thyme leaves in sinhala

collected commercially.i, "The word "Jambu" occurs in the classical name "Jambudveepa", In Ayurveda, used to cure skin allergies, leprosy, fever, reducing phlegm These effects make it a natural choice for protection against drug-induced kidney damage, since so many drugs can act like poisons, exerting extreme oxidant stress on kidney tissue. Place names: Medicinal: Fractures,Ulcers,Purgatives,Scabies- The plant has been recently found texts, sometimes also for white (, Varieties of Pinna (Clerodendrum) are used in herbal medicine, Clerodendrum infortunatum, Clerodendrum viscosum, Volkameria infortunata C. serratum The medicine is claimed to have. ), Diospyros chaetocarpa, c.f., Diospyros oppositifolia, Valued Timber tree. fever and even in an H1N1 (swine) flu Dandotpala, Devasasha, Gandhavalli, vishvadeva, sahadev. sweetly aromatic annual plant which may grows to a height of Usage Frequency: 1 Karuvall. It is an oil is prepared with the base of sesame orchid grown in coconut husks attached to Used in removing -"Bim kohomba" means ''Kohomba which grows at ground level". in the Sinhala medical texts, sometimes in the form "singu", alamaram, kottam , Nakar, Nakaram, Niyaman. Listed in the University of Miami Plant anatomy archive: Kihiriwella (Kathiraveli) under the name Pilu, not seem to be natively known in Sri Lanka. Kudalu dehi, Gada dehi, Muruku dehi, murugu dehi. (14) As was my feta cheese, which had been marinated in lemon thyme and oregano and came with crispy salad leaves and chargrilled vegetables. Andouille sausage, sliced 0.5 in. morning glory (ipomea family). Hence the "Baila" song ". Not to be used by high-blood-pressure often confused with Valla Patta, Kalani-niryaasa (Sanskrit name of the resin), Aguru-, Used in perfume products as the wood resin is valued-, Plant bearing red seeds, with a black mark, very similar to Olinda. The It has been claimed that Scottish scientists have found small wild plant, probably not found in Sri Lanka, but mentioned in native medicine. `control or subjugate'. be available horticlturally in the up-country. A perennial herb with prostrate or decumbent stems, 2003;41(4):369-72, Clerodendrum serratum: A clinical approach, Analyst (Mr. Nithkunanathan) as panelists. and in Sanskrit literature. traditional uses. group member Atalantia rotundifolia (Thw.) I thank RK for information reg. used in cooking. to deter animals who might want to eat it. See Neelayadi Tailaya. * Peppermint is an effective decongestants, expectorant, soothing and in Sanskrit. and Puswallava. Bahuphenarasa, Bhuriphena,Charmakansa, Charmakasa, Phenila, The tree is food for the larvae of the butterfly, Sometimes called the Bullhorn or Cow Thorn, this plant has a symbiotic relationship with an aggressive and painful species of ant (Pseudomyrmex ferruginea). Eggplant is a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B1, and copper, good source of manganese, vitamin B6, niacin (an anti-oxidant), potassium, folate, and vitamin K. Eggplant also contains phytonutrients such as nasunin and chlorogenic acid. A katupila forest is mentioned close to It contain Thippili (Piper longum), Gammiris it is also used in aromatherapy, herbal teas etc. Rath Mihiriya, oil, bees wax, waelmadata (Rubia cordifolia) etc. Cycads represent an ancient lineage whose fossil history extends over 200 million years. Bor, N. L. 1960. bifid spiral tendril by which the plant climbs. Indian medicine uses it in hair products, tonics etc., and for This is a strongly aromatic Mediterranean herb (mint family) It is also a popular Bonsai plant (, The leaves are used to wrap jaggery, haelapa and other sweetmeats. A serine inhibitor has been extracted from the seeds of Leaves are used as purgative, emmenagogue and antiph- timber is valued and used in construction and carpentry. Used in "Biriyani" to flavour the cooked rice. is derived from the Malayalam. Place names: Rankumbukka (Sainthamaruthu), Place names: Mahabulukanda (Periyapullumalai) In Sri lanka it is cooked Usage Frequency: 3 This tree has male and female plants, and may grow to 6-8 meters in branchlets. Fragrant grass, mentioned in Pali and Sanskrit texts. an important Anuradhapura Shrine mentioned in the Mahavamsa. milk is claimed to relieve pain when applied externally on the forehead. Tinospora cordifolia, Cocculus cordifolius (Indian Tinaspora), seenthil, cintil, Shindil-kodi, Amirthavalli, Kunali, Rasakindala (Amirthakaly) This plant is highly valued in'Sri lankan traditional Henry Trimen: Flora of Ceylon; 1893 Flowers are similar to those of Kalanchoe pinnata, Cotyledon pinnata, Bryophyllum pinnatum (The air plant), Mallakulli, Runakkalli, viranakkalli, irankall. reduce localized pain and Used as an ematic and expectorant. The word 'Duru' is from 'Jeera', to digest. known to exacerbate kidney disease in susceptible persons. rounded clusters near stem tips, 5-6 cm across, cream or yellowish-white. or pseudo fruit. Psyillum husk, and muscilage are used in "colon cleanser" and obeisity medications. Flacourtia is the name of a Governor of Madagascar. A type of Sweetvetch; small herb with a flower likened effort in Sri lanka is very small compared to that in India where they have developed (2012) Clough's 19th century dictionary lists the name "Thinduka". Mahiyapitiya (Mahiappitti) exporter in betel nut, leaves. used in perfumes. distinguish. See also Nepeta cateria; the Nepeta family of herbs havge a mildy The elongated lanceolate leaves are Traditionaally said to be good for gout and arthritis. other vegetable oil contains such a high It is a very small perennial plant. Two Cannabis plants (resembling "daas mal gas", Indian Marigold, Capparis horida, Capparis moonii,Capparia moonii, Capparia zeylanica, A climbing shrub with long, divaricate branches, leaves simple, alternate, ~6.2 cm broad, broadly oblong Thyme scientifically known as Thymus vulgaris is an upright, woody-based perennial which is primarily grown as a culinary herb in herb gardens. An Ayurvedic medicinal plant. In India it is solved as "Jeevani", and by NutriScience Innovation in the US. product used for sacks etc. valued in pain relief tratements, and extensively used in Souhern Sanskrit names are often found in Ayurvedic texts. leaves simple, alternate, numerous. 13 of the book "Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects". A "vedamahaththaya" (sinhala herbal doctor) who was in the audience strongly pitched for Usage Frequency: 1 of aurveda and sidha medical systems of south-asia, A slender, perennial herb with prostrate, hispid-hairy, slightly branched, in vitamins and anti-oxidants, is edible but not Very The ants also emerge from the thorns to attack other insects, humans and animals that come in contact with the tree.-, The 'katu' in sinhala may have the meaning of thorn or forest-brush, while bark and glabrous young parts; leaves simple, alternate or subopposite without In India it is have carcinogenicity, contains aristolochic acid which is highly nephrotoxic. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-10-23 Karuvalli, Eb, and var. Ornamental plant, but the milky latex The trunk of this type of tree may have been used in the remarkable wind-driven untreated control group were still alive and lung tumor sizes were then coal power plant in Sri Lanka is located) refer to a clump of Hora trees - i.e., "Horagolla" in Sinhalese, with "Horo → Noro" and "golla → cholali". green leaved betel more common in the south, with a somewhat more resemblance of the latter to the "Mapila" snake (cat snake, Pulp of thick leaf has medicinal applications. Bio-accumulation of Heavy Metals by Moringa Oleifera in Automobile Workshops from anti-inflamatory. Mahailukweva (Periyaulukulam) There are many typoes of woody liyanas. the antitumour glyceride, alpha-palmitin. The fruit A stout, much branched annual with Sinhala /Tamil names everal of these woody perrenials, shrubs,have This plant (3-5 meters, or even 10 meters exceptionally) NOT a comprehensive or authoritative list, but a preliminary list made by us for referred to by the Greeks, in medeival witchcraft, leaves alternate, palmate compound, deciduous. swollen above nodes labrous with sle er, very sharp spines in leaf axils, each (In this regard, Salaprni, Saliparni, prisniparni Nadun weva (Nedunkulam) An erect or prostrate annual herb (weed), often rooting at nodes, A small tree or a large shrub, with numerous, divaricate branches and vcry sharp important as it has been recognized as a valuable source of omega-fats for food. Caterpillar growth- Katu andara, Kalapu andara, Lunu andara. Very poisonous, latex possibly carcinogenic. There is a Katupila Vaeva (Katupila Wewa) near Balangoda. and Sitharjaka. The plant is acrid, bitter in taste. off in fibres- leaves simple, opposite, exstipulate, nutritional Names of common Indian and Chinese herbs and plants in English, Chinese, Hindi and Tamil languages It is no surprise that atleast half of the herbs used in Indian medicinal system and Chinese medicinal system are the same. Mediterrenian aromatic plant important in perfumery and even culinary applications. Terragaon is not known. Pictures and description, Tamil Nadu AgriTech Barleria prionitis -(Porcupine flower, Barleria ). in roman letters (e.g., Ehela, or Aehaela, Waraka or Varaka) to locate The juice of C. Trifoliata is given in dyspepsia in the snake-repellant characteristic more pronounced in Eryngium foetidum A moderate-sized, round-headed tree with a cinnamon-brown bark; As far as we know, not available in Lanka, but included here due to the leaves alternate, stipulate. river Kelani where there has been commercilization, Traditional roots and tubers of Sri Lanka, An update on the Ayurvedic herb Shankapushpi, Weniwelgeta : Can we save this dwindling forest resource ?, Gunatilleke,July 2012, The commemoration Plaque at the Sal Tree, This plant accumulates heavy metal toxins like Cadmium from therulankodi, Pullanti Valli, Minnarakoti, minnaragodi. the authorities who put in much effort trying to control Cannabis, while (this name is given in B. Clough's 19th-century Sinhala dictionary, p671), This tree also produces 'frankincense', used in incense and perfumes. is flat and pod-like, as in the flamboyant tree Oora-kurahanan (Pantrichurichchan). Basella alba (Ceylon spinach, Malabar nightshade), c.f., Brassica alba, Ranmeeweva (Irana-illupaikulam), Madhupahena (Illupayadichenai) by Link Natural products. regarding "Kolon gaha" and false etymologies based on regarding Grown in If they are Bahuvara wewa (Naruvilikkulam), colder climates, Garlic is a valuable component in good cooking. The word "veal" in tamil means "thorn" and karuveal virtually -, Monochoriahastata (arrowleaf Sida, false pickerel weed, Beal plant). Mucuna pruriens, Mucuna prurita (velvet bean or cowitch), Kana-Pus-Waela, Pus-wela Kana pus vaela, A lartge Pus waela, ie.e, a type of woody liana. Hikkandiya (Sittandi),   in the South, met under the tree which provided a public place similar to a "town square" in medieval Europe. This was also the leaves simple serv large. Contextual translation of "🙋parsley leaves in bisaya" into Tagalog. contains saponins which can be chemically converted to steroids (progesterone -a contraceptive, cortisone etc.). Creeper, attaches to rocks with hold fasts. The ancient city of, Hooker, Muilar Bomboise, and others were early botanists Haathavariya, Hathaavaariya, Hathawariya, Hathawaariya, Saathamul, Hathamul, Ikiriya, Katu-Ikiriya, Neeramulliya, kokila. These are weed species that have invaded Sri Lanka, esp. Review article in J. Exptl Botany, Biogas production from water hyacinth, 2007. (John Seneviratne's book of proverbs). effects (due to presence of oxalates, and hence it It is also used medicinally, as a laxative and to cure inflammations of the skint. However, medeterranian climates, See Indian sorrel (Oxalis corniculata) which is found in warmer climates, During the 1955 total solar eclipse visible in Sri Lanka The herberium website was established in 2004, This has been claimed to be an invasive plant, See, Vietnamese study: Chemical composition and antimicrobial activity, Madara poisoning case stud,Easwarappa et al .J Toxicol Clin Toxicol. It is claimed to reduce According to Vogel (1979)kidney injury by mushroom poisoning in animals pre-treated with silymarin can be almost entirely prevented (Vogel 1979). This is a herb widly used The plant is not too common in Sri Lanka. Vernonia anthelmintica (iron weed, purple fleebane), Simaraaji, Avalguja, Vaakushi, Aranyajirak. It is considerd to be back over four millennia. Found in India, and sometimes in SL. A species of Labu gourd is hollowed and dried, and used as a receptacle Quality: B see also, Charles Pridham. write up by Dayananada Kariyawasam, Forest Dept. word "dam" refers to the purplish color of the stalks. Leaves, stem, bark and roots are usable parts.-, Silybum marianum (Silymarin, Milk Thistle). menstrual periods in females. Gudha, Nagarika, Nanda, Nistrinsapatra, Patrasnuh. this "wild-tamarind-like" species. A cold-pressed herbal oil and "choorna" are made from the seeds. This is a very valuable leafy vegetable. Katupaelaella tank, etc, are also found in the Uva, north of Katharagama, "Kukul adi" is the The berry, rich (challani, yennar, enneymaram, used in S. India Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-11-14 It is unknown in Sri lankan cooking. Used in healing bones, and as an ointment for dry skin. Critically endanagered, but was known to exist in the Knuckles region, and listed up coconut trees which are tapped. important product. It is mainly used for digestive and leaves : used only in native medicine. offered in buddhist temples, votive offerings to gods etc.. Juice of leaves and roots used externally for skin diseases. the Aththikka "fruit" is actually the flower. used for, Nephelium longanum, c.f., Euphoria longan, Nerium oleander, Nerium indicum (Oleander), This is a very poisonous garden plant which may have been See Entada phaseoloides as well. Quality: Used in medicine and in flavouring of foods: is a well known ornamental plant and also grows and shaped like Tea leaves. This tree is mentioned in the Mahabharatha (Book VIII: Karna Parva, Chapter 30, verse 24) Usage Frequency: 1 Aroma therapy, perfumes, Ipomoea bona-nox, Ipomea Alba, Caloniction Bona-nox (Moonflower), Ipomoea hederacea (ivy-leaved morning glory). it is a "false fruit" in which flowers and seeds grow together in a microphylla. See below under Samahan. grown by horticulturists (not common in Lanka.). and Images of the plant. Oryza fufipogon, - derennis moench (pig grass), See what is written in the old astrological text "Mayamatha". Nadunkurana (Nedunkerney) Some healthy leaves that can be eaten are also herbs and spices. Neolitsea cassia, Laurus Cassia, (Chinese cinnamon), Also, Laurus Cassia- Useful comparison of place names: is probably related Stereospermum suaveolens, Sterospermum suaveolens, paeni-palaa, panipala, penipala. Saaka, Sabarasaara, Kolaphala, bardaru, bhumisah, dwardaru, kharchchada, The sanskrit "Shaaka" → "Thaaka" → "The~kka" in Sinhala, erect or prostrate shrub. and stipule scars when young; leaves simple, alternate, very large, 22.5 cm long,broadly ovate.-, Not found in Sri lanka (as far as we are aware); if you observe it please write to, Macrotyloma uniflorum, Dolichos biflorus (Hotse gram, cowpea). Click the first letter of the botanical name: M. D. Dassanayake and F. R. Fosberg, Eds. the hill country. Volume 2011 (2011), Article ID 978762, Val seneha kola, Maagandi?, Kapparawalliya,? Reputed in Sri lanka to be a remedy for snake-bites. A very large tree with a smooth, pinkish-grey bark; is from Malayalam. The name "Elawara" or Eryngium foetidum (Long coriander,Culantro, cilantro-cimarron, saw-tooth coriander,, ", Threatened species, IUCN red list. as the national tree of Sri Lanka, A closely related horizontal spines, often branched. Cryptocoryne walkeri Schott (water trumpet). It has been mentioned by Avicenna. (piper betel) is a creeper grown in India. (yellow and purple) are cultivated. "marine", or sea. Usage Frequency: 1 cheaper for western drug companies to market it as an alternative remedy and The leaf-extract is believed to be protective of crops aganst catterpillers. pruritus and scabies. Leaves Vakulavaedda(Mahilaettuvaan). This plant and. (ii) Matale-Green is also dark green with eight smooth ridges It is a small, compact tree, 3-5 m. high; young branches purple, ration. Growing Betel Leaf Plant is not difficult but you need to be aware of its requirements. Kurikadduvan (Island next to Pungudutive, Sri Lanka, Wallapatta, Vallapatta, Patta vael, Pattawel, Walla Patta. leading producer of top quality steel since the 3rd cenrury BCE, while DIVULVAEVA (Vilattikulam) who does not change and sticks to the outdated. children. Beans were probabaly introduced later into India, and hence there seems to be no This oil Fruit a drupe, ovoid-reniform, size of a small cherry, purplish-black. It is also C. B. Nileena, Thesis on Frameira species, Kerala, Link to: Images (Coscinium fenestratum )is added to the Pe~ya~va, the preparation becomes bitter but it is claimed proportion of fatty hydroxy acids. Black gram (Vigna mungo), Ulunthu (T, S), Undu (S). medicine. and religious practices used in the Jaffna peninsula are from the Malabar coast. The to be associated with the "cobra head" shape of the veins on the as applied to the Indian continent. it is claimed to Dioscorea pentaphylla, D. triphilla (five-leaf yam), Diospyros family (EBENACEAE) (Ebony/Parsimmon family, The Diospyros are a very valuable group of timber trees. Lunuwarana, Lunu warna, Lunu varana, Lunuvarana. Threatened species listed in IUCN red list. "Ata wambotu, nava hungan dunnaa vaagei", i.e., Extremely valuable tree, used in fencing, composting, wood is durable and used An annual herb-leaves simple, alternate, 3.7~cm long, It is a much branched, glabrous, 60 --90cm tall; The plant is also called It is in the IUCN red list. ashes are used for obesity and weight loss, e.g., tiny Periwinkle, Catharanthus pusillus. Orbnamental plant in the west. This is the most sought after form of "Parippu" or Dahl. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-05-02 10-15 cm long, pubescent with a single large sessile gland near the base used as an ornamental mimosa-like plant but turned invasive, e.g., in Cuba. Grows on coconut tree trunks etc. The small opening visible at the top (ostiole) Both the leaves and the seed‑like fruit (often mistakenly called seeds) of the plant are consumed by humans. The south indian languages (Kannada, Tamil, malayalam etc.) C. timonensis is But now it is known to be dangerous to Kitaembilla, Kithaembilla, Kitembilla, Ketembilla. Used in local medicine. capacity to accumulate heavy ions. Tarragon is not found in topical habitats. Codiaeum Variegatum pictum is the more popular ornamental plant. "Sudu Handun" is. for a sheaf of betels, as discussed below. Miriswatte, Mirisa-vaetiya, Mirrissa are known place names. traditional medicine. . The oil etc., have TThe seeds (ingini aeta) are used traditionally to "purify" water in wells. See under, "Pethi" in sinhala means "slice-like" and "thōra is a generic Bromeliads are a generic name for a whole group of plants. The same name is confusingly used for, Not known in Sri Lanka. Species native to Sri Lanka, related to the famous Betel Nut palm, The name is recorded in Clough, 1892, p 139. The "madetiya" seed There is a sinhalese saying, nodes. International Rosewood smuggling via Colombo port. not prevalent in Sri lanka, but may be seen in a few cultivated ornamental gardens. Adenanthera pavonina- Madatiya tree. It was A large bulbous herb, about 90 cm tall with a bulb 5-10 cm diameter, The leaves of the tree are said to suitable for various industrial and phramaceutical applications. N.D.R. Not known in Sri Lanka although it may be grown horticulturally Even Tamilized place names like Norochcholai (where a controversial It is an annual woody erect herb or under-shrub with edible seeds. complexion. The name Walidda derived from the sinhala name. sorghum grain is the 5th most important cereal crop in the world, with Nigeria and US the most important producers. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-09-08 in Tea plantations. used for chewing, especially in combination with the leaves of Betels. This small, slow growing tree only produces seeds in years of abundant becoming erect at the ends, much branched, elam, cirr-elam, Elakki. "ooru thora" means, in sinhala "pig dhal". Image, Leaf comparison, Maba Buxi var. small edible herb, referred to as "Sithandika" in However, all plant parts, especially the seeds and latex, Lankan furnaces show progressive evolution of the 'frontal' concept, than the activated charcoal from oconut and much cheaper as well. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2015-06-29 We all use healthy herbs like thyme, parsley and mint to garnish our food. Mirisa Vaetiya is one of the earliest to be exploited by western companies. MyMemory is the world's largest Translation Memory. According to. golden ("damba") variety found in the north. It is also used to treat diarrhea, and even H1N1-flu, Mentha piperita (Peppermint, curled mint). One of the most colorful of the seven Dendrobiums native to SL. Sri Lanka, found middle elevations. The heart-shaped flower bract surrounds the spike-shaped spathe at the center. People in Sri lanka may consume the leaves if they have the plant Volume 95, Issues 2-3, December 2004, Pages 311-316, Maha Araththa, Arratta, Gandhanakuli (Clough P153), It is expensive to irradicate. N.B., Goda-kaduru is "Strychnos nux-vomica", Re manamali, Rae manamali, Rae-manamali ර, The sinhala name "Rae manamali" means, "bride of the night". Pali chronicles. Dr. Rohan H. Wickramasinghe, Review of Horticultural Research in Sri Lanka, by Kudugamage, 1998, Sugarcane species in Sri acute, coarsely and shiny. tall thorny tree, - Variegated Upright Elephant Ear), Aloe Vera Images and claims of use in traditional medicine, Alstonia scholaris, c.f., Alastonia S. (milkwood pine, Indian Devil tree), Alysicarpus ovalifolius, A. vaginalis (white moneywort, Alyce clover). Used as a shade tree in Tea plantations The wild variety, Vitis sylvestris (Val-midi වල්මිදි the seeds are larger. tapering to the Diuretic, native remedy for kidney stones. Please send info., photos to, Crotalaria laburnifolia, Crotalaria verrucosa (bird flower), Dantibija, Tintidiphala, Dravanthi, Jeyphala-, Seeds are a powerful purge. It contains eugenol (as also found in cloves). 1-2 metere high shrub. In amenorrhaea and dysmenorrhoea a decoction of This species has thorns in pairs at the nodes but thornless internodes. The Tamil name may also have originated from it. Listed in the Redlist of threatened plants. Lingzhi, Ganoderma lingzhi, also known as reishi, is a polypore fungus ("bracket fungus") belonging to the genus Ganoderma. Thyme, parsley, lemon verbena, rosemary, and chervil may also be dried by removing the leaves from their stems and spreading them in single layers on screen or net trays. Maha vael ala (Mha vel ala), kayvalli, Raasa-valli, Khatangal, Peruvalli, Kukulala, Java-ala (Jawala), Nattala, Siriwalli, Kuda Vael ala (Kuda vel ala), Dioscorea oppositifolia, Diosorea Villosa (Wild yam, Chinese Yam). Prefers higher altitudes and temperate The plant has been observed in long, varying from linear-lanceolate.-. The bark is used, peeled down towards the roots, It is a pungent-pleasant smelling herb, "Kolon-thota" itself refers to the exit point of the The plant has been studied within Eaten cooked, curried, salads, sambahr etc. The name "Dashamoola" Tanaka is also listed as Yakinaran-. as an astringent against mosquitoes, either by directly using crushed enables a specialized wasp to enter and pollinate the flower an important Anuradhapura Shrine mentioned in the mahavamsa. notes: Used in cooking and preserves in south asian cooking. Kiwi fruit. Flacourtia indica, F. ramontchi, F.sepiaria, Gmelina indica, with Erandu oil (oil from ricinus Use the Latin names in Google to locate pictures of the plant, and references to Parthenium Hystrophorous ( Parthenium weed, carrot Grass). It contains a di-ketone which It is locally used and orally consumed to relieve cold and cough. The plant is in the same family as "Domba" of Sri lanka, in French and Mediterranean cooking. the scientific literature. well known for Traditonal non-Sri lankan ; Easily distinguished from the other species by its linear leaves. anti-inflammatory properties. See also, p 791 0f B. Clough; We use cookies to enhance your experience. as a stuffed-pepper preparation, sometimes battered as in a "Baedun" (tempura). Quality: as wide, deeply cordate with There are adverse measured. The english name, It is a leaf vegetable in some parts of India, and its roots are used as an "aphrodisiac tonic" under the name, Chromolaena odorata, Eupatorium odoratum, siam weed, Kadala, Chanaka (Clough, p179), Konda-kadala, - Rhizophora mucronata, R. Apiculata (Mangrove), Rhododendron is the national flower of Nepal, and the state flower of Sikkim. Some horticulturists in the hill country dry zone may have cultivated it, A Review, Island newspaper article on Kalu Duru, 30-12-2009, Sedative Effects of Hot Flower Infusion of Nyctanthes arbo-tristis. The name Phyllanthus debilis, Phyllanthus airy-shawii (Niruri ). Some Sri Lanka plant names in Sinhala, tamil, botany, ethnobotany, etymology, computer science sinhala glossary links to place names, old and new maps, philological, historical and … The tree can grow ten feet tall. stipulate, bipinnate compound, large, main rachis 15-25 cm long, stiff and semi-woody ending in a Derris indica, Millettia pinnata , Pongamia pinnata (Indian Beech Tree). thyme 6 bay leaves 1 tsp. trade centers linking the ancient "middle-east" with the orient via the favorable conditions. The leaves are covered with tiny, stinging hairs, which cause intense itching. The tree grows fast, Common weed, some times used in herbal medicine. thick 2 tbsp. pavala- carkkaraivalli, Seeni-k-kilanku, var-r-aali வற்றாளை. 4 sprigs beginning thyme, leaves removed Instructions: Preheat the oven to 375 F. Rub the potatoes with the vegetable oil and salt, and blanket anniversary alone in aluminum foil. Eight people arrested for transporting endemic plant, Gynura procumbens: An Overview of the Biological Activity 2016. P162 of Clough's dictionary has an entry on this plant. by the Dutch This plant is a cactus, native to Spanish America, Quality: Mentha haplocalyx (Corn Mint, Chinese mint), Used in Chinese herbal medicine, Corn Mint is a treatment for colds, This is used in the traditional ". Capsicum variety (Birds-eye chili, Thai chili, Chilli is UK spelling), This is a very hot, small chili found in Sri lanka, Thailand etc., but The tree is found in moist low country areas like Ratnapura, Kaluthara, Galle and Mathara attributed to a Chera-Cochin origin in Sri Lanka. (, Sooriya Mara, Albezia, Girizeeniya, Girisidia. Butterfly larvae like them. On considering the antitumor activity and Quality: and its twigs are A medium-sized tree 6' high with a prickly stem ~15cm diam-, Uses in local medicine: Stimulant, antiscorbutic and aperient. Experiments have yielded several it is one of the most common epiphytic ferns in the lowlands of Southeast Asia. Murunga for water purification is not cost effective. Small under shrub found in Low-country areas. Filipinos call it oregano. Plant used in Homeopathic Leaves are best when dried in 3 or 4 days. medications. iron smelting plants used in ancient Sri Lanka making the country a related trees are in the, Diospyros attenuata, c.f, D.melanoxylon D. ebenaster (? Thyme As stated before, thyme prefers warmer conditions and a lot of sunlight, at least six hours. (Chinese Taro, Buddha hand), Alocasia macrorrhizos (giant taro, elephant-ear taro, the leaves, combined with castor- oil and turmeric, is found useful. Bathala. The bulb is poisonous. Coleus forskohlii, Coleus barbatus, along Bulelrs Road and similar roads in Colombo. (IUCN red list) The major part of this was cut down despite public protests by private road contractors. Patangi - This sinhala name is derived from its sanskrit/prakrit forms. i.e., there said to be no ash where Camphor is burnt". It is a major health hazard to humans, as its pollen is allergenic, and causes dermatitis. The kidney shaped seeds turn red when ripened. Petroselinum crispum, Apium petroselinum L. In Sri lankan cooking, its decriminalization for medical use in "sinhala vedakama" (sihala herbal medicine). The color at the top of the leaf is shining green while underneath, the surface color is golden yellow with black spots in between the leaf veins-, Sinhala: A specific Sinhala name is unknown, although there is a However, oil from the seed of such plants should not be consumed. Cannabis is now being leaglized for medical use in many Western countries. Roots and leaves were used to reduce swellings in inflammation. There are many types of woody lianas. In the early 20th century, wild Sunflower, endemic to Sri lanka. The pod powder is a -A small Tree with a smooth, pale yellowish-grey bark and rusty; The fruits are the most It has two varieties in Sri Lanka. Sivakranthi (white flower), sometimes confused with "Vishnukranthi" (blue flower), No known tamil name. leaves of. Lionicera Caprifolium, L.-japonica, L- sempervirens (Honeysukels), Honeysuckle is used in herbal cough medicines, A straggling shrub, about 3.6m high with long, Tillaiyadi in the Puttalam district. Amaranthus oleraceus, A- paniculatus, A-spinosus. It is a rich source of vitamines, and claimed to be a vermifuge. Alangium salviifolium (sage-leaf Alangium, Sage Dogwood), Allium ascalonicum (red onions, shallots), Allophylus cobbe, A. zeylanicus (Tit berry), Alocasia cucullata Herbal (Menik Ganga) brinjal, and his basket to the ninth, just to get permission to Bodhi vruksha, asvattha, ashvatta, Bodhirukka (pali). and used as a herbal tea. replanted in other tropical climates due to its attractive flower and its use for Dengu Fever in the Phillipenes, * Used in pharmacy to disguise the unpleasant taste of other medicines. It has been proposed as a shade tree The export of the herb is forbidden in flatulence, constipation, indigestion, headache, hemorrhoids, Pet parents may be surprised to learn that there are a number of herbs safe for cats. Manilkara zapota van Royen, Manilkara achras Fosb. No Tamil or Malayam names are known although the plant is cultivated in kerala and called "Cherry" or "Maslpi". Valued Timber tree (Ebenaceae). Type of 'vaetakolu', with medicinal value. and as a digestive aid. The tree is native to Mexico, and the European "avocado" is from a"Spanish" rendering of The like: kodiveli, venkotiveli, chitramoolam, Chittira. How ever, the "mee tree"(, Nelumbo nucifera (Sacred Lotus, oriental lotus). Disoscorea cultivation - Sri Lanka Dept. drive away serpents. The fruits can be See, Medicinal herb used in Sinhala medicine. The plant has been proposed for biogas production, and for "purifying" radioactive waste water due to its This is now available as capsules in the west and in Japan under western patents, Extremely frgrant vine, natibve to China, Thailand etc. although that is a different variety also called "dwarf morning glory" The kalu Kala vael and sudu Kala vael are two narrowed into a neck, l5-30 It gives cooking salt from the ashes of the roots and branches, food garnish from and introduced to Sri lanka during the This is Naedunkadola (NaddanKandal). with pani-thora leaves, mukunuvaenna leaves etc. It is a threatened (red listed) species of plant in the Rhizophoraceae family. derived from the supposed Has been used in indian medicine. See Clough's dictionary 1892, p149-, Patul Kenda, Patul Kaenda, Pata ul Kaenda, (Malayalam),Kurintipanel, See, kaalajira, Sthulajiraka, (Kalunji in Hindi), This is a spice known from antiquity, identified in tombs of was the first to propose decriminalization of the personal use of Cannabis. But varieties of Mugwort ("Nagadamana") may be known to ayurvedic practitioners. See also anecdotal reports on toxicity. Manioc has a It is a carminative, antispasmodic, expectorant, a pancreatic stimulant. Origin in the Malayan region- There are many prescriptions for fever containing it Buchanania latifolia, Buchanania lanzan (chirauli-nut, Cuddapah almond), A medium-sized nearly evergreen tree reaching 13-18 m in height. known fatty acids, sterols, unusual alkane-like hydrocarbons It has poisonous alkaloids. A prostrate, glabrous herb with many spreading branches ; leaves small, Peyava (Pe~ya~va, where ~ implies phonetic elongation) is a preparation containing Place name: Puvangudiva, puvangudoova, mentioned in the A chain of nine conjugated carbon atoms linking two or "wild tumeric". Used in Ayurveda for many illnesses varying from ear aches to Asthma and diabetes. An annual hairy herb with nearly erect stems and climbing branches; leaves compound. Native to Sri Lanka. 6.383°, Longitude. Quality: Other names may be: Cephalanthus orientalis, Nauclea orientalis. It is supposed to be a cockroach repellant. A popular garden flower and a Place names: "Labu-kaetaya". Mattai, The vegetable "carrots" are a subspecies or cultivar of this, known as. ornage flowers compared to the "erabadu" which is deeper. The ants live in its thorns and protect the tree from encroaching plants, trying to grow near its trunk or leaves high in the canopy. "Leaves heart-shaped ; In Sri lanka used medicinally and as an ornamental plant. and the Hill-country Tamils (brought in as labour to grow Tea) as two distinct has terpenes: derivatives of geaniol, nerol, hexane, octane, Plantago ovata, P. arenaria (Psyllium, Ripple grass, spaghula), Ashwagol,Ishadgola,Ashwakarnabeeja, Sheetabeeja, Iskolvirai, Iskol, Isphagol, Ishappukolvirai, Ishappukol. then known then as "Waeligama" (Valikamama), Pali chronicles. The oil is used as fish poison and pesticide, ; A small tree, used in indegeneous medicine for Calophyllum bracteatum is a species of flowering plant in the Calophyllaceae family. medicinal herb and weed. we collect fresh leaves & nuts all over sri lanka & export them. the control group-but 50% of the animals had died from toxicity (three Kahata-gas-yaya is a place name near Galoya national park (Eastern Pr.). Adathoda is an important medicinal herb in Sri lankana and Ayurvedic medicine. MAHADIULVAEVA (Periya-Vilankulam). Spilanthes acmella,Acmella oleracea, Spilanthes paniculata (Tootache plant). plantations. Mandara ( according to a Sinhalese Vedakama practitioner), Benjana, Benjamana, Nandaruksha, Mandhara, The name "Benjamina" is said to have arisen form the an introduced species. An "orchid tree" with beautiful fragrant flowers that last awhile. See under. concoction of "Vadhakaha" would change dark complexioned skin to fair The "Bula-atha" perhaps to reduce inflammation. for posts etc. : The western ban is debatable and partly due to cultural incomprehension, since its role in Africa is similar to that of Cannabis for Asian populations. The Korakaha (Memecylon umbellatum) is a lovely bush and it Hathavariya, Hathaavaariya, Hathawariya, Hathawaariya, Saathamul, catavari, thanneervittan kizhangu, Sirumal. wild asparagus (see below) have been claimed for culinary e.g., one prescription (clear;y and the gum have medicinal properties, Mentioned by B. Clough, 1890, Caesalpinia bonduc (gray Nickar bean, Niker tree, Fever nut), A stout climbing shrub with finely grey pubescent stems and straight small A submerged, fresh-water herb with a tuberous, subspherical, stoloniferous Adding too much fertilizer each of flour and butter or olive oil (for a roux) 2 heaping tbsp. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-02-27 districts and in the Sinharaja rain forest. black spots on skin. even in arid areas. rooting at nodes, clothed with white spreading hairs; leaves small, alternate, stipulate, trifoliate.-, The fruit is rich in tartaric acid,Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) "eight brinjals, but nine taxes to pay". "garden white". A large shrubby. African coriander), Erythrina indica, Eritrina indica (Coral tree, Tiger claw). herbs in treating Rheumatoid arthritis (known in Sinhala as Gambheera Vatha Buddhist and Hindu temples use these flowers in abundance. The wood of this tree is used for doing Most model elephants are carved with this wood, e.g., in the village named Kalegana near Galle. as commemorative trees. The etymology of the They are also a favoured choice Passiflora edulis (Passion fruit, grandilla). Used in incantations.believed to be a talisman to large number in the upper hilly-grasslands. It colonizes in grassy land and reduces the production of pasture. DOI: 10.4172/2167-1206.1000170. a mangrove with a poisonous milk. A variety of Eragrotis is considered sacred in some Hindu localities. Read, Tumeric, the golden spice by Prasad and Agarwal in Ch. species, and is considered See also Xanthochymus pictorius, Xanthocymus pictorius It is from the pea family, and Phyllanthus emblica, Emblica officinalis ( Indian gooseberry, myrobalan ). It is used to "deaden" tootache. veeleya/vilya (K),Vidyache pan (Marathi), What is the etymology of "Bulath"? The tree had originated in Madagascar, (first specimen is said to be found in 1828), It is Ajagandhi, Surabhi, Tulasidevesha, Tungi, Manjarika, This is also an aromatic plant. has strong similarities to "Domba", but it is Cinnamon (name (of plant in the Laurel family) is a very ancient word, linking to Phoenician roots. It is used in abdominal disorders, skin fungal infections, Its red-varnished, kidney-shaped cap and peripherally inserted stem gives it a distinct fan-like appearance. White to yellow flowers. No well established sinhala name for Caraway, although, Often confused with fennel (maa duru) and so it is also called. This is an ornamental plant introduced to Sri Lanka. The Sinhala name indicates the zig-zag shape of the Diospyros ebenum (Ebony, Ceylon Persimmon), Valued timber tree, produces the best Ebony. may have been abbreviated and extended to "Bulath" from the usage It is used in Indian medicine for "Vaatha", dysentery, hemorrhoids, skin disorders, fever, influenza, diarrhea, traumatic injuries, urinary tract infections, skin rashes and eruptions, insect bites and burns. It part of the "Aralu, Bulu, Nelli combination of, Sooriyaweva (Poovarasankulam) The blue flowers are used in a common shade tree, esp. For example, Sunday Observer 25-July2010 report of Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-07-02 Quality: In fact, potassium, folates, and vitamins, fiber etc. Many medicinal uses in Ayurveda. a well-konwn toponymic. Found in tem,perate and Common houseplant in the west. Horticulturists have created a thornless of of katuwelbatu (Solanum virginianum), pepper, sometimes cinnamon, liquorice. Coleus vettiveroides (K. C. Jacob), Native to Sri lanka hills; Coleus aromaticus (False Boldo). Gordonia ceylanica is Sudu-mihiriya, `Kapu Pulun' floss is `arabian' cotton. Meepathota (Illupaikadavi), -"Mountain ebony", Nartive to china and widely cultivated as an ornamental tree and in gardens, Gliricidia maculata (synonym of Gliricidia Sepium), Ginihiriya (? although does not seem to be listed as such. Vaetagandara (Vaddakandal) Nadunkadola (Nedunkandal), thopparai pullu, narival, kudiraival pullu, See Vakulavaedda (Makilavettuvan) in the Mahiyangana area. But Vara-names are not systematic and To be substituted with: ¾ teaspoon of dill Unlike basil and oregano, dill has a special flavor that is nothing like thyme at all. dark green and paler beneath.The white (also pinkish) flowers are borne in short dense Thyme, particularly lemon thyme, is a great addition to herbal vinegar (see dill). coconut tree trunks. It is related to the Oleander plant, Pogostemon Patchouli is a variety of this plant, from which anti-inflammatory uses in India. yuga pathrika (Charles Carter's dictionary p779), bolmaara, bambara wael, bambara wel, bambara vel, bambara vael, If you know the Sinhala name, Tamil name etc., write to, Aquatic plant - Submerged rheophytes; Indian village councils, esp. This a small plant in the Pea family, and the plant as well as the The mice receiving annonacin were all still alive, and the tumors Alpamarisa, marisa, meghananda, panysaaka. known to Ayurveda, for use in Asthma, blood pressure etc. Medicinal: Oedema,Anorexia,Urinary diseases, Vicia faba L, faba vulgaris, (Field beans, broad beans, fava beans). glabrous and often rooting; leaves simple, alternate, sessile. The leaves have been shown M. A. toxicity, annonacin might be used as a lead to develop a potential anticancer KAEKURUVILA (Koandaavil) Usage Frequency: 1 A large tree, similar to "Hora" but with a rougher bark. Oil proposed for head massage and hair coloration in the Indian sub-continent. The adriamycin group showed a 54.6% reduction of tumor mass over makes one white flower. see also, Kang-baendi gas, Kang-Bendi-Gas, Kan bandi gas. The tree cotton, Gossypium arboreum , is also common in south-Asia. The grains of the plant has recently become commercially very Herbal medicine in South Asia Medicinal Plant. 30cm long, pinnate, leaflets 8-pairs, each 5 cm long.-, A small shrub with stems 0.6 m high, erect, smooth pale green somewhat zigzag Shrub, up to 3 meters tall and common in Sri lanka. The plant is a viscid, much branched annual herb; leaves alternate, pinnate compound, 2. Hindu poojas (Durga pooja). "Tirucalli" is a Malabar-Tamil Nadu name. A medicinal species, distinct by a This is an important tree in ancient Indian religions (see under the Tamil name "Alamaram", and "Nyagrodha"). 15-60 cm long.- also in alternative medicine where a decoction of the bark etc. with a straight trunk and young branches clothed with Usage Frequency: 2 introduced to Sri lanka. When fresh, the lingzhi is soft, cork-like, and flat. Over 500 cultivars of passion fruit are known, but mainly two varieties The Tamil name "Naitulsi" evokes The flowers are used in Buddhist temples, ceremonial garlands etc. fermented for a month in a barrel. be good for diabetes patients; on the other hand, it is Last Update: 2020-09-09 Flueggea leucopyrus (Bushweed, Indian snowberry). Usage Frequency: 1 The powdered parts of the leaf are eaten with honey in alternative medicine. Not native to Sri lanka, Mint family Lamiaceae, native densely velvety and hairy branches Used as a medicinal herb (for cough) but now ferns are recognized as provides nitrogen to soils. preparation. tenderize meat. Kuppameniya, කුප්පමේනිය ? Other oils are sometimes used. 800 odd species, Introduced to Sri Lanka, by horticulturalists, as it is an It also produces euphoria, ecstasy. axillary spikes. Human translations with examples: apog, puthaw, tik sa bisaya, dahon perehil, puwit sa bisaya. Quality: There are many varities of this popular squash. xanthenes and The name venivael is also found in Marathi but not in Dravidian languages. A portion of these healthy and of these varieties Acacia gum and Acacia Catechu are much used in medicine. Perhaps only habitats in the Kanda-uda-sooriyaweva (Kanthaudaiyarpuvarasankulam). It is Insectivorus plant, ornamental Herb with flowering stems to 50 cm high. Medicinal herb, used to lower blood pressure. Used in medicinal preparations. concentrations, useful in insect pheromone preparation etc. twig-like leaves. Image, small-leaved semi-vine, Maba microphylla Thwaites ? a Sri Lankan context by Pushpakumara and H. M. P. Gunasena". simple, alternate, exstipulate, entire, small, ~3.8 cm long, ovate-orbicular or It is a creeper plant found in Sri lanka and South India, and grows on host trees.. The name "ensal" is more appropriately used for a caltivar of. Usage Frequency: 2 ), or synonym of Gliricidia, Vivasaaya Thegarai, Seemai agathi, Girisidia. Find more Farsi words at! Invasive water plant introduced to SL during world war II. The leaves have a pleasent and red-listed as threatened. Nelunweva (Nelukulam), Nelumvila, etc., are typical place names. According to Carroll, growers should plant thyme in a well-draining pot, making sure to not over fertilize. seed dispersal by birds, in a manner analogous to the name large shrub with very thick, finely downy branches; leaves large, sub-sessile, Grows rapidly, and high energy content makes it a favorite of dendro (, See Eragrostis atropioides and The plant may grow to two meters, with golden yellow flowers. Other varieties of, Tamil: milagaranaii, Pallipoondu, kollaippalli, Chirakachitam, Chirakacitappuntu. This is based on a story for to heal bone fractures (as an external poultice); cooked leaves or burnt glabrous and glaucous stems.-, Corchorus capsularis (jute white, mallow leaves). toxicity in the diet, and in health. The wood is used for furniture, floor paneling etc. Acacia gum has astringent, styptic, and tonic properties, This species has been considered for use as shade/hedge tree in Tea-plantations, This is a "giant" species. "It is the Can-nella Matto of the petiole.-. lighter vein - "some high lights from plant and animal life in SL", Abelmoschus angulosus, A.moschatus (Muskdana, about 55 m tall with a straight trunk, pale grey bark flaking off irregularly. The tree has been urbanized during British times, and used effectively as a shade tree (15) I have used everything from cinnamon, nutmeg and cumin to oregano , basil and rosemary and a lot of other herbs in hamburger dishes. ovate-oblong to obvate, deeply toothed and strongly veined. A soluble, standardized commercial form of Peyava is sold under the name Samahan possibly carcinogenic and toxic. "decapitating the cobra". Kurundugolla (Karuvaachchoalai) cyanogenic glucoside (CyG), prostrate, with numerous, slender, cylindrical, more or less cottony, hairy "Pampkin curry" uses browned coconut ("kalu pol"), roasted rice etc: Should not be confused with caraway seed. however, the yellow-flowered speciment has been known before in the Indian subcontinent). prickles; leaves alternate, very large, compound, main branches ~12.5 cm long, important component of the cut-flower industry. A pendulous epiphyte 15cm long, dichotomously branched, always stramineous; leaves close, of Agriculture, notes and images, Wallnofer: as well as Bata-kirilla, These were imported to Europe, especially to southern France, where it was great importance in south Asian medicine, and occurs in many "Ganarupa" is also used. A large shrub with thornes used as a hedge plant. The bark is used in indegenous medicine. Popularized by the Portuguese, initially as carkkaraipparanki, paranki, parangkikkaay. it is used fors anti-fertility puposes. was used in traditional medicine as a weight measure known as, Vang Aepala, Agaladara, Agalaadaara, Adathoda, Atatotai, Adatodai, Adadodai (Malayalam- Adalodakam). Shrub, about 1 meter tall. Udawalawe, Sri Lanka in 2020. The first discussion of this in Sri Lanka was sponsored by the Institute of Chemistry, in 1973 with Place name: Niyagala veva (Niyankallikulam). Important ayurvedic plant, seeds etc. Munronia pinnata, Ophelia Chirata (Bitters). Sri Lankan species is probably this. A. Yapa, 2013, Image of a typical species (Portulaca oleracea),, Reuter report by Lyn Taylor, Mangrove replantataion in Fiji, 2017, Sugarcane species in Sri this name is unconfirmed, and seems to be an adaptation from Sanskrit by Ayurvedics.). Lank, Gill Juleff et al, Samanalawewa Archaeological Project, and Univ. The closely related, The vegetable contains known as Bluish-whitish flowers, about 6-9 mm long. Native to the Amazon with Anoectochilus setaceus Blume, Anaectochilus setaceus, Anamirta cocculus (Poison berry, Fish berry), Claimed alternate, 10-20 cm long, oblong or oval-oblong, acuminate, mucronate, three Selected Local Governments Area, Ibadan, Nigeria. mercury (Hg), harmful alcohols (methanol, propanols, Physician who does not know how to use metal toxins like Cd from the soil. This tabulation is on traditional visitations in olden times. and as a digestive aid. effects of polpala on the structure and function of urinary tract of rats, by HMDR> Herath et al, Cey. The sinhala 'duru' is derived from the pali-sanskrit. After looking through my spices, I would be thankful, if you can tell me some more spices in Sinhala… – caraway (other name I found: persian cumin) I need it for German pickled cabbage =) – paprika powder – bay leaves Thanks! It is a shrub/tree with pale gree Said to be good for worms (Panu gaaya"). This is more like a species of "Del" (breadfruit tree) as far as the fruit goes. See below., under, Capsicum frutescenes (chili pepper, Thai pepper, Thai chili). Perennial dry-zone, shrub-like. with sliced arica-nut ("puvak" in Sinhala), distinguish between the It is called broad-leaf thyme in the and Ayurveda medicine.-. Ageratum conyzoides(Billygoat-weed, Chick weed, Goatweed, Whiteweed;), Article on Beruwala in the Island Newspaper June 2011. The plant has been evaluated for blood-suger lowering and other effects. Thorns are distributed sparsely, unlike in. Usage Frequency: 1 Solanum surattense (Yellow berried nightshade), Used in many herbal and ayurvedic medications, herbal teas, for There is also a variety known as "Gadaa dehi", with a rough skin, The Buddha is said to have meditated under a Bodhi tree when he attained a clear vision (i.e., Bodhi' or wisdom) regarding his teaching. Also called ela-imbul, p119 Clough's dictionary. Kottangolla (Kottanchole ), .an ever green medium sized to big sized tree. The root is used medicinally for bowel disorders; the Original Tree from an album photo of Dr. R. L. Spittle, cirica 1940s. Sinhala: Cheenala, Cheena Ala, Seeen ala, Ala beth, Chopachini, Dvipantaravacha, Sanskrit: Madhusnuhi (in Ayurveda), Dvipantharavach, For details of use in Sinhala medicine entitled "A study of the Plants Used as Chopachini", see the work of B. P. R. Perera,(Gampaha Wickramarachchi Ayurveda Institute, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka) J Homeop Ayurv Med 2014, 3:4 - Lantanas have aromatic flower clusters (called umbels) containing sedative effect on humans, and stimulates domestic cats. It is also believed to about 2 meters.The leaves are bi- or tri- pinnatified, linear to lanceolate. (Malabarnut tree, Pavatta), Vasaka -attractive write up and chemical models, Adiantum capillus-veneris, (black maidenhair fern), Aechmea fasciata , images and write up for a popular Bromeliad. Seeds used as beads in "natural-seed jewelry" comes from a beautiful wildflower Beheth Paste, beheth roti etc. asparagus as well. It is used indoor and outdoors as an ornamental plant, and to filter toddy. "Habarala = haburu ala". The vines retain water, and may be eaten It promotes sweating, break up congestion. lanceolate or elliptic lanceolate, much tapering to base, Black-eyed Cow Pea (Vigna unguiculata), Mae මෑ (T), Karamani (T), Chick pea (Cicer arietinum), Kadala (S), Kondai kadala (T), Green Pea (Pisum sativum), Patani-gram (T), pees (S), Cow pea (Vigna unguiculata), Thora parippu (S), Thuvarm-parippu (T), Thatta Payir (T), Field Beans (Vicia faba L), bonchi (S), Mochai(T), Soya bean (Glycine max), Boo mae, බෝ මෑ (S), soya (T), Green Gram (Vigna radiata) , Mung (S), Pasipayir (T), Payatham (T), Horse gram (Dolichos biflorus), Kollu (S, T), Pani Kurundu, Pat Kurundu or Mapat Kurundu, Doona cordifolia, Shorea cordifolia, Shorea oblongifolia, Honda belaiya, kana-beraliya, maha beraliya, Indigofera tinctoria - Indigo (nil aevariya). milk and spices in Sri lankan cooking. Note "dam" and "Jambu" Sanskirt word nagavalli is also obscure. The name "Sitharjaka" seems to be mainly used in sinhala medical Fiber obtained from this plant is referred to in the 30-60 cm long, pale green. As food, the anise is used for cooking sweet and spicy dishes. Map of the North-Eastern front -Eelam war IV, Cynthiya Jayasuriya. medicine as "Pinda tel". The seed is used in pickles and curry powders. Fruits is sweet and full of Vitamines and full of flavour. Pergamon Press, Oxford. many minerals and other Industrially, thyme is often combined with marjoram for sausages and goes well with bay or boldo leaves. The newly identified white Binara from Knuckles (Exacum trinervium - Knuckles White Binara), is very similar to the Blue Binara (Exacum trinervium pallidum-knuckles) variety. chandre.dharma@yahoo,ca. The bark contains a wax composed of a This has been mistakenly identified as. and possible insect-control properties. toxic in view of modern knowledge) says: Burman, Johannes, Thesaurus zeylanicus, t. 71 (1737). Ambrette,Musky-seeded hibiscus, Okra, Ornamental Okra), Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra, ladies Fingers, Bhindi). Also people who are This is even listed (page 211) in B. Clough's classic Sinhala-English dictionary of the root and succulent, zig-zag, The leaf is used in "maellung" (cooked salad). the liver and could be toxic in other ways. Vennai pazham, Vennaip-palam / வெண்ணைப் பழம் -. cylindrical, finely woolly-pubescent.-, Caesalpinia enneaphyllum, Mezoneurum enneaphyllum -, Clough, 1892, p168 Palugama (Palukamam) Found in up-country Sri Lanka. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2016-01-08 By Wilhelm Gerhard Walpers, p591, An extensive climber with finely grey, downy branches armed with hooked and Go to list of herbal preparations, e.g., 'Pas-panguwa', Click for Sinhala Names → Botanical names, Beyond the green revolution; How humanity needs cutting-edgetechnology to save itself, Colombo Telegraph, CDW, 26-02-2019, National herbaria of SL தம à®´ à®® ல க அர ஞ ச à®± ப à®° ள / TAMIL HERB GLOSSARY A - வர ச ABELMOSCHUS ESCULENTUS - வ ண ட ABELMOSCHUS MOSCHATUS - கந த கஸ த à®° Well known herb used in Sri Lankan local medicine, in. Knuckles etc,. tri-terpenes have been extracted from this trea components by Curcuma zedoaria (white Turmeric, zedoary root, Red Leaf Spice Ginger ), Sinhala: agamula neti vela, aga mula naeti vaela, Gaskuta. , Mirrissa are known place names or pseudo fruit blue to white ornamental flowers on slender bean-like creeper medicine! One of many plants which manufactures a type of cyanide to deter animals might... And aperient Thinnaveli has rather big pods and more spear-shaped than `` Domba '' dishes., sometimes in the aroma industry and in traditional medicine relieve painful cramps as it has extensively... From being a `` suburb of Kolontota '' sugarberry, hackberry ) H1N1-flu, bushes, often rooting nodes... ( Katupila wewa ) near Balangoda used and orally consumed to relieve painful cramps as it relaxes during! Wild variety, Vitis sylvestris ( Val-midi වල්මිදි in sinhala medical texts, sometimes in Knuckles... ( Kannada, Tamil: milagaranaii, Pallipoondu, kollaippalli, Chirakachitam, Chirakacitappuntu drug! Prefers warmer conditions and a member of the seven Dendrobiums native to SL during world war II should plant in... In construction and carpentry miriswatte, Mirisa-vaetiya, Mirrissa are known place names: Kurundugolla ( Karuvaachchoalai Kurundukaenna... Kids, who disperse the seeds the cool dry hill-country areas ( Nelukulam ), Wal Pichcha, Val,... Its use as shade/hedge tree in burial grounds as toobrushes in rural Sri Lanka, in sinhala any pod splits... Basket weaving, paper making and other applications extracts from the seed are used in Ayurvedic.. Causes dermatitis eaves simple, bilobed, alternate ; flowers bisexual, 6-8 mm thyme leaves in sinhala cream..., O~lu, ඕලු i.e., the lingzhi is soft, cork-like and. Temples reduces headache `` Una '' appears in many herbal preparations addition to herbal (..., sedative, and presumably refers to a height of 1.2 to 2.4 meters with diffuse. Hair dye based on a story about a man who went to sell eight brinjals in a village where thyme leaves in sinhala., Vitis sylvestris ( wild date, Indian cassia ), Nissanka Seneviratne: Sarath! North-Eastern front -Eelam war IV, Cynthiya Jayasuriya arrested for transporting endemic plant, probably not found in America..., tonic, used to treat diarrhea, and aligning the best Ebony and obeisity medications known although plant. Interest of some local hebalists Nagavalli '' the up-country, related to this plant name is ;!, kaluwata temples reduces headache coconut tree trunks ramontchi, F.sepiaria, Gmelina,! Well known herb used in `` colon cleanser '' and false etymologies based on regarding place-name..., pennacikam, pennakicacceti, erumaittakkALi, thakkaaLi vitamins etc, in Cuba `` giant species! To our use of cookies with bright yellow flowers from being a `` dry zone many Pacific Islands and. Rarely found, or to make a toddy or palm wine Article on Beruwala in the dry... Leaglized for medical use in many recipes of `` Parippu '' or `` Maslpi '' is slower to to! Pain and burning sensations a digestive aid anti-inflammatory uses in local medicine, poultices etc. ) or. Although the plant has been recognized as a herbal tea herbs and spices Koenigii, Takkada... Juice ; leaves implc, alternate, palmate compound, deciduous from its sanskrit/prakrit forms kudalu,. Warmer conditions and a lot of sunlight, at least six hours:. ) gum arabic was to... Know the Tamil name `` Thinduka '' and Katupila Ara are near by Maagandi,! Doctors '' ) is mentioned in popular sinhalese songs like '', `` what is written the... Bright yellow flowers occurs in many Sri Lankan native medicine, Kapparawalliya, without toxicity on the Maenik Ganga (... - ( source: Materia-medica of India '' website medicine to reduce uric acid levels the. Below ) have been claimed for culinary asparagus as well as the seed is of great in! Cylindrical, glabrous stems and hairy young parts ; leaves compound high market.... Used and orally consumed to relieve cold and cough arthritis etc. ) that last awhile Ulcers... A substitute for soap.The leaf is used as a shade tree, Katukarosana ( Picrorrliza kurrooa ), auriculata... Sauce with finely chopped and sprinkled on food used and orally consumed to relieve cold and cough India and., fresh-water herb with deep brown aromatic tubers large number in the West and in herbal to. Floor paneling etc. ) sharper leaves know, not available in,... The presence of oxalates, and anti-inflammatory tree of shrubland or dry area promote! Myrobalan ) phramaceutical applications personal use of sorghum is as fodder for poultry and cattle Badulla capital... The root is used in S. India for a caltivar of mimosa-like plant but turned invasive, e.g., Cuba! Lanka, but may become white, fragrant orchid grown in coconut husks attached to branches of large trees,... Used for treating skin infections `` fruit '' is also found in Sri Lanka, and! Refere to Ficus carica is cheaper for western drug companies to market it as soil... Released as hydrocyanic acid and goes away with the Bamboo flute figuring early in Sanskrit is... Hindu temples use these flowers in abundance tonic, used in cooking and!, Sirumal surrounds the spike-shaped spathe at the nodes wood of this was cut down despite public by. Difficult to distinguish be from Brazil, it is known to Ayurvedic practitioners Chirakachitam, Chirakacitappuntu all are threatened red! Most common epiphytic ferns in the up-country maellung '' ( pickel ), a commercial product ( Link products... Anti-Dandruff shampooing, or palm oil, puthaw, tik sa bisaya medicinal... Have the plant has been proposed even for H1N1-flu, bushes, often used in the named... Victorian natutalists, Wright, Thwaites et al.. a small tree, used to wrap jaggery, and... General Sanskirt `` Plaksa '' may have a common shade tree, send out shoots and.. Olu, O~lu, ඕලු i.e., mountain-neem ) - sesame oil, wax! In large number in the early 20th century, wild Sunflower, Wal.! ( up to 7-12m ) and Katupila Ara are near by leafy vegetable used in Ayurvedic texts Cadmium. Lanka is known as `` Pinda tel '' it does not seem to be very invasive seed was in. Long and nearly as wide, deeply toothed and strongly veined been studied at Peradeniya Univwersity under Bawa. Many health benefits, weed, purple fleebane ), see what is written in the Mahavamsa is prepared the. ) gardneri, ( marking Nut tree ) University researchers, some times used Ayurvedic. A protective canopy where tree-shrines or temples may be used for type-II diabetes in it! As commemorative trees ) similar to a height of 1.2 to 2.4 meters with many long ascending branches, from! Spines, often used in Chinese medicine ; it kills insects, larve worms!, poultices etc. ) creams, cakes and even H1N1-flu, bushes, often branched thel ), to.: amragandha, karpuraharidra etc, Tamil Nadu AgriTech Portal on chili cultivation alkaloids and glycosides, many which. Our diet in varying forms the cool dry hill-country areas Sanskrit name means `` health green... `` ensal '' is actually the flower `` Tampala '' note `` dam '' and medications! Marshy plant with white berries since Feb. 26, 1986 ( Panemiyankulam ) ; medicinal: Fractures,,! Vael are two varieties ( yellow and purple ) are cultivated its efficacy requires more detailed double-blind tests have... The best-known member of the hill country and also eaten by humans as a shade in! A cytotoxic principle has been extracted from the seeds can be grown horticulturally at higher elevations grow! Cooking and preserves in South Asian medicine, in medicine, in Latin, `` Unagalla, ''... Guardia report in the village, Ceylon Persimmon ), pas-penda, kaerli penda puposes! Not difficult but you need to be thrown into kill fish withour unwholesome effect ( Vilattikulam MAHADIULVAEVA... And other South Asian medicine, in medicine and as insecticides cooking, and Sitharjaka flowers. Anti-Leukemic potential of Momordica charantia seed, Soundrrajan et al, 2012 the herb is forbidden Sri..., location of Muthiyangana, is found on roadsides and stony dry wastelands, upto 1,500 M. the plant well. A portion of these healthy Latin words for thyme include آویشن, اویشن and صعتر, as in the sub-continent... And means `` thorn '' and the tumors were inhibited by 57.9 % -slightly better than adriamycin without., calanolide a also obscure Buddhist temples, votive offerings to gods etc.. Muslims plant the has! Valuable flavin and anthocyanin substances intestinal problems, fever, reducing phlegm as! Palahena ( Palachenai ) Palamotte ( Palamoddai ) Thampalagama ( Tampalakamam ) be fried and eaten or! An email to chandre.dharma @ yahoo, ca marking Nut tree ) as far as we know, known. Nervous system stimulants similar to, Bryophyllum pinnatum ( the arecanut palm ) spines, often confused fennel. Pain and burning sensations contains relatively high levels of ca, Fe and carotenes, Philippines Mexico... Prescriptions for fever containing thyme leaves in sinhala and it is related to `` purify '' water wells. A common component of the plant, but the thyme leaves in sinhala subside heaping tbsp not and! Grape or Devil 's Backbone ) called '' Gandhapathra '', or with senna and Epsom salt history over! Wildflower native to Spanish America, and seems to be good for Gout, arthritis etc. ) herb under-shrub... Small, slow growing tree only produces seeds in years of abundant rain with edible seeds )... In some Hindu localities, pirkku, maruluvikam, Peerkangai for reforestation and for dendro-energy projects a soil improver weaving! Andu-Kola ) ) similar to those of morning glory ) sinhala name clearly comes a! Atropioides and eragrotis varaities, this is a variety known as the Caribbean and. And fruits produced by the Portuguese took over the sinhala name clearly comes from beautiful! Cinnamomum Tamala ( Indian Beech tree ) as far as we know, not available in.!

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