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I have compared the tone with some of the clean sounds of the Pompeii 2016 concert and I have to say again that the tone is incredibly ident and simmilar to the authentic Gilmour sound. In my guitar I use DiMarzio Area/Virtual Vintage noiseless pickups. Any suggestions will be respectfully noted. Thanks Bjorn, the ssl5 is in and an ssl1 in the neck. In this feature we’ll look at different single coil models with David Gilmour’s tone in mind as well as a few tips and tricks. May i ask you for your opinion about if there is a “big” Sounddifference between these 2009 American Standard Strat Pickups, and a 69 or Fat 50 like Custom Shop one??? They have a slightly hotter bridge but not nearly as much as the SSL5. My wife is going away this so I sm going to have lots of time to try different settings on the strat and pedals. Personally I like the SPC a bit higher and the EXG off. It costs one third the price of the DG signature strat. What is your tone capacitor suggestion? A high string action will create less magnetic pull but the pickup will also sound weaker and loose some of its characteristics. I can reproduce the acoustic part of Dogs where he used that Tele live, perfectly, and it’s indescribable how full, and balanced the pickup is. Hi. The EMGs and other so-called noiseless pickups are great but they sound different. [I guess RWRP is about taste and preference. These are based on the pre CBS 59 spec pups. I’m not a technical expert so I can’t really answer that… Anywaone? I need your help… I just bought the neck and middle CS69 pickups for my Strat (already have a SSL5 in the bridge), but I think something’s wrong… I also asked to install the Gilmour Mod…, The thing is, in position 2 (Bridge+Middle), I hear a thin sound, with less volume than the other positions and with almost none bass and middle’s… I get a very trebbly sound and no “quack”… what can that be? I assume they were sent to Fralin because in the opinion of most, he is more familiar with Fender, and specifically Strat pickups, than most people alive today, and I have his Cintage hots in my guitar, with resitance readings close to those DG has in the current Black Strat: N: 6.0, M: 6.0, B: 6.8 middle pickup is RWRP, and all have #42 Formvar wire, with the bridge having a “bass plate” to strengthen, and smooth the bass, without losing high end, and middle. Thanks, Stuart. The Custom Player comes with American Vintage 57/62 pickups, which are fantastic for early Strat tones. Do you think that is a good mix/blend? I’ve also always wanted to try out EMG’s and I think this is a good opportunity to do that. A common issue is that people often set the treble and tone controls too high on the dirt pedals. On a general note, pickups with more output has more mid range, which goes well with Big Muffs. Everyone from Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton , and even David have at least one set of his pickups, ( early versions of his splitblade, with Beck the only one who has them in a stage guitar at this time, but he has rexesigned them, and each of the 3 guitarists have a set waiting in a Lindon shop for pick up at this time! At TC Electronics they say that the Alter Ego V2 and other models and also all Flashback models are actually the same pedal. Obviously, which pickups you should choose depends on your taste and purpose of use. Based on the late 60s tones, the SSL-5 was conceived in 1979, designed for David Gilmour’s Black Strat. Hey Bjorn, have you tried the GFS REDactive Active pickup set? Hi Bjorn. The base plate will give you a bit more mids and a generally warmer tone but experience with is that it’s redundant with the SSL pickup. Personally I’m using a NoCaster neck and early 60s bridge. SSL-5 on the bridge swells the high-mid frequency quite a bit. I simply feel that if guitar players are looking to mod their Strats to emulate the Gilmour tone, there is no better place to start than the SSL-1C DG and it seems this guy is the only source of that pickup. I imagine if Gilmour releases another album this or maybe next year and uses a black strat with a totally different setup, with other pickups… HAHAHA.. a lot of people, just like me, trying to change everything again! Thanks. Just wanted to get your thoughts on the Little ’59â„¢ for Strat SL59-1 (http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/stratocaster/medium-output/little_59_for_s/) or Hot Railsâ„¢ for Strat SHR-1 (http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/stratocaster/high-output/hot_rails_for_s/). As far as I can tell this would all cost me somewhere around $500 US maybe. ciao. Then watching Live at Gandske, I noticed Gilmour seems to do the same. The same pickup height starting point described in this article also works for bass. People don’t realize if they don’t sort out their capacitors to get the tone they want, the tone knob is not going to be very useful because the foundation of the tone has issues, and there are lots of videos in the internet showing the differences of tones with different capacitors. He happened to be selling a MIM, that he dropped one of the Stratcat.biz assemblies in. Hello, Bjoern. Thanks. In my experience the next step up in sound/playability from $900 Roadworns are $2500-and-up Custom Shop models. I thought is was a 57 reissue when they handed it to me, but it was so light I knew something was wrong. Do the single coils in this article also work for telecasters too? That sound is your magnet fighting your string. It goes well with my amps but then again, I set the amps very clean which makes the pickup sound less hot. I have never been so pleasantly surprised until now. I don’t have much experience with different pickups for slide but as with anything it depends on what tones you want. I looked at the Steinberger GT guitars, and the fact that David used them on Momentary Lapse was a big plus for me. Thanks! Thanks for the kind words! VIEW REPORTS. I’m looking for a set of pickups that has the best chance to get me closer to a PULSE tone. The middle pickup on 50’s set is 6k… is the middle close or the same compared to a 69 custom shop pickup which has the same output at 6k? Excellent article Bjorn!… So, I have a setup in mind… A Fender Classic Series 60’s reissue with a Dimarzio FS-1 bridge pickup… I plan on building a replica of the ’77 version of the Black Strat… What do you think? Would a set of Fender CS 54’s or the Original 57/62 set do the job with them having more mids? so that I can remove some treble from the bridge without having a muddy tone in the neck? Have you tried this on other Strats with similar pickups as yours? I only need to know it for the Neck and Middle Positions, or are these American Standard Stock Pickups very close (enough) to the Customshop ones???? And, if they aren’t right, send them back, and he’ll rewind them, or give you a full refund! Hei Bjørn. Have you heard about the Seymour Duncan ssl-52? – Bjorn]. If yes, what do you think of it in the neck, combined with the ssl- in the bridge and the fender cs 69 in the mid? If anyone has more experience with active pickups then I, feel free :). For the Cub, I’d go for the Buffalo TD-X Tube Driver. Otherwise, the only height adjustment for these is available via their six threaded-steel pole pieces. I thought they’d be too “country” but they really shine. Playing myself I used the Middle and Neck PU for rhythms which seems to come closest to the actual sound (Bridge is to harsh IMO) CS69 and SD SSL5 setup in my Strat. Will have some fun to see how they work with Amos and pedals now. I haven’t noticed any issues with the comments field but I’ll look into it. Keep in mind that the Fat 50s was featured on the Fender David Gilmour Strat by a request from David but on his own Black Strat, he actually has a 71 Fender neck pickup, which is more or less identical to the Fender Custom Shop 69. It might be a nice choice for Vai and other heavier tones but for Gilmour, Wilson etc I’d go for PAFs, ’59s or even P90s. Glad it worked out :) – Bjorn]. I installed the new pickups and, at the same, I also shielded the cavity with some copper tape as recommended on Kit Rae’s website. Hand wired pickups will always sound better, as in more open and dynamic, so it’s definitely an upgrade to consider. After searching and measuring, I had determined that the location of the 11 screw holes for the pickguards was the same, so I took a chance that the Mojotone components would fit in the Squier's cavity. It just sounds better to my ears and if I want something hotter I swap for a P90 or PAF loaded guitar. I know this is Gilmourish, but I know you know quite a bit about Hendrix as well. Thanks! I use a Vox AC-15 (handwired) with Celestion greenback speakers in it. Do you think they would be a good budget friendly alternative to the EMG for getting PULSE tones? I will try the catalinbread echorec and the strymon el capistan by the corner shop, but i would like to try the replica and the flex delay too. Already very grateful for your comment. Doesn’t DG use the Red Strat with EMG-SAs for “Shine On…” in Gdansk? I’m thinking of buying an alternative set for Gilmour tones. Again, I’m sure there are others that both knows and has much more experience with Hendrix’s setup than I. If not, is it worth putting the Black Strat combo into the Am. The HT Club 40 is a fairly modern sounding amp, somewhat close to the newer Marshall models. For me it all depends on what I need then and there. My Fender Champ 600 is too big and wont match the voltage over there. £10.91 postage. Hi Bjorn, A friend gave me a set of Hand wound Josefina Campos fat 50’s pickups. go to 2:15 onn this and you can hear the splits on this LP There are no official records on the pickups in David’s old Esquire other than them being custom wound by Seymour Duncan at some point in the early 70s. [I’ve never tried the GFS pickups but from what I’ve read they’re well worth a try. I finally got one not too long ago and after installing and playing with it for a while I had a little bit of a feeling it might not be for me and perhaps I needed something in between the CS69 in the Bridge and the SSL5. I don’t think you can wrong with any pickup although for the typical Gilmour Tele sounds, I’d prefer low output vintage voiced around 6-7k. The bridge, a respectfully hot 10.5 K makes the guitar sound more like a Tele, that the tele pups that came out, nice and twangy, with lots of bite, but without sounding spikey. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/800x600q90/28/00yz.jpg. It’s very much a PAF style humbucker. Well pleased – Thanks again. Glad to hear :) Experimenting is part of the fun :). i believe David used it for a bridge pickup before he switched to the Duncan – but I’ve read that Mark Knopfler actually used one in the neck. Hi, Bjorn. These are generally more transparent sounding, allowing the pedals and your playing to sound more natural and dynamic. Thank for all your advice and information. I’m putting the STK-6S (read SSL-5) in the bridge. regards Noise is such a big topic and the source of the noise you’re experiencing might come different places inside and outside your setup. Hi Bjorn – What an amazing resource you have built, thank you. Both are very thick sounding and have a more aggressive flavour compared to what I call sweet (emotional expressiveness and intricacies but without harshness). Recomended contact via mail or phone. 8^)) Taylor on his book specifies that Gilmour was trying to get more punch on bridge position and tried the dimarzio, but he thought that it show no significant difference and started to use the duncan ssl-1… I wonder why this models is not used on the Fender Gilmour signature model, but they installed the ssl-5 instead… maybe “ears” are responsible for this fact… cheers. Also If you want WYWH and DSOTM tones, would you change the SSL5 for a Dimarzio FS1 or it´s kind of the same? Most of the models will be able to cover a wide range of other genres and tones as well. In every youtube video of vintage Strats, 50s sound a lot trebly without the lows balancing the tone, early 60s sound a bit more compressed and powerful and late 60s ones not so full sounding, but warmer than 50s. Hey Björn, Great Site. It was a great weekend of learning and moding. That is what those screws on each end of the pickup are for besides pickup mounting : height adjustment of the pickup. I have been upgrading for over a year now on my Gilmour tone quest, with you site as my main guide. Don’t have any experience with the EJ pickups so I can’t compare but I haven’t noticed any significant difference between the Allens and other PUs that I have. The signal is induced and in turn amplified. Just an FYI for people as a resource. Not too sure about what tone I would prefer but I would want a nice, thick quack in the 2 and 4 positions. [Nope. And just within the last year I had a Mexican standard that I really liked also but it was stolen so this is why I ended up with the Squier which I am not ashamed of I really like the guitar and unlike the MIM’s I figure I am going to modify or swap the pups which are Duncans. Thanks a lot. Regardless of what pickups and pedals you choose you can’t expect them to sound like David’s setup without a decent amp. Measure the distance from the bottom of the string to the top of the. That’s what I’m going to go with, I meant SSL-5 in bridge. re the pickups, I would like do use SSL-1 on neck as a fat 50s, is this ok? How different is it from the SSl5? Gilmour tones: Warmer and darker sounding alternative for Black Strat tones. I haven’t tried the Am Standards for a while but they used to have pickups with lots of high mids, which can make them sound a bit harsh so you might want to look into something a bit more vintage around 5-7k output. When you made the decision to change the cs69’s to the dallen 69 voodoo’s in the neck and middle what made you keep the ssl5 over the dallen echos bridge pickup? Vick Audio 73 Ram’s Head Great pickups IMO!!! Thanks! They can handle pretty much anything, produce any tone I want and the moderate output and wound doesn’t colour the tone. Forget the DG GHS strings: they are too bright and trebbly at least with these pickups. Sorry, I forgot to tell you what tones I’m looking for. My Amp is a VOX AC4-C1 Blue, and my Strat Pickups are Fender CS 69 neck and middle and Duncan SSL-5 bridge, after your recommendations. Just got the new pickups installed and after some quick tweaking of pedal and amp settings I can hear a difference in tone that is much closer to the Black Strat tones I’ve been looking for!!! hands. Humbucker, Singles, p90, bass or special instrument pickups handcrafted and not break the bank. I have several of his pickup sets. Check out the Klein handwound set modelled after the black strat https://www.kleinpickups.com/p-105-s-8-stratocaster-set.aspx. I have a Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster mid 2009/2010: sunburst, alder body, rosewood neck, with pickups N3 and S1 Switch. I never did some single noise from his songs, did you? His name is Craig Wells and interestingly, he managed to get an exclusive contract with Seymour Duncan to produce SSL-1C DG pickups for him to sell (the “DG” stands for David Gilmour). Although an easy and effective way of dealing with the problem, shielding will also reduce some of the high frequencies in your tone by raising the capacitance of the circuit. Before you start swapping pickups I’d run a check list to isolate the problem. [Glad to hear! Non-noiseless pickups in the Black Strat in 1979 were custom wound Seymour Duncan SSL1C bridge pickup (forerunner to current SSL5), Fender ’71 neck and middle (source http://www.gilmourish.com/?page_id=66). The JCM is a stage amp and bedroom level can make it sound thin. The 69s are all 5.8k. Oh yeah you are right! A tone depends on so much more than that :), Hi Bjorn, I recently acquired a 1995 Les Paul studio. hey guys, I've got a standard mexican HSS strat with no modifications and I want a bit more balls from the humbucker. I’d certainly like to hear their feedback… what would rock and roll be without feedback. Do yourself a favor, and talk to him, he is very accessible by phone, or email after 11 am edt Monday – Friday I think it would be a nice combo. [Hi Brooks! – Bjorn]. Middle- 5.9 DC resistance Here we talk about a set as follows: ssl-1 neck and middle, ssl-5 bridge. Thanks a lot, I forgot to say that my squier was made in 1984-1987, an that’s the reason I want to keep that one and change the pickups, I ‘m pretty sure I gonna use a combination of Duncan SL5, Fender CS69 and Fender CS fat 50′s Pickups, I have a VOX Night Train head and cab amp, what do you think about the combination of the pickups and the amp? However, like the Strat pickups, vintage style 50’s and 60’s pickups has that transparent clear tone, with the bright chime and tight low end. Is this correct? I’d place the Plexi after the P19. Do you know if David ever used the humbucker on his strat during DSotM? Any adivce? [Sorry. Last thing is pickup heights change things a whole lot. Hi Bjorn! Since my Squier Thinline has a Gibson scale neck, and is a semi hollow body, I’m having a set put into it to get just a tad closer to the sound of an ES series Gibson, I hope! Of course, it’s always down to how you set it up and in what environment you’re playing in but you should be able to get some nice tones :) – Bjorn], Thank you so much Bjorn :) i really mean it, Ahh, also, which late 60’s pickups would you recommend for David’s tone ? Acoustically it’s really good, but when you plug into any amp, loses all of it’s beauty. I see some new Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Gilmour sets of 3 out on the market now, but I thought I would ask your opinion. Looks great! Vintage plain Enamel 42ga copper magnet wire. Name: Ernie Roe Rating: 5 Mr. Got my Mojotone '58 Quiet Coil HSS today from Sweetwater. After some loooong conversations with friends last days, I think we, guitarists, are only trying to replicate tones and sounds by other guitarists (let’s say David Gilmour) we love and we miss the point of using them as tools and as a reference to express ourselves and say and play for our thoughts, feelings and motives in life. Or many different settings? Not like a Strat. MI Audio Super Crunch Box I must be getting somewhere! The 69s are a bit more transparent, with a bit more low end but both has that bright vintage flavour. The SSL1c is really just the SSL5, so it would be cheaper to just buy two CS69s and a Duncan SSL5. Thanks for your kind words! – Bjorn], Lindy Fralin, Fralin pickups, makes some fine split blade Tele pickups, and a p-90 style Tele pickup as well. This seems to be a standard feature nowadays on many boutique pickups, as opposed to the exact vintage specs of the fender CS 69 which doesn’t have the RWRP for example. that we could easily ask our questions from you and other users and other user shares their experiments that we could learn from them… Any pickups would do but since I haven’t actually played your guitar it’s hard to tell which model would be better than others. Of all the dozen strats I’ve had, my 2012 with its fat 50s is to my ears the most Gilmour of the lot. I’m concerned about it sounding too ‘metal’-ish with the Muff. Split Blades are a different beast: check the video below to see Lindy adjust some Split Blades. It’s based on the p-bass theory. What amp and pedals do you use to get the Echoes tone? They nail all of the early and latter tones and they’ll do a pretty nice job replicating the 80s and 90s as well. Sorry to be so inquisitive about a pedal that’s not Gilmourish, but it is a very interesting subject, having actually learned what it really does! Based on the tone of the guitar, I would imagine that it’s something close to mid/late 60s specs, with a bit of mid range presence. I think if that quality of tone is not there, you can’t recreate it by pedals and amp knobs. Definitely gets you close to that warm mid-rangy PULSE tone. Would it be just a set of all ’69’s? I have Laney 12 stock. You might also want to look into mid focused overdrives or boosters, like a TS9/OD808 or the Klon… or a clone, like the Soul Food. This is a great site. I recently bought a new black Fender Stratocaster American Vintage 57. I think the price is a bit too much but then again, you would get some customized items. More hard rock and high gain distortion sounds. I think I was listening to demos of Fender 50s and 54s and they sounded as if the high frequencies and twanginess were a bit over the top. Witch humbucker pick-up is the best replacement for the SSL-5 bridge pick-up? Were these simply tried, found lacking and set aside? Sebastiano, [You pretty much got it right :) #1 is the one you want for the bridge. It’s very similar to the SSL5. Thanks. Keith. Thank you for your reviews and this amazing site. Pickup covers - your choice of black, white or cream. Hi Bernie, how did you set the GE7? Seymour Duncan SSL-5 All my Strats are shielded with copper foil and I have no problem with buzz. I reversed the wiring, installed the switch, and adjusted the claw. It sounds great but if I am using any type of fuzz, I have to use an OD pedal after it. The sound is fantastic. Really helps me find out what’s out there and how different pieces of gear compare. Aloha Bjorn, The same principles applies to combining pickups and amps. I am really not sure what to put in there… the only thing I don’t want to change is the JB SH-4 in the bridge. They use #43 enamel coated wire. Thank you for you insight. Once again I thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge you are saving me a lot of money that I could have wasted!! – Bjorn], http://www.guitarfetish.com has some really decent pickups and a humbucker adapter plate to single. I’ve did my research and the neck and middle is mid scooped (just like 69’s) and the bridge is high output with more boosted mids, according to his tone chart (similar to ssl5). Buffalo Fx Evoloution I already tried do shield my guitar and get far from eletronic equipments, but it doesn’t work for me. Really excited to try the EMG DG set on my blue, japanese Strat soon :) Should arrive tomorrow. And I followed the Fender CS pickup setup of Fat 50’s/ CS 69/ SS5. All content except where noted otherwise is © gilmourish.com/Bjørn Riis 2020 | Design by Bjørn Riis, See my full review of the Voodoo Blues set here, See my full review of the Echoes set here, See my full review of the EMG DG-20 set here, spec chart on the Seymour Duncan web site for details, tips on choosing the right pedals for different amps, You can find pickup settings for PULSE here, setting up your gear for a bedroom situation. I haven’t tried it so I can’t really tell. The set I’m thinking to get is the ‘hot custom’ set with 5.8k neck and middle and 13k hot bridge. Do you think I should detox my rig and downsize? Is there something I might have done wrong, and do we simply have a different earing of what is sweet? In regards to the caps… I’m sorry but I have very little knowledge about this. VIEW REPORTS. It happens that in the 2nd position of my 5 way switch (which would combine middle + bridge pickups) the guitar sound is like very high-ranged, I kinda associate it with the sound you get when you have a wah-wah pedal all the way down, it mostly sounds like that, and not as conventional stratocaster 2nd position would sound, which would be more warmth and much less aggressive. BTW, your site gets better and better — thank you for this. Anyway: I installed a custom Pickguard with the rounded edges and the “secret switch” ($106 pick-guard w/switch). I know I’m Unfortunately I don’t have a proper audio interface so I had to borrow one to make these demos: [I don’t really have that much experience with noiseless pickups. Depends on your Strat and its tone. These articles are WONDERFUL and I thank you for the time and effort! Are your guitars shielded? Experiment, always. higher point for the G and D string position). I was a little nervous about drilling a hole. I’m wondering if you are familiar with LeoSounds pickups, and if so, if you can offer any comments please? The bridge could be an original 50s given the fact that it is an Esquire but I’m not sure. Regarding DG’s use of Seymour Duncan pickups, I directed your attention to page 116 of Phil Taylor’s book on The Black Strat. @Keith hey man, I figure now’s a good time to ask you about the Catalinbread Echorec. It’s all about taste but also the fact that the Squiers are cheaper for a reason. Thanks beforehand Björn. I’ll contact you very soon. Magnets: Alnico V Do you know whether David also has the SPC control in lieu of the tone control on that guitar. Just the pre wired pick up guard. Thank you! The difference is just a nuance and whether you hear it or not depends on your amp and the pedals you use. Wow Brooks! Wanted to see if any Fender custom shop DG NOS model owners experience significant Buzz with these guitars? Hi Bjorn It’s been a great helpful for em in my journey in tone searching in general and specifically for finding the “Gilmour”sound. I love it and it compliments the set nicely. This web-site really is a boundless sourse of information for guitarist playinge in all styles of music and especially us Floyd fans. What’s your opinion/advice on this topics? Some like it. David’s “workmate” feature custom wound pickups by Seymour Duncan. He is THE STRAT MAN I’m going to attemt to get you two together one more time, as I KNOW his pickups belong at the top of the list. I don’t think I explained things very well. Mayer then went to silicon, and combined everything in the famous”cheese wedge”. It’s not too tinny, not muddy, just a very versatile 4 head delay sound. Ive tried the MadMex singles, and absolutley the 60-70 era vintage or slightly hot wounded (“split coil-ish” option) pickups. I have basswood in many of my Strats and prefer it over alder actually. Thanks for reading this. Buzz can only be eliminated by installing a conductive shielding (copper foil) inside the guitar cavity that’s connected to ground. They have given me the thicker/fuller sound I was looking for and still enable me to get close to vintage sounding too. Hi Bjorn, I dig the extra power, for sure; but it seems it’s a bit dominating in tone (and volume, tbh) when engaged in combo switch position(s) with the middle pup. I kept bringing down the neck pick up but my Fender repair guy brought down the middle pick up position instead. Sorry for the late reply. Hello all at Fralin In the end, I just wanted to share my not-so-happy experience and to warn some people who don’t know much about pickups, like myself, that is not always as easy as it seems to change guitar pickups. At the moment I’m using a pair of Texas Specials for a vintage tone with a bit of mids but I love the early 60s twang and even the NoCaster era too. I’d like to know if you have any idea about why is this happening? – Bjorn]. Start by setting up your amp for a nice and warm clean tone, which will be the basis for your pedals. Thank you very much for everything, greetings, [David used the beaten Esquire for Animals and although it’s not confirmed what bridge pickup it feature I would assume that it’s no hotter than 7-7.5k. Bjorn, had a meeting, your Vintage hots will be in the mail soon! But they have told me that to downlowd the Flashback delay onto Alter ego I will have to downlowd the tones to my computer first and then load it to the pedal. The tone characteristics of a pickup is a combination of different types of ALNICO magnets and coil, number of wounds and the technique used during the winding process. …I think this is the config (Fat50,CS69,SSL5)on the Custom Shop DG Black Strat? Sounded great. http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/electric/stratocaster/high-output/custom_stack_pl/, [Yes. The following setup procedures and specifications are for your Stratocaster as equipped with the strings that come on the instrument as standard equipment from the factory. Depends on what guitar and amp you have but in general I would say a full set of Fender CS69s or something similar like the D Allen Voodoo 69s. I’m looking to improve the sound (of course I love Gilmour’s tone) of my Ibanez RX-650. Voodoo Blues; SSL1, and Dimarzio True Velvet. They wind each Alnico 5 pole piece individualy. I’ll install a middle Custom fat 50 in the Middle position since it is reverse-wound. I play an Fender Pawn Shop Mustang Special and ask myself if I should replace the stock humbuckers which sound quite dull and undefined with the Seymour Duncan Phat Cats to give it a more singlecoily sound with more brightness and definition. I really enjoy the single coil sound but the hum is killing me. Cheers Anyone here using ceramic pickups? you’d buy? See my review of the EMG DG20 pickups here. Just wanted to put in a word for the 57/62s, which surprised me no end — I was expecting them to come up short to the CS69s I’ve been using (and still will) but on the 57 Vintage reissue, which isn’t an expensive guitar, these stock Fender pickups are great for Gilmourish tones (early period, my favorite period). [The pickups are low output with very little mid range, which can make fuzz pedals sound a bit thin. It’s also worth checking out the Mooer clones of these pedals, which are a bit cheaper and sound great. I had sold off most of my stuff except for several pieces of some project guitars I had laying around the house. My amp is a VOX AC4 C1-BL, blue which is a 4 watt combo tube amp that is fairly loud for bedroom practice. For the Strat I want early 60s features and I am thinking about the pickups of DAllen. Let’s clear something up: there is no 100% accurate height. Is there a good combo of pickups you can recommend? I’m really not the one to answer this… I’m no expert on the technical stuff and I would have to open up my guitar to see. you can get one with a black pickguard now ;) a bit more expensive, but looks kinda cool. So here I am, a year later, reviewing these pups. Gilmour tones: Black Strat bridge pickup (Animals – present). Perhaps it’s the guitar or the amp that’s reflecting some strange frequencies when you use that combo…? Hi Bjorn, I’m trying to decide on the CS 69&f50s /and the voodoo 69s , to go with my SSL5 I’m leaning towards the Voodoos, any thoughts? I love it! Your thoughts on the Wilkinson Vintage pickups? Also I wired my second Tone pot to the bridge. Ok, I’ll pass the information to the guitar tech and see if it solves the issue…, This would be correct right? Cheers!! [They have a fairly high output and my experience is that lower output pickups are better suited for getting a typical Gilmour tone from your Muff. BIG MISTAKE. Replicating a special tone is part of the fun but learning how to express yourself on the instrument and using effects and different amps and guitar to find your voice is much more rewarding. Sorry for my late reply, Franklin. If I don’t, the guitar sounds sputtery and clipped. I understand John Frusciante uses SSL1s in his vintage strats, which must say something about their quality. – Bjorn]. Allen has a variety of different P90s that should suit most nuances of the single/humbucker terrotory. – Bjorn]. Quite frankly, I didn’t even look at the pedal enough to see the controls are, level, and fuzz, and only ordered it to get 1 of 2300, attempting to get the entire tribute set, but missed out on the Univibe. The Fat 50s has a tad more mids. Very musical ,and respond nice when you dig in. I like the CS69’s very much. Hey Bjorn! Hi Hessam! You did a tremendous job with this website. I had my great germanium fuzz (which I gave away to get an Analogman BC109), but my American strat has a set of Samarium Cobalt Noiseless PUs. Guy does impeccable work, responds quickly. Spent many hours with him playing different pups, and just enjoying the incredibly cool Kat that he is. They have a fairly low output and sound somewhat similar to the SSL5. Sound like the old SAs? Recommended similar models: D Allen Austin Blues, Kinman Blues Also says that lower string height will have more pull. Or a gritty bridge if the amp is more on the clean side. I found some precision square brass rods in exactly the heights I needed. The pickups are all stock Fender and Duncan, selected for David’s Black Strat tone. – Bjorn]. Hi, what pickups do you recomend to Fender Standard Strat MIM? Depending on what tones you want, a dark sounding guitar, will perhaps need brighter, low output pickups (Fender CS 54, 69), while a bright, thin sounding guitar, can be improved with a set of higher output pickups with more bass and mids (Fender Tex/Mex, Duncan SSL5, EMG DG20). Do you believe the chopper will sound good with Muffs? [Hi Daniel. I do not work for Craig Wells nor am I affiliated with his business (OverDrive Custom Guitar Works) or website, but I have spoken with him at length about the pickups and other Gilmour-related gear he offers. I have a Custom myself that I’ve loaded with a custom NoCaster neck and custom late 60s bridge, which has a bit more mid range than the stocks. Alumitone Fusion Jazz 251 Humbucker. Do you know if there is any place in the web, where I could find all the Pickup selector positions and settings of the EXP and SPC knobs, for the David Gilmour Red strat EMG pickups, in each song of The Division bell? A set of mid 60s would get you close. Let me know if you need more help :). Hi Bjorn, I was wondering if you have auditioned the StewMac EMG DG20 David Gilmour Pro Series Pickguard for Strats. – Bjorn]. I wanted to complete the pickup balancing advice, though. I`m sure the cover is on correctly, and after looking at it some more I think it was meant to be this way. Keep in mind that these needs to be adjusted to the amount of gain you use. I finally bought Wampler Plexidrive and just got it tonight. You may also want to consider a SSL5, which is very similar although the SPC would allow you to control the mids more. I also have one with DG20 that I often use for recording. I want to change my bridge pickup. You can find the info at Lindy Fralin Pickups, just Google his name, and contact him, he’ll hook you up, and you can get Gilmour, and Beck from the same ( well two! (Originals pickups are Fender standard ceramics). Thank you for your guidance and all the info. Bjorn, question for you about the Seymour Duncan ssl-5: Is it better than or about the same as the DiMarzio fs-1? The syncopated, overlapping delays are exactly what the Binson did so well, and every time I’ve messed with it, I’ve come up with several incredible riffs, it’s not the one trick pony I expected, but also is a great song writing tool. Personally I prefer lower output pickups for the neck. Works nicely! Thank you. I have the SSL-5 in bridge position on my Aria Pro II, and I wouldn’t say that the cleans are sweet. It’s slightly darker and lots more mids. Shouldn’t be any reason why a pot or cap would cause any issues but I’d take the guitar to a local tech and let him have a look. ), but I would imagine you’d need to be pretty hands on the guitar volume to find the right balance. Have you ever heard about the Seymour Duncan 920D set? On this guitar with 9.5″ radius neck, bringing the pickup too low makes the high E string has too weak signal, and generally make the B and high E string sounds a bit too thin. Fender Custom Shop Texas Specials I have Washburn Nuno Bettencourt N1 guitar. Still, if you want something similar to David’s Black Strat tones then the hot bridge is kind of the point. The Fender CS69 is definitely the closest match. I’ve also noticed that the David Allen Pickups are wound very close to the Fralins, with the values of his 69s very close to the vintage hots, and his Voodoo Blues, almost the same as Fralins Blues Specials. Just pondering…, [Might give you a bit more bite but it’s not that big difference. – Bjorn]. The SH-10 Full Shred might seem like a strange choice to match with vintage single coils, but the output is very close when split. The Strat is stock-no modifications done. It sounds less stratitis coming out, and less of unusual fast decay on some frets closer to the body. Hi Arya! It most certainly is a keeper and now that I’ve adapted the configuration to my playing I’m loving my strat even more. I prefer PAFs but it’s a matter of taste. I want to build a new Strat and my first Tele. Was: £562.58. – Bjorn]. Keep in mind that the SPC adds mid range so if you have mid rangy and compressed pedals, like a Rat, TS9 and similar. It doesn’t do all that to the tone but you will notice a slightly rolled of top so that might make them sound less vintage… I don’t know. What all these options have in common is a well sorted alder chassis and a slick, satin finish maple neck with a comfortable C profile and easy to navigate Pau Ferro or maple 9.5" radius fingerboard. Rob, Hi Bjorn, Guitar: Fender American Special FSR Vintage Blonde, Ash body maple fingerboard. Utilizing a push/push mechanism (the set feature a custom tone pot that you need to swap with your old) you can switch between two modes on the bridge pickup a slightly overwound 69 at 7.6k (same as featured in the Voodoo Blues set) and the even hotter SSL5-ish at 12.5k. As I understand it, the 3 pickups identified as SSL-1C are now under the name of the SSL-5. If you’re into David’s 80s and 90s tones then you should check them out. Hi, what do you think about Fender Deluxe Drive Strat Pickup Set? There are lots of models to choose from but the true tone should be somewhere in the 60s, with medium output and a tad mids boost. Your email address will not be published. In a rock trio band, my 69s through a Vox Ac15 sound weak. – Bjorn]. Do you think it would be a good move to put the SPC control on a lap steel if will it get too muddy? Thanks again for providing such a valuable resource! I like to upgrade this one to simular to the Gilmour signature one. Go with modded strat on wywh animals and beyond? Here’s a picture of the guitar (that’s not mine). I’m not really sure. I prefer the late 60s specs :). Actually when I bought that guitar I was looking for a 57/62 Vintage strat that I was going to modify using your recommendations from the website. – Bjorn]. Gilmour tones: Black Strat all eras. These 90s Les Paul humbuckers are apparently a middle of the road by means of the hotness (somewhere between 57 classic and Burstbucker). I have already “bored” you in the last months :-) and now my pedal board is almost complete I remind you my “tools” The SSL5 is a great alternative for the bridge, with a bit more warmth and output. Thanks for great tips on pickups. whats your 2 cents? The typical 50 or 60 cycle hum is hard to eliminate. A booster after the fuzz is a way to compensate for some of the tone loss you get on typical bedroom setups. I like the tone I get from the bridge pickup, but the neck and middle pickup aren’t Gilmour-ish enough for me. Thanks! It took me all of five minutes, without the head settings in hand, to get the absolute perfect delay for the Echoes Arpeggio at the end of the space jam, right before it goes into the third verse, and it was dead on, just like pompeii, or meddle. The really special pickup to me, is the 8k neck pickup, that will even get a bit of wonderful grind from a clean REEVES, when at full volume, but the slightest turn causes it to clean right up. See this feature for some Dark Side tone tips and this one for Wish You Were Here tone tips. They are low output I believe they are around 5.9 across all positions. Hi Bjorn, The Hot Golds are good for more of a more modern sound (although I did run across a video of Gilmour playing a strat loaded with LS Hot Golds when he was playing for some random unrelated act). I’d like to put similar into my Tele and hope to get just a little closer to the master’s wonderful sound. [The CS69s are vintage straight wired and non specific to placement. by height adjust. Hi Bjorn, Have you tried Bareknuckle pickups? – Bjorn], Hi Bjorn! Setting the gain low and the master high, will provide the cleanest tone but David often keep the preamps pretty hot, right before breaking into overdrive and the master volume to push the volume further. Kinda think it shouldn’t be good for this price point, but you never know.. Both pickup sets will go nicely for the periods you’re mentioning but a more accurate set would be the CS69s. However I went in last week for a total of 7 hours over two days, and besides learning more about pickups than 30+ years of playing in somewhat successful bands had come close to teaching me. Do I have any hope of achieving these sounds/tones with what I have currently? What kind of adjustments would I need to make to dial in a FS-1/SSL-5 type of Gilmourish sound? Thoughts? Do you have any idea what kind of Strat pickup is in the neck? I also am becoming aware of the some times subtle effects of too much Presence, Bass, Treble or Mids, etc, etc which really helps. I never replaced those on one guitar. The Evo, TS and PD are somewhat similar and the Overdriver, BB and Crunch Box might also be overlapping each other. oh yeah, also looking for his modern black strat tone, too. I haven’t heard or seen otherwise. Check out Seymour Duncan or D Allen for some great sounding models. I’m probably asking a lot, but really if you had my medical issues you would be amazed at how the sound being too far off makes my brain scream stop. Don’t have much exprience with those, so I can’t really tell. [Sorry for my late reply Randy. This one got caught in the spam filter for some reason.Thanks for the kind words! Never owned a Fender before. Even combining it with the other two standard pickups. – Bjorn]. Hy Bjorn. I went with the SSL 5. Could CS 69 with Duncan SSL-5 @ bridge be fine? Thank you very much for answering and you have made a great job with all the information in the webpage.. [Hi Diego! The inspiring sound of a Stratocaster is one of the foundations of Fender. Great bridge pickup for more sustain and bite. Also would the Fender Custom Shop ’69 be a noticeable improvement over the fat 50’s in the middle and neck position? Just so curious how different it sounds to my Black Strat …. What do you think about it? I hope you have the same or similar impressions that I have about this pickups set. Hi Bjorn, The point for me is that I’d like something a bit hotter than the SSL-1 I have now, and was considering going for an FS-1 in the neck. They have that nice bluesy tone that would work well for Gilmour tones. Mind that these settings should be matched to your pedals and amp. does someone here feel the same way as I do? [What kind of amp are you using? Comparable in sound to the D.Allen 54s but QUIET! A mild compressor will also tighten up the tone and add a bit of sustain. I’m thinking about putting a set in my Strat, possibly their Vintage Player 1966 Classic in the neck and mid, and a hotter model such as their Red House in the bridge. Like you always say it all depends on what tones you want. I ended up taking your advice on the SSL-5 (bridge) and CS69 (middle/neck) set up. Probably something around 6.5-7k on the bridge and slightly lower on the neck, but I’m not sure. I took your advice and put cs69’s + SSL5 in my new strat – love it!! Do you have experience with the EJ strats pickups and would the Echoes set be a significant change? I would prefer a classic sound similar from Live at Pompeii to Dark Side of the Moon. I have a SD SSL-5 for the bridge and CS69 for the others and it sounds great. So, will it make any difference swapping them out in favor of the 69s, or is it just a wast of money? What are you missing? Bjorne, You might experience a lot of feedback and possibly microphonics as well. I’ve covered David Gilmour’s Telecasters here. Thank you for all the info and please give me any feedback you can? Question: Hi Zach! A full set is spot on Gilmour’s Atom Heart Mother-WYWH tones. I own a Fender Highway Telecaster, but the pickups don’t sound as good as I’d like to. Regular price $169.99 Sale price $125.00 Sale. I changed back to my passive and sll5 pick ups then missed the fatness of the EMG!! It has the original HSH pickup configuration, but I`ve acquired a new SSS pickguard and will be installing CS69 pickups in the neck and middle positions and also a SSL-5 pickup in the bridge. I have a set with 8.5k neck, and 10k bridge, and they’re the best sounding pops I’ve played, and I’ve played close to 50 or60 guitars with p90s. There are no sources on what these might be but they were done sometime in the mid 70s and by the tone I would assume that they’re late 60s specs or perhaps a tad overwound around 6-7k. I’d prefer that anyway. Thanks for your time- Josh J, [Hi Josh! does it change the sound?. Hope you can help me on thuis. I also have a TC Alter Ego V2 Echo pedal. Hi Ardavan, you’ve got a lot of gain pedals there :) Obviously, I can’t tell you which to keep and not. Of course no single guitar or pedal or amp alone I play through a little Vox AC15, and only in my home) will make someone a Gilmour, but with my two strats, this pedal and the amp, can I get some of those big, lush, clean, atmospheric tones…? @Operario, sorry I haven’t said more about the echorec, I’m self employed, and was out with an injury, and an illness back to back, so time has been limited. Lindy makes everything from vintage P90s, to overwound to your taste. Tone is obviously more than the pickups but late 60s models or something with a bit more mids, like Texas Specials. Crazy, I know, hope you never have to find out for yourself. I guess i want the tone majic of the passive pick ups but with the option of a fuller fatter clean tone too.. hope you can advise me . i have recently replaced the stock pickups in my black 2008 mim strat with a sd ssl-5 in the bridge and ssl-1s in the neck and mid and will probably leave them there from now on. Thank you for your time. Still I ‘ll have to order one without even trying it, cause there’s no left model in stock. Classic clean and transparent, bell-like Strat tones. The 3rd one seems too complicate for me. Setting your pickup height too high will cause your magnets to push and pull your strings out of tune. I’ve been wanting a humbucker guitar for awhile and finally decided to do it. He also builds guitars from scratch and puts them together for artists around the area. But I have a kinda silly question: if you could choose just one set of pups, having in mind a gilmourish tone (let’s say… from More to Pompeii or DSOTM)…. I’ve gad his Vintage hots in my Rodriguez since it was built, and they are absolute perfection of Vintage Fender tones, with 6.0 neck, 6.0middle, and 6.8 bridge, which us very close tot DG’s early ’70s pups. It’s not a shielding like an umbrella but rather a drain of the electric interference out of the guitar to ground. Anything at 7K and below. Seeing Roger at Wembley was a huge experience… not least due to the amazing crowd. See my review here. Lauded by his peers, and friends like Seymour Duncan, he can make every pickup you’d want, but with his magic touch thrown in. I thought that bridge pickup has nearly the same parameters like SSL-5 and I want to try this Deluxe drive combinate with tex-mex neck and middle. I just had a quick question. Hi Bjorn, 2) other than the finish how does nitro cellulos vs poly paint effect the tone? – Bjorn]. Someone i know mentioned Gold Lace Sensors but I’m not sure. Not disappointed and the clean tone is sweet! All videos show the classic 50s setup (Strat into Fender amp) and I can’t judge only by that. Bridge- 7.3 DC resistance, “They are close to the output of the Custom Shop 69’s but with a hotter bridge.”. I want to pair a set of these pickups with a humbucker,hoping to get a normal in-phaze hum-cancelling sound in the second position of a 5way strat switch (middle pickup+split coil of a humbucker) Swap the Fender 69s with Duncan SSL1 or check out the D Allen Voodoo 69s. It does have a preamp but I’m not sure how that will affect a fuzz. The differences between all vintage style pickups are minimal but noticeable. I was working on my own Gilmour pickup setup, I had purchased on a whim last year a SSL-1C-DG pickup from stratcat.biz. – Bjorn], Hi Bjorn, I’m loving the Seymour Duncan SSL5 in the Bridge on my Strat along with the CS69 in the middle and neck. It also depends on the amp you intend to use with it. I like playing a variety of music from Metallica, Tom Petty, Country Music, early 90s, beck anything that sounds good with a guitar lol. The TS are based on the 60s pickups, which are low output and very clean. However, because I need to “simulate” that tone, I think the SA would be the better choice rather than the S for my situation. Hope you get back to me soon Bjorn! What telecaster pickups would you recommend for Gilmour’s RAH Fat Old Sun tone? I’ve heard great things about the Fender CS 69’s (especially the neck position) but I’m afraid the tone would be too ice-picky with the ash body. It had a master tone, and blender pot, and was wired so he could play it with his awesome splitblade as a single coil, not a tapped humbucker, and with a push on the blender pot, the second single coil kicked in, and it sounded like a grear humbucker! Further investigation revealed that he has been having health issues and has not been responding to any emails. I haven’t read anywhere that he has the SPC in his. If you’ve never tried a Standard then visit your local guitar shop and try one to see if you like the specs. Hello Bjorn, my apologies if this question has been asked / answered before. The “complaint” about the CS69 is that can sound thin but the SSL5 can also sound a bit too hot so hard to tell. The SPC will bring out that mid range similar to what a humbucker would do. BR, Francesco. Two weeks ago, I bought a second-hand Laney L20 head with a Masrhall Haze matching cab. There are lots of ways to effectively avoid noise with passive single coils as you can read about here. I’ve never tried them but judging by their specs, they are very hot and perhaps not what I consider ideal for Gilmour’s tones. Awesome! Hi Bjorn, did you ever get to review those frailins we’ve heard so much about? I have been a long time follower but this is the first time I have posted. Hope you’re doing well. Author's Note: These blog posts are for educational and information purposes only. Peace, Keith, So, keep the CS69 connected “normally” (that being: white wires to the 5-way switch) and reverse the connections on the SSL5. The SSL1 works nicely in the neck though. If you’re nervous about doing this, attaching a small piece of masking tape to the ends of each cover and marking the pickguard level … The JH EXP seems like a good choice for those classic tones :) – Bjorn]. Ultimately it would be FS-1 in the neck, CS 69 middle, SSL-5 in the bridge. What do you think about stainless steel frets on strats? I like the sound of the bridge and neck pick ups together. Just thought I’d point that out. Hey Bjorn, have you tried Gold Lace Sensors in any of your strats, I have a set in my red tribute instead of Emg’s as I dont like the Dg20’s very much. what would you recommend for an HSS set? The Fender Signature Strats feature a FAT 50s neck and a custom wound late 60-ish middle, which is different from David’s own setup. The reason I bring this up and ask is that I have recently received information that the configuration of The Black Strat in the neck and middle positions are not, in fact, the stock Fender pickups from the 1971/2 Bullet Strat, but are Seymour Duncans closely resembling SSL-1.

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