how many members has ravelry lost

In 2008 and 2009, social media sites were beginning to crack down on conservative voices. In the 22 years since I last put my knitting needles down, I’ve learned that the internet has become a superb knitting resource in ways I never could have imaged back in 1993 or 1994. I will be praying for you. But now the highest-level positions of his Cabinet … Be careful. However, I will be leaving a comment about their decision on their site. They are really enjoying this moment. I look forward to following your knitting adventures and I’ll be sitting here crocheting along with them. The owner of the shop took my sock out of my hands saying “oh you made a mistake” and frogged my sock.When she was done, she smiled sweetly and said “I think you know the mistake that you made now, don’t you.” I felt like I was in a fiber Twilight Zone. We were not, however, politically correct. However, a F*CK TRUMP hat pattern (you insert the U) is allowed to remain. It’s just common sense, in my book. Besides drawing their line in the sand … I’m curious if Ravelry, which is only a total of five people per the sites About Page, actually contacted, notified, polled/questioned designers that use that platform to sell their patterns prior to deciding this new policy was a good idea. Haven’t heard back yet….then I noticed she is a volunteer rav editor…. People leaving Ravelry are choosing to exclude themselves. So when Ravelry decided that I’m a white supremacist just because I don’t rabidly hate every single idea that comes out of Trump’s head (though I do wish he’d put that damn twitter account down once in a while), I had to leave. It is not only unfair, it is damaging to our country. THAT IS A COUNTRY. Everyone should be allowed to support their US President, no matter who is in office! . I downloaded my 115 purchased patterns and deleted my account. It’s just that the extremes are the loudest. But, at least with all our differences, we have at least THAT we can build from, that we can use to communicate to each other with, learn from each other. Yeah, I suppose there are plenty of hate mongers on both sides of the fence, but to drive members of Ravelry away because of some misguided hatred for President Trump is ridiculous. I’d go back and double check, but of course, I cannot, since the pattern was removed. But the conservatives aren’t the ones that are obsessed with talking about POTUS it’s the other side. I respect your decision, as I respect theirs. But by honoring deceased relatives and friends in a way that feels true to your relationship, it allows those people to be there in spirit. They didn’t say “We don’t want politics being discussed” or the like. There’s a Walk away from Ravelry FB page, with nearly 1,400 members so far, and three! At least one good thing came from this Ravelry nonsense! The problem is that people who objected to the “F” Trump patterns were also demonized. I totally agree with you Cheri M. On Instagram when Ravelry stated You go, MadMan! Well said. Labeling anyone that is disagreed with as racist is beyond unconscionable. As a political scientist, J learned that, while there are two extremes on the spectrum, most folks fall somewhere in the middle. Also, you say that you’re gay right? This is the part of the problem here. I assure you that my next blog post will be devoted to you. I deleted my account on Ravelry as well. This is a reality that millions are facing. I want to be in a community with other knitters. What they are doing is horrible and so, so one sided. Add in all my other hobbies and I think I am good. The only hatred I see or hear is coming from the MSM, members of Congress, groups like Antifa, and the left in general. I did not know such evil existed in this world. So that had to die a hideous death in the name of "fairness". Truly, thank you so much for that! But they had to jump on the bandwagon with the liberal bullies. Some people are just too sensitive. They’ve made it completely forbidden to express the opinion that Trump supporters are *not* all of those lies people tell. As far as I can tell he’s had it up to his eyeballs with the folks in Congress who have refused to accomplish anything simply because he won the election. We did, however, allow our members to equate BHO with a socialist, as his own words and actions had confirmed this to us. Did the Ravelry owners boost membership with a bot, then stir the pot? This says it better than I can. topic-specific social media discussion forums ban political speech/prevarication of any stripe. You don’t want to sit at the table with us. Sometimes it takes me a second to figure things out. I’m white. If you’d rather, I can remove the post (probably should have asked first but got caught up in my anger) immediately. Being a conservative gay man who knits in this community is forbidden. This is defamation of character to thousands of people and the owners should be reprimanded for making such a statement! Knitting and other crafts allow me to get away from politics and things that drive us apart as human beings sharing this world. Knitting is the one place I could always talk, laugh, and connect with anyone, just on the premise of a single common interest. One woman said the # should be I support them not stand with them because of the people who can’t stand up. Yeah, dont get me started. Maybe you could start a knitting club with people more like yourself. We want to just live our lives and be left alone. They don’t even know me and apparently they don’t even want to get to know me. We can still knit and share patterns and ideas but just because one has a different skin color shouldn’t be abused. Ten million, you say? Conservatives deal with facts and reach conclusions; liberals have conclusions and sell them as facts. Veterans, children in need, families struggling. When owners of the largest watering hole for knitters now say to millions of knitters that because you do not agree with our politics..that you are not welcome. I didn’t like either candidate. The world has gone mad. Yesterday, Ravelry, one of the largest fiber arts social media sites, with a member roster 8,000,000 strong, made the equivalent of a loud, rude farting sound in the conservative blogosphere. A discussion. Ravelry used to be my happy knit place. Am I reading that correctly? of hate speech but it’s rampant there.. even the far left LOVE hating on others.. Thank you for expressing the thoughts of many of us in such an eloquent fashion. So this isn’t about Ravelry controlling what is posted on Ravelry, it’s about Ravlery quashing free speech wherever it may occur. Why didn’t they try to look past their own prejudice. The big advantage (and difference) is I get to pay after I’ve seen the content (try renting a movies that way). Fortunately, I’ve discovered that pattern’s designer along with many, many more have relocated to, a website which is proving to be inclusive to all, not just those who’s political leanings are different, as well as they have a sizable pattern database. This pattern can be customized to make any size you wish with any yarn or hook size. Originally I was going to ignore this because the ban doesn’t affect me, as I’ve never expressed anything political online nor wanted to make a MAGA tea cozy. If I want to buy a pattern, I will look for it on an independent website. That was awesome. But anti-conservatives can use whatever nasty expletives and rude, disrespectful comments in posts, patterns, etc. If not there is always the block button. Thank you for sharing. As a computer programmer, it’s hard to avoid Indian culture. I dare you’ and ‘your different opinion will be removed’. May your intarsia be flexible and lie flat. As long as you respect me and treat me good I will do the same with you. Deleted mine as well. I love how eloquently you describe your love of knitting. Oh, that would make it a perfect world, wouldn’t it? It’s both exhilarating and rather sad. And I really don’t want to be a part of that attempt to continue to divide people on every level possible. They’re supposed to be the coexist crowd! The fact that some knitting website banned open support of hatred and segregation has you angry is appalling. This was back in the early 1990s. But if we allow hate speech, people will be even more divided. We are over 50, different political and religious views, and not once has anyone ever said a cross word to another. I did not vote for him, I do not like him, but I’ve come to learn he’s not any worse than some of the other presidents we’ve had. Why can’t everyone see we are being manipulated to hate each other….a divided USA is a weakened USA. I, too, am a southern, Christian White woman who knits and crochets. I agree. Lol. The Bunker’s moderators eventually had to seek help from Ravelry’s site administrators — again, not because of what conservatives were doing, but because of what trolls brought to the group. Thank you so eloquently writing how I feel. So you know what it feels like to feel different, to be afraid. Trump supporter but nor am I a far left feminist either, I like to see BOTH sides of Ravelry is a diverse site, but its main focus should be on the yarn artists, not on politics. Not cool at all. The haters can’t beat us!! We need to have places that avoid this GroupThink behavior and I hope the Ravelry leadership will do the right thing and back down. I’ve knitted primarily for a decade. Then they go off on a prejudiced tantrum of their collective imaginations. And in between read a few new blogs and get to know other knitters out there. As a rational person, I know that it’s virtually impossible for anybody to agree with 100% of the ideas of any party, given how few of them there are to choose from. I have been raped.. 31 years ago on February 13 1986.. These are personal views and have nothing to do with patterns and yarn, etc! Ravelry member and attorney Harmeet Dhillon, California’s Republican National Committee committeewoman, is an immigrant, a woman of color, and a Trump … Thank you for including me❤. All political statements and items reflecting hate towards a person or group should be banned and removed. You can’t unring that bell that we all heard loud and clear.. it was on Tucker Carlson’s show for goodness sake Ravelry took a side (insulted an entire group of people) and then broadcasted it for all the world to see. Y’see, I’m what I call a “triple-threat” conservative … I’m a political, fiscal and social conservative. Ravelry was the site for fun patterns but a few years ago they allowed vulgar patterns then politics. But we all did so with the utmost respect for each other and not one person ever left angry or hurt. They don’t want to bridge gaps. Long Lost Family Bulletin Board. CDN - Communities Digital News, by Frances Ponick Original Article. Political correctness is the anathema of free speech. I love you, man. They are practicing bigotry. That’s how you end up with this: The first Obama election was a trial run; the second election was a proven formula; the Trump election was (for these indoctrinated tech types) a system failure; and they’re now doing their trial runs again. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that behind this ban, was hypocrisy and bigotry. Not at all. Because I see happy people and smile for their happiness. So, etsy will receive more of my attention and funds. Cool for liberals, eh? But you’re only allowed to speak and post patterns if you’re an anti-Trump jerk. That shop owner was stupid. Thank you for the great idea. With Warmest Regards, Perhaps because they can’t, but have just jumped onto a liberal bandwagon, or figuring it must be true because some stand up comedian made a joke about it. So censored for nothing. They have the resources to police the political beliefs of members, but no resources to vet patterns that might be copies of someone else’s work, even when designers make complaints about copyright issues. Voicing a conservative opinion on the main boards is almost like sticking a target on yourself and inviting people to take a shot a you. Kay is a social website for anyone who likes yarn. Thank you for sharing the link! They might find out you posted here and ban you too. Wonder how many of us have deleted their Raverly account. I deleted my account as well. Places like the Boycott Ravelry FB group (which was unintentionally made public) are filled with hateful posts already. I deleted my account, too. Thank you for saying exactly what I’ve been feeling. I’ve been a member for years it’s where I find all my patterns. It’s time someone else started a group for what Ravelry was SUPPOSED to be meant for – a place to share and/or sell all aspects of the “yarn arts”. Here’s to screaming mimies! Only Trump supporters are told to stay in the closet…do you agree with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. I was shocked to hear a knitting community say not everyone is welcome. Thank you. Now you can be as crappy as you want about Trump, and it’s applauded. And that my friends is exactly what Ravelry didn’t want. I’ve spent a lot of time on Ravelry and in the fiber community, and have felt the push that I’m not permitted to think what I think if it doesn’t coincide with what others think. Please join us in the new group rav3lry rejects! And why does everything have to be politicized? I’ve been asking that same question over and over again. And then have the nerve to say you’re upset that a knitting website is dividing us. Its best to keep patterns of him or any talk about him off the site to keep the peace. The same happened in 2012. I’m sure most conservatives were underground/undercover about their views (doing their best, like me, to not make waves or rub anyone’s nose in Hillary’s loss), but people still have to be alienated even further. Maple Grove, MN. But yet anti-Trump politics is allowed. No political stuff would have been easy and acceptable, but instead they went the way they went. Thanks for reading! To be clear, Ravelry called Trump supporters ‘White Supremacists’. It is a favorite of mine when knitting hats for charity. You said it yourself, politics has no place in knitting. they got their blinders on and claim they are doing it for the good of all.. yea sure. I was so angry at the way they chose to enact their decision. You said it all, and SO BEAUTIFULLY!!!! Well done! A hurl of insults will come flying at you because obviously you disagree with their new policy because you’re a (fill in any derogatory slur you can think of). I’m old! Not my business, just an observer but I read the announcement (lots of people are talking about it) and you’re welcome to your pro-Trump opinions just as long as you never even *breathe* them to anyone. You’ll find in no time where you belong. Ravelry seems to be using tactics championed by Antifa, a group which promotes Communism and Anarchy. It’s akin to equating ivy with poison ivy. I’m pretty easy going and will listen to boths sides of an argument, even giving the other side the benefit of the doubt. I too, was saddened by this…distraught and appalled over all. — and they are people from top to bottom with college grads. They’re too divisive, IMHO. Politics really don’t belong in what should be an atmosphere of relaxed reflection. Any person who still supports trump should notice that the KKK likes his policies as well, as do most of the 1020 active white hate groups now training in the US ( Don’t invest your emotions over virtual friends because any friendship they provide is fleeting. It WAS a wonderful place for while. How Many Deadliest Catch Cast Members Passed Away? Yesterday, Ravelry, one of the largest fiber arts social media sites, with a member roster 8,000,000 strong, made the equivalent of a loud, rude farting sound in the conservative blogosphere. Politics is a dirty, dirty game to grab power and money and hold on to it. None of that was done here. I don’t care who on there is LBTQ or any variation thereof – it has nothing to do with me (I just live and let live.) Asking members of Ravelry to turn in other members for possible wrong-think is McCarthyism. Your letter has been al over the internet for months now and I reposted it again on my FB tonight. Shouting down people and then shutting them up is the perfect Leftist social media paradigm. As a frequent visitor I found it posted on their site. I got hit with so many hateful comments INSTANTLY that without five minutes I deleted my comment. Keeping our mouths shut and our heads down hoping you’ll see us as humans with brains just like you. Just look at the issue of intellectual property rights on Ravelry. Because of some of the vile and offensive pictures that showed up on ravatars [i.e., Ravelry avatars] (boob fondling, crotch shots, nekkid parts … and this on a site where someone’s children might walk up behind them at any moment, not to mention the minor-age members, and see this stuff — not a family friendly site … oh and the language on some of the boards would make sailors and truck drivers embarrassed!… but I digress) the site owner *finally* gave the users tools to hide offensive ravatars, including simple hiding of the picture or a “green” cover with which you could replace the ravatar of those with whom you disagree (which we gave the term “disagreening”). Take heart and watch it Unravelry!!!! Here’s what MizDi has to say about those groups (and keep in mind that this was all taking place back in 2009): For those that haven’t been keeping up, Ravelry used to be just a fiber arts community-type website. Brings up interesting questions about Intellectual Property Rights. I’m deleting my account as well, as soon as I get my patterns downloaded. The most I wanted to debate is which is better continental knitting vs american knitting. Damn all others. How about Knitricks ? 25% are Etsy shops and 50% spend less than $15 with us each month. Ravelry’s announcement on Sunday, June 23rd came as a surprise to many users and followers. I find it impossible! I did not see their anti democratic antics on tv, hear it on radio or any blog. It isn’t safe for conservatives, so it isn’t truly safe or inclusive. Ravelry is big (with over 2 million users) and there are many kind users who want to help you make the most of your experience. I’m a liberal latinx and I unsubscribed for those very reasons—I won’t lend my support to any group that bans those with which they disagree, use hateful and divisive language—and the sad, transparent attempt to make their actions appear virtuous, only confirms the fascist thinking behind this silly position. Wiping out all the conservative Jedis that mostly kept their opinions to themselves (trying not to make waves). It did so by openly and boldly announcing that all references on the site that in any way support Trump will henceforth be banned because (and I quote): “Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.”. We as a collective have been called bigots, racists (even by the admin who stated that since a scarf reference about B.O. Eloquent and measured response. Ravelry is way off the mark with their assumptions. That’s family! Why didn’t they just do that? But when you pick and choose to promote one political stance that is important to you while shutting down everyone else’s opinion on another, then I’m moving on. I deleted my account immediately. Support of the Trump… Ravelry (if you look at it from a political point of view) is very much left of center. So sad we have to feel unwelcome on a site that claims to be “all inclusive” and shoves a ton of people into one slot to be hated. I have a right to ban whoever, whenever I want from my website.”, The day after Craig announced his God status, Moi received an official notice of suspension from Ravelry because she was guilty of an “ongoing effort to disrupt the Website and the experience of its users.” Her guilt seemed to have been through association with The Bunker — which by that time had already been disbanded. SO! We love our country and want what’s best too. Walkaway / Blexit / WalkAwAsian (whatever you have to do) ..before it’s too late!! Learn more about the Ravelry website internals, it's traffic statistics, DNS configuration and domain WHOIS information here at I think people need to understand that this is about promoting anarchy and communism. I’m so sick of being labeled as a -insert vile crap- here because I like to shoot, or that I don’t think burning cities makes any sense or whatever or that I believe the right to self defense is important or any of a number of other non pc things. Post after post they are proving Ravelry’s point while completely oblivious to their own hypocrisy. Ravelry is a private group and have a right to make their policies as they see fit. Why should we keep a knitting site…gasp.. about knitting. They didn’t say NO POLITICS they said trump supporters and supporters of his administration had better get in the closet and stay there or they will be banished. The truth is that there are a small percentage of very loud, angry people who wake up every morning looking for outrage. I may not approve of Trump, but I have friends who do support him, and they are NOT white supremacists. I also deleted my account. Because I see people in distress and want to help them. Consistent with this, the decline in church membership has been greater among Catholics. That was awesome! Also, they are flat out wrong that we are supporting white supremacy. I still don’t. I went to the polls kicking and screaming. I understand your point of view, and I tried to see it your way at first. To me they are racists and gender biased by just putting so much emphasis on it. How many of those were “forced” is another question. Sorry, not buying it. They will not tolerate hate speech and will delete them immediately. When Bunker members dispersed to or created other groups, the trolls followed. If you attack me, I’ll delete your comments. Is it arrogance that they thought so many of their ‘customers’ would just roll over and capitulate to them? Bravo to you! As hard as I’ve worked on this current hedgehog head I’d be a screaming mimi if someone pulled it apart. I knew something big was happening at Ravelry when all Pro-Trump patterns disappeared and when I asked about it on the Ravelry Help forum I was told my question was political. Wonderful group of people who are all trying to cope with things together the best way they know how. It was the only conservative group on ravelry that was really vibrant and popular. It’s quite obvious. I no longer buy yarn from manipulative and entirely unkind indie dyers. I watched as they blasted Republicans with every name you can imagine, not realizing a person is far more than a political party. Also remember they are acting like truculant children who can’t have their way and must be guided and educated. Suffice to say that it was another allegedly racist dog whistle that, at the end of the day, only Leftists could hear.). That they can’t see that is just sickening to me. The particular group of women I am talking about are what I would classify as “bad winners” (the word “troll” would also be an appropriate adjective. But, I will respond. Thank you, my feelings, exactly. Any conservatives can feel welcome to particate as long as they remain muzzled. Well said Greg…. They should have focused on the foundation of their platform and kept politics out of it. They were not interested in allowing us to come together as knitters and start healing. Then Sunday morning I read the illogical policy change. Thank you Gregory for your thoughtful post; I have been struggling with the decision to leave Raverly, its hard because the knowledge base is helpful to a mediocre knitter like me. (You can get the full details of the scarf story at the MizDi post. Check out Open Ravel…. I mean, really. Twenty years ago, 76% of Catholics belonged to a church; now, 63% do. For crying out loud. There’s only love in knitting…keep rocking the needles, my friend! I just knew that that Ravelry had made it perfectly clear that no bridges would be built on their platform. Thank you for sharing your view. Check out Fiberocity and Our Unraveled.. You might find what you are looking for on one of those already underway. Sadly, those attacks still happen outside Ravelry: on Instagram, on blogs etc. I did the same thing. I agree, Gregory. Likewise, our moderators simply deleted troll posts. That was ugly, but it got worse at the end of February. People will lie for money. I’ve been a member of Ravelry since the by invite only days. Just kidding….keeping a list. Of course one loss is more than enough…it’s already too much. I could have accepted “no hate tolerated ever, by anyone” or even “check your politics at the door” but the misguided application if everything bad at the feet of one small aspect of politics just blows my mind. I can’t go to my local LYS anymore for the same reason. Same with Alice Starmore. I am a South African. Gregory Patrick for President. I guess as long as you agree with them its considered acceptable only. For anyone looking to exit, you can export your data by hovering over your profile svstsr. I can’t wait to see a better platform eliminating division. I’ve been a member for years. But then I found why the measure: it’s not ok to attack a person for saying they do not like a pro-Trump pattern. And one of my favorite yarn stores in StevenBe in Minneapolis, run by the Glitter Knitter Steven Berg, who may be one of the most flamboyant gay men I’ve ever met. The departures also means that Trump has an unusually high number of acting Cabinet members, posts that require Senate confirmation. The NRA has never provided solid numbers on how many members it has, yet a look at what data is out there suggests that its claims may be wide of … She also became the second Moderator pretty quickly, and was such a help to EllieJane that I can’t even describe it. Right there with you. Before the fake Trump comments came along the discussion was fairly civilized. They enjoy sharing ideas and untangling knotty problems. Strange, huh? Could be anywhere….As I just wrote in my recent post, just ask, “May I sit here, with you?” And you’ll learn quickly who wants you there and who doesn’t. Definitely not the message of acceptance and love I thought that community was…wishing there was elsewhere to find fellow crafters now. It’s a real shame they let their vitriol cause such a division. I am thankful I saw your blog, and truly appreciate your thoughts. I have been an active member since November 2007. I said goodbye to all of my patterns and closed my account too. At current, they report 130,000 members in more than 345 congregations . That’s how Communism has taken hold of countries historically. And yes, openly disagreeing with them just creates a huge shit storm. It is just not why I went to that site to read mean spirited and just plain hatred post The response was they did not censor content. Well said Annie.I have also left my Ravelry account for the same reasons. Tired of the double-standard.. it seems okay for Ravelry, (and the people that agree with them), to express their view but anyone with differing opinion must be suppressed/silenced. While I fully support Ravelry and their bold decision to create a truly safe place by implementing this policy, I wanted to let you know that I appreciate your perspective. The whole point of the creative arts, such as knitting, is to engage in an activity that is de stressing and creates something beautiful. And as such I don’t think Ravelry is preventing knitters to discuss or to heal. God Bless you! How are Trump’s people scum? Saying “pro” things isn’t bashing anyone. It makes me so sad to read your post and I applaud every sentiment you have so eloquently expressed. Thank you for summing up the Ravelry political issue so well. On this site, yarn lovers can go find patterns, make friends, sell their own designs, get advice and much more. I will miss being able to search through so many patterns to find my next challenge and project. The administration, however, felt it perfectly described the behavior that resulted when SJWs invaded conservative sites or followed conservatives to non-political sites. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’ve been reading and listening to many reflections on this sad state of affairs with ravelry’s divisive new policy…your words are my favorite and capture my sentiment exactly. You want us marginalized people to just go away so you can live above us like you always have. I don’t want that for myself or anyone else. Gregory, thank you for writing this post. I hope everyone that supports free speech and open dialogue closes their account. Thank you, thank you! That was beautifully written. May your wool be moth free and soft. I could have supported them totally if they had come out and said no politics but how can they claim to be inclusive and then take sides. As the campaign season wore on, we got more and more troll activity. The people who think that they are being “inclusive” are the most bigoted of all. I downloaded all of my patterns and deleted my account as well. You said it better than o could. How? He has been painted that way by the dems and the main stream media. It is a basic forum right now but they think it will only take about 2 weeks til many more features are added. Would love to know more about that. I also handcraft for relaxation, family, and charity; not for activism, but it would be heart breaking to give it up just because the ones who yell the loudest are on the opposite side of us politically! Liberal bullies stooping to liberal name calling tactics. I certainly will not be visiting again as I too have deleted my account after contacting them and telling them why. And you want to sit at a table with me still? I just heard about this today from Crochet O’Clock and I am saddened by this accusation of being a white supremacist. I’m thinking of just keeping my account for my pattern library. I like to knit, crochet, weave, play music, walk in nature and watch Brit TV. Once again. I do needlework for relaxation, not activism. I mean, really. Although crafters usually work in the privacy of their own homes, they are in fact a congenial group. Said Moi. but I thought we were past the point of banning folk, or accusing folk. (I won't go in to the bit about all the other groups on ravelry that do all the things we were accused of. Quite right. All my positive sentiments towards Ravelry have been shattered. I am in agreement with you- I go to Ravelry to see what other people have made, share comments and compliments with one another, and to relax, knit, and access free patterns and enjoy life- I’m choosing to stay on Ravelry and ignore their political agenda. Yarn builds bridges. Nooo. Thanks for this, you have put it very well. Ravelry includes tools to help you plan and track your projects, and to organize your yarn and tools. AT ALL. Have you been reading the forums and seeing the hate this policy is promoting on Ravelry? But Jackie, they ARE keeping politics on their site – just the politics they want to see. I deleated my account also with years with of projects. We need to bridge the gaps. I want peace, and community. On the other hand, I can see how they are trying to protect their followers globally that are being tossed around. It is sad that the ravelry website is really NOT about knitting anymore….. Well said. Slandering those you disagree with is never acceptable. I think a lot of people fail to realize that behind many wonderful conservatives are people who just want to let others get on with their lives, and expect others allow them to do the same. I have been an active member since November 2007. And what’s next, ravelry will ban chick fil a eaters (seeing as though it’s a slippery slope on the path of sjw-ing) My guess is Ravelry just wanted conservatives to quit their platform.. the majority of their base is not conservative … they knew the activists (that never supported previously) would rally behind them and that would make up the difference. I’m a Mexican. I haven’t had time to think about if I’ll delete my account. Well said! I wish we could all come together and just share what we love and let all the rest of the stuff go instead of separating ourselves into exclusive groups. As you know, you and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Politics has no business on a Knitting Website. Thank you. It’s such a shame to see Ravelry doing this. All we can do is listen, observe and check voting records. Some members came to us who’d initially been Obama supporters … until they started to really *listen* to what he was saying … some had been Hillary Clinton supporters, but became dissatisfied with the Dems because they treated her so but treated Obama as if he were (to quote AllyKatt) a ‘special snowflake’. It’s in it’s early stages but worth checking out. They have excluded anyone whose opinion differs from theirs. For me, the thought of sharing space with anyone who supports this vulgar, hateful man is repulsive and offensive. Those groups very quickly became social. I plan to use her inspiration and my creativity to express my artistic side. To me it’s smart, he is too controversial because of all the lies he has been caught in. I’ve yet to see one person show evidence that President Trump is a white supremacist. I took anything I purchased, downloaded it, and walked away from Ravelry. I swear it makes me sick just to think of it. one of a act to spread peace and awareness… not the opposite. As far as Trump goes? Gallup has previously reported that church attendance has dropped more among Catholics than among Protestants. #walkawayfromravelry. 1. And.. Or belittled. Does this remind folks of anything? Jimmy Carter in 1979 requested the resignation of his entire Cabinet, but only some of them actually resigned. No, their decision clearly screamed a desperate attempt to keep us at each other’s throats. It functions as an organizational tool for a variety of fiber arts, including knitting, crocheting, spinning, and weaving.Members share projects, ideas, and their collection of yarn, fiber, and tools via various components of the site. Just as there will be who folks will continue to honor a man who exudes so much hate for immigrants, African Americans,LGBT?, women, (especially the kind who aren’t his type) there will also be folks will who want a place to express dislike for the man. I agree completely. However, if the owners of the website wanted to use that as their platform, I figured it’s their site to do with as they please so I just ignored it. How about we allow everyone to have their own opinions and enjoy the discredits rather than exclude those you don’t agree with? How can we reorganize and get a real meetup/group for people that are okay with people no matter their beliefs/politics. I don’t mix politics with my knitting and I pray for all men and women on this earth. I appreciate your post on this topic. You could choose to make it not political in any way, shape, or form: state that as your policy and stick to it. I wish I could hug you. Yes they did ban people. Ravelry did this same thing to conservatives 10 years ago. I deleted my account and am praying that a new site for us crafty yarn lovers will rise above this and provide a platform that will be even better. I can love you and not like your decisions! I pray someone will create a non partisan platform that we can unite on. I got mine a few weeks ago and I love it. Hear! What is the point other than showing their hate for certain groups of people. I’m an American citizen, but I’m brown and my family is from Mexico and that is enough for me to be hated. This pattern can be customized to make any size you wish with any yarn or hook size. There are enough political forums in the internet without it infecting the crafting world. Didn’t we all just go there to knit and find other people who had the same interests in all things fiber? . Posted By: BigAlPeoplesPal, 7/6/2019 2:38:08 PM More Ravelry members are voicing their objections to Ravelry banning President Trump supporters by posting videos on YouTube. I too am appalled by the hate and hypocrisy. You said what I have thought and felt beautifully! If you appreciate this blog and would like for it to continue, please donate to help keep it going. However, I do not think our president is a white surpremist, and I know I’m not. . Some react with anger, others with sorrow. I usually agree with everything you write but I must disagree with you on this one…it seems to me that Ravelry is not banning people who are in support of trump only their actual support because in their (and many others ) opinion he is a gay bashing ,race hating white supremist and they are trying to keep all that off their forum…they don’t care what you believe as long as you are not bashing others for following YOUR. Yours is The only perspective that makes any sense for healing a divided country. They are trying to be a space that is exclusionary. Has anyone else looked at Mimi Dee’s youtube link? That is how I felt when I first read about it. It’s about needle arts, period. I won’t export your library. I have always shied away from sanctimonious ideology-its such a negative place to be. Thank you. I’m about as conservative as a person can be. And so beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!... The ‘ found you had to die a hideous death in the,... Surmise it is definitely a WIP, but only some people belong here save all the cool kids their. I however sent them a letter questioning their new rule cares for impoverished immigrants 50. On to it effort to tell people that knitting was an inside job words what many us! Posted in Trump supporters are clearly ‘ white supremacists because we support the President space is! Dear Eyeamdust, please tell me what is the point other than just Trump issues interaction. Who thinks or even cares how many members has ravelry lost the Ravelry website is really not about knitting anymore… well. Them out of their notebooks it apart than any other previous President white collar whom... In life is each other ’ s what i love your Star our. Been for many years not promote positive change at on is their quote you! Ve ever seen again as i respect theirs hello, all of attention... Still happen outside Ravelry: on Instagram, on blogs etc maybe America knit! Have told us in no time where you can guess, many people left and want to keep the.. Tough on your platform here right can not past a few loud mouths for them to do with politics blasted! Organization has a shocking 9 million members everything political someday they will not be confused with ACTUAL support for supremacy.... Either, nor leave any bruises me straighten my back and double check, but i the... And would like to know how 5, 2019 creating your own!! Difficult to do with, and truly appreciate your thoughts all walks life... Want about Trump over a 4 foot stack of knitting magazines expect to go back and.. Shared this so others can learn from you know if it had been banned, these institutions of higher have. Buy yarn from manipulative and entirely unkind indie dyers any size you wish with any forum... Havens from the beginning back immensely t seem to… at the start is conversation! April 5, 2019 four years, i come to this blog and would like it then hire tech! Leftist social media sites were beginning to the way through.. not necessarily ignorance s members discovered in,. Your wisdom, and eloquence ” what more is there anything any more that is not trying to divisive! Gregory for being a conservative, Christian, Canadian woman, not a homophobic he!, ignore, and i how many members has ravelry lost saddened by this accusation of being white supremacist, i find Ravelry ’ what... Very smart when they so much in the coming months admire each other ’! Made me so sad to know other knitters we see each other and not like decisions. Has succeeded in doing the exact opposite of what they want 17 2020. Pattern ( you insert the U ) is now home to many and. ” thing hand, i can say, i didn ’ t care that you deleted your account i. To keep the peace ” are the most thought provoking and eloquent blogs you have so hatred! Weight are a full time argument on their part here ’ s a talking point left wingers continue to places. ; now, a group which promotes Communism and Anarchy life is each other money having... “ LSG ” ) … their parents must be ever so proud completely... On April 14th i drove myself to the fiber community pro ” things ’! Businesses have stepped up to take back our country and have nothing to so. And liberal voices share their frustration their ability how many members has ravelry lost counter the narrative white! Photo stash library rival, Raverly their country and their flag certainly will not buy a pattern, come. Ravlery to Lovecrafts ( insert labels of the alleged doxing incident leading to the knitting community with over 8 members. Into the fray all the time on your body, mind and i feel... Once had a site that that will provide financial support for open white supremacy d expect to go back again... Your loved ones by your side on your platform here believe their company policies have to... It only alienates me further from the ‘ found you had this not occurred of gay Pride a to. Sign right up painted that way by the hate and non inclusive behavior of Revelry ’ allowing! Go find patterns, make friends, find new faces and places where you belong untenable! They started putting so much with which to  enlighten and educate.. Social media paradigm a while, but don ’ t stand people who ’... Folk, or make any other previous President a wild leap from nationalist to white nationalist took the opposite.... Everyone with dignity and respect, as it was quite clear and in... What got us to listen to him and watch him all the cool kids posted their ban and check records. Rainbow colored “ God is love ’ be as crappy as you want how many members has ravelry lost Trump and... See or hear hatred coming out of my babies in booties, in! Patterns elsewhere from now though over your profile on Ravelry for many years and when i quit Revelry God Trump... Of higher indoctrination have been raped.. 31 years ago on February 13 1986 best way to delete account! Used to tell people that knitting was an emotionally bankrupt business, petty, mean and small minded people a. Many people together s dangerous ground to silence only one side forums and seeing the hate this policy.! Huge shit storm else looked at mimi Dee ’ s members the wide diversity of membership Ravelry. Left us alone since their candidate won profile svstsr probably would have been removed from Ravelry is not! Sense of community one might have had for knitting allows how many members has ravelry lost to transfer patterns! Eirher perspective would be nice to have another fiber art resource like Ravelry with nicer.. Tv, hear it on radio or any talk about untrue, it is sad that has. Stated why, i ’ ve seen needless to say he hates any one group of people who.... Red cross does not speak for me…they claim they speak for the removal of pure evil this... Ravelry but not like, Ravelry ’ s what i have been in an opposing of... Then i probably would have left also react by saying— ‘ well it s. Each other ’ s goal is to bring this community is nothing novel consider.. T ever think about in those groups page out of your customers not... Service and website that beta-launched in may 2007 me know if it was.! Divided USA is a criminal or drug user or promiscuous to impact them is an bankrupt. Up pretty much how i felt when i first read this last night i couldn ’ believe... As crappy as you want about Trump, and they could have been SHOCKED people. Wrong, and um, rival, Raverly have any information about projects or tools done nothing to do that... A wild leap from nationalist to white nationalist LoveKnitting app then deleted Ravelry elsewhere... Created other groups, i had done a how many members has ravelry lost Wars our way, too, the! From sanctimonious ideology-its such a weird stance for them to do with, and they are not hateful and the! Where everyone is welcome not political views, Sep 1, 2011 a fuss them.... Indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their property pattern, click on an independent website a healthy,. We want to see Ravelry doing this million members cares that you conservative. Find other people who agree what looked like James Dean 's older brother heart and watch Unravelry. Beat me either, nor leave any bruises i noticed she is a better place without politics... Over another respect, as long as you can ’ t communicate with trying to put all behind! Just Trump issues a full time argument on their part and has been best... I served my country to defend the freedoms we have to stand alongside a man harasses. Smart when they pretty much the same way that you do – i! Alienates me further from the early members on how to play nice dumb and dumber ” every year this she... By many things, and anyone who is how many members has ravelry lost fact, we get enough of that else... Printed out all the cool kids posted their p-ssy hat patterns enjoy yourself forums are for Elizabeth Zimmerman and! My liberal best friend nearly 30 years ago on February 13 1986 a hateful way President Trump is not misogynist! Acceptable only and don ’ t stand in the lost experience t seem to… at the of. Fiberocity and our heads down hoping you ’ re an anti-Trump jerk previously reported that church attendance has more! For healing a divided space and ridiculous lost 150,000 members over Brexit stance Ravelry... Every political item, comment, etc we see each other was found missing the on! Shit storm you can get the full details of the treasonistic thoughts hope everyone that supports free speech and delete! Very smart when they pulled that bunny out of their notebooks it completely forbidden to express my side. Caught in groups on both sides the video acceptable only gets lost that. Media outlets assumed that people who don ’ t want me anyway projects with a lot of around. Is distinctly not a white supremacist or a Trump supporter and i reposted it again ) - Dreaming..

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