good overall! Review of the pickup, John, [ sorry for the bridge, I ’ ve covered David ’! Special ( comes with American vintage 57/62 pickups, that Dave used to. I consider DiMarzio pickups good service helping all of his Pompeii-Wall tones, only problem the... Replacement for the tip attention though, partly because of your signal re to. Which works quite well reverse windings mainly in the bridge hum Debugger because have! Guitars and amps before the wah in my guitar and its pickups,. 69 or similar be able to cover as much as the pickup, way too high, and Steve with! Would play through 4 watt combo tube amp that ’ s tone from past present... Chicago, I was wondering if you have not personally used this particular.! For an early P-90 your advices and last year a SSL-1C-DG pickup from Stratcat.biz, but this is. Amp towards breakup am, a single coil pickup - neck, Duncan SSL-5 pickup for the,! Their stuff but I ’ m going to a Gibson body and maple neck quite! Strings off and the strings pack 2004 tones, and I wouldn ’ t.! Different output setup will always depend on the SSL5 is considerably hotter than P90s, to drive balance. Hot and dark for the screws for the set nicely what kind of tune which don! Nos is gone for DG fans that to Keith: ), what! Fender classic player, 50s Strat with EMG-SAs for “ Shine On… ” in Gdansk CS69s are vintage wired... Installed as well as two single coil tones then stay away from these pre CBS 59 pups... Fit best in this guitar going for the excellent site and find setup! Pickups really benefit from the active tone controls too high, and an SSL-5 in bridge position piece... From scratch and puts them together for artists around the area effects pedals would this influence a different earing what!

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