history of television in poland

In 1968 statistics registered 3,000,000 TV sets in use, 18, 000, 000 people constituted the audience (6 person for 1 TV set), and “relatively regular”, viewers were calculated for about 9,000,000, Popularization of television in Poland started for good in the middle of 50. Documentary (including one „drama documentary”), Commentary (including the archival footage), Magazine (including the archival footage), TV series (feature movies, fictional stories). The second notion is connected with the origin of celebration – first two of them are relatively new in Polish reality of the 21st century, and the third one – was celebrated since 1945, however on different day of May (9th). Nevertheless, Poland became a kingdom in 1025. TVP Polonia focused on the Baptism of Poland, and broadcast a few documentaries on that topic with different opinions about circumstances, knowledge, and meaning of that fact. Republika TV (Polish) Republika TV or Telewizja Republika offers live journalism, broadcasts and magazines, cultural journalism, as well as documentary films and reportages. The importance of reforms introduced by the “Great Sejm”, democratic solutions to some social issues were influential in Europe, despite the fact that it was adopted during the Partitions of Poland era. In fact, in Polish media the topic was always present after the WW2; in the late 80. the great debate took place just after the broadcasting of some parts of, (1985, a documentary film by Claude Lanzmann). May 1st is still celebrated as a public holiday, and actually, now May 2nd is also a sort of national holiday, “Flag day”. Film and television in Poland. The rest is history…. The third, political, aspect of television development in Poland could be analyzed through the perspective of the messages and presented topics. seems to be “information must be entertaining” because it must be easy to understand. TVP Polonia programing on the Constitution May 3 Day, 2016. Thus, in this discourse some facts were omitted or discredited (e.g. The second, and the more dynamic non-public television, Polsat, was launched in 1992. Different concept of documentary is presented in the series. ] Controlled by the Party media were dependent to the government or the leadership of the Party, and, in fact a lot of programming had been involved in politics and ideology. TVP1 programing on the Constitution May 3 Day, 2016. It is worth mentioning that Polish Independence Day is celebrated on November 11th, since transformation era begun. A lot of young people participated in this celebration, and it is worth noticing that the accursed soldiers are admired by the Polish youth. Information on level of this course, year of study and semester when the course unit is delivered, types and amount of class hours - can be found in course structure diagrams of apropriate study programmes. TVP Historia is the channel devoted to history programming. The mission of public television in Poland during communist era was different from the analogical missions of televisions in the Western world. Analyzing the gathered data from TVP History it is clear that the most popular period is the 20, century was the topic of 304 programmes, other epochs: 120, in 462 total number of television shows. Elena de Varda, 2014. Television, by definition, was an example of „innovatory activity” and it was also able to cultivate the rest of the most important socialist values under the strict control of the Party’ representatives. At the end of the day the programming for the next day is presented (only plates with the schedule accompanied by the peaceful music in the background). TVP3 programing on the Constitution May 3 Day, 2016. During these days a lot of positions were devoted the WW2 as such, e.g. Almost always there are 4 to 5 interviews with the family representatives. Volunteer for Auschwitz),            dir. American culture is represented in more than 10% of the schedule. It was state owned, and was interrupted by the Second World War in 1939. 966 CE – ‘Baptism’ of Poland, Duke Mieszko I adopts Catholicism. heroes or criminals? Italy and Great Britain provide some shows to this channel (e.g. Its Function and Forms<]<, in:

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